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Masks of Madness Timeline Unveil

Darth Vazela

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@[member="Carn Dista"] @[member="Darth Naefas"] @[member="Darth Avara"] @[member="Darth Kyros"] will all testify that Vilox Pazela is going to be all over this like a disease. I can't tell you my love for this event @[member="Tefka"].

Sören Ré Átras

A True Gentleman
Is missing out on so much.

This looks amazing, and I look forward to participating in it.
Perhaps I might be able to bug Kris enough to make her bring the Mad Merc out for one last thread? That, now that would be great.

Jack Sparrow

Devil, Philosopher, and Beverage Connoisseur
Wait, this is an easy one.

Points to @[member="Circe Savan"]. "There you are, she's right over here!"

Problem solved! Who's for rum and raisins?