Star Wars RP

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I'm Here, You're Welcome

Aran Finn

Hi everyone!

I'm new to the site! A friend has managed to wrestle me out of semi-retirement to have some fun and cause some mischief, and I really like what I see around here! Have been RPing in the Star Wars universe since 2010, with a bit of Mass Effect and Stargate thrown in. So yeah, not my first barbecue ... anyway, hoping to keep improving as a writer and make some entertainment with you lot!

Hoo-roo m8s!

Daxton Bane

Welcome to chaos. There is something for everyone here in our little spot in the 'verse. Looking forward to seeing you on the boards, cheers.
It was an emergency, and I left a note. Taped to the wall next to where the ship had been. I seriously doubt you can blame me that it blew away. And it's not as if it was a particularly nice ship anyway, though it did explode in a lovely cascade of greens and blues I hadn't seen before, thanks to the planet's rather odd atmosphere.