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  • Enemies struck by the weapon and survive are left with a Blood Trail. Allowing the wielder to pursue after them should they escape.
  • Aids the wielder in the usage of Psychometry as well as Drain Knowledge. Furthermore, aiding in the tracking of a target or an individual who has been injured by the weapon.
  • Vader's Demise Lightsaber crystal provides various effects.
  • You Can Run, But You Cannot Hide: The saber is capable of "Marking" an individual who is struck by the weapon. Leaving a "Blood Trail" like semblance upon the individual. One that can be sought after by the wielder of the weapon. Furthermore, aiding the user in the utilization of abilities such as Drain Knowledge, and Psychometry so that the wielder can track their prey to a greater degree.
  • Rage of the Dark Lord: Housed within the Saber, is the Vader's Demise Lightsaber Crystal. Providing devistating effects in the form of an Aura of Hatred, as well as strengthen the wielder's dark side capabilities via Pain, and Rage. Some can classify this as inciting Force Rage. However, this is only performed when the Lightsaber is activated.
  • Like Any Other: Its a Lightsaber, and thus has an impressive cutting power by design. Able to easily slice through most metals and materials with fair ease. Only further amplified by the usage of a Disruption, Vibration, and VT-Disruptor Lenses. Allowing the weapon to have a higher cutting power, at the cost of the blade being extremely unstable.
  • Going to Therapy: While the weapon is inactive or shut off, the lightsaber does not provide any of the Force rage or hatred based effects. However, the downsides of such effects produced by the crystal, can still affect the wielder due to directly affecting the wielder over time, as well as the effectiveness becoming stronger with prolonged usage, or over a longer period of time.
  • Painful Activation: When activated, the lightsaber causes the wielder to be inflicted with pain. While it may just be a mild headache at first, it can rapidly cause more symptoms related to heart palpitations, seizures, Migraines, Difficulty breathing, Spikes of sharp pain in the chest, limbs, and neck. Only to become stronger after prolonged usage of the weapon.
  • Doubt Thyself: Self-loathing is one of the many side effects of the weapon. Wielding the saber time and time again can produce an effect upon the wielder even should the lightsaber no longer be active, or within their grasp. Making them doubt themselves, their actions, others, clouding their mind with deception of such. Insomuch that the wielder would become prone to self-destructive tendencies.
  • Jedi-No-More: The Dark sided fed lightsaber is extremely corruptible. The Aura of hatred from the user, as well as causing pain, and feeding them with the dark side of the force, means any lightsider who wields the weapon would find themselves being corrupted rather quickly due to the various effects of the weapon.
  • Unstable Mental, and Physical State: Not only does the weapon make the wielder mentally unstable, the blade and weapon it unstable itself. A volatile blade which seems to threaten arcing plasma to near by surfaces. Breaking apart the Electromagnetic field, or even the potential to blow up should a powerful enough charge be introduced to the Lightsaber. While it is reinforced via a Duraplast inner shell casing, stronger forms of EMP and Ionic weaponry can cause the weapon to become a hand held Thermal Detonator. One that should it explode, could produce disastrous results.
  • Bound to the Dark Lord: As the crystals can be bound to only one individual user, the weapon can only be used by Vora Kaar, and thus should the wielder leave the weapon too long out of the presence of the wielder, it can literally explode. Or should another individual attempt to wield the saber, it can also, explode.

The Lord of None, an individual who seeks power, strength, and the ability to personify the code of the Sith. Namely, "Through Passion I gain Strength." In this passion, many interpretations have been given. Be it Passion of love, Hatred, anger, pain, happiness. For Kaar, it is pain. The pain of many things. Physical, emotional, spiritual pain even. Upon being gifted the Vader's Demise lightsaber crystal via Alessandra Malvern. The heir of the company for Siverra Lightsabers. While payment would come later in the form of a Favor to be performed, Kaar cared not. Gathering the required materials.

A couple lenses here, some other easy to find components, Another crystal to aid the Vader's Demise, even a trapped grip so that should another individual attempt to wield it, they would find themselves with a super sized thermal detonator like explosion in the palm of their hand. More over, the weapon was created specifically so that Vora could intercept and fight opponents with an endless rage and hatred storm upon which the likes would be of a mythical status. Should they happen to escape, the lightsaber aids the wielder in following after them, seeking them down relentlessly with no end. For the rage, hatred, and the seeking of an injured foe would empower Kaar to show them the true meaning of strength.

Producing this Rage, only further generates a hatred, not just for the enemy, but also against themselves. Making the wielder, Vora Kaar, seem angry at themselves, doubt their own actions, even others around them. Further sending them down a spiral of the Dark Side. Making it more difficult to ever have any chance of recovery from the Dark Side. Corrupting them on such a scale, it pains the wielder.

Speaking of such, activating the blade alone can cause physical pain to the user. While at first it may be a simple headache, it will rapidly advance per usage, and length of possession of the weapon. Making them become further pained physically to debilitating injuries, or even self-destructive tendencies of near suicide like missions. Throwing themselves into scenarios any other individual would clearly not want to be in.

However, what is not in question of this weapon, is the amount of power, and ferocity it provides the wielder in such a fashion, it is unsure how deep, and how far Vora will go to reach their goal of becoming the Strength of the Sith.