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Looking for Jedi

The Mother of All Psy-Pires
Hi everyone. Maple here.

I've set up this character Nine Lives. She's a former Atrisian Jedi unwillingly mutated into a new type of Vampire that must consume thoughts and memories for substance. She subsequently has to feed on potentially innocent people to stay alive. While she does not kill her victims often, I figured this would be pretty good conflict and drama if she encounters another Jedi during one of her feedings, maybe have a chase or fight or something. Would any Jedi be interested?

Stephanie Swail

Look what they've done to my dream
[member="Nine Lives"] Hi there! Nice idea - I have my Silver Jedi Padawan looking to become a Knight one day, so I'd be up for helping your path also and see what happens along the way? Just shout. :)

Sawa Ike

The Dark Matriarch Darth Shōjō
[member="Nine Lives"] well I can offer a jedi for it and

yes rp with Sawa's great great grand daughter [member="Sky'ito Yumi"].
The Mother of All Psy-Pires
[member="Stephanie Swail"], [member="Sky'ito Yumi"], [member="Alexandra Feanor"], [member="Sawa Ike"].

I would love to rp with all of you! What's a good planet? I'd pick Nar Shaddaa but it feels too obvious. I think this should be a thread set in a rural type setting. Jedi Knights answering calls of a rash of attacks that don't leave anyone dead, just unconscious and with strange gaps in their memory. We should set it on Alderaan.