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How did you name your character?

How did your character get his/her name? Was it divine inspiration? Your favourite TV show, or video game? A crush from when you were little?

For example, I named Kiskla after something I saw one day -- and someone told me it meant rain in German.
Well, that was a lie, but I still liked how it looked.
As for her last name, she never had a last name until someone used her in a fanfiction and made her a sister of their character, who had the last name Grayson. It fit, so I kept it.

Ta Daaaa ~~ Your turn!

If there's a thread for this already, I apologize. But it's far, far away and lots of new characters have surfaced recently.


A Raging Inferno
Most of my characters were just random letters that I put together and forced them to make sense.
But Vanessa and Jordan were stolen from Kris/Ven/RAN. Both are in stories of hers. I just loved them so much. I changed their stories, but kept the cool names and appearance.

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
Well, I got Jak Sandrow from two different sources, actually.

Jak - I got Jak from Jak & Daxter.

Sandrow - I saw this pic, and I had to give him a last name.
Morna was abbreviation of a name that I used as a joke in middle school, and I have even been called Morna IRL. (long version of Mornonaro). At first Morna didn't have a last name because I couldn't come up with one at the time. Later on I was reading a book about a guy who could control fire, (matches I know!) and his last name was Imura. It all matched together with Morna's name and I have used it ever since.

Eruna Delmarra

Twi'lek Sith
I actually do a little research, depending on which species I make a character for, and see other names of character that are that same species. After that I try to go from there. Sometimes it's easy others times you really need to put some thought into it.

Meraal Vaun

Heir to Clan Vaun
This guy is named off my old character Mereel Vaun on here, Mereel I got from a Null Arc Trooper from the Republic Commando books, Vaun just felt good with it.

Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
name generator and tweaked the results until I like it, for Iella.

my other alts are all made up by me, or found by using classic names for a list of like celtic names.

Coci Sinopi I have played for years.

Aran Finn

There's a lower league English footballer called Alan Navarro, and I was playing Football Manager (managing MK Dons) when I made Alen. The name stuck, I Star Warsed it (I was 17/18), and here he is, still kicking.
Most of the times, I try to come up with names myself. I don't actually remember, how I named Equa. By the time when I made this character, this name already existed in my head, but before that...

Appakha is just a random bunch of letters I put in an order to make a name which sounds good.

Aliannah Sophia del Daniella FIlia... I think I used the name meaning thing for this one, but I'm not sure. I don't even know what meaning I was looking for...

Lorcan Roberts... Well, the last name came easily, because I stole it I asked for a permission to use the name and make this character a family member of another character over here... I haven't used the character, but I don't know, why....

Richard Dives Paedagogus - meaning search. I don't know what meaning I was looking for.

Logan William was just a pair of cool-sounding, civilized names. Then I came up with Hack'awin.

Ephyt-ri of Dahega... magic... and of course, I used the language of Zahati'i. :D

Hack'awin Sisters. Their names were just some names I liked.

Lilith Mae Lancaster & Jasmine Lancaster - at first, I tried to come up with a name for Lilith. I wanted something that would sound... innocent. Then came Mae, which I used as an altered version of Mai or the Estonian name Mae (every letter is pronounced). Then I added a family name my sister had used for a few characters in fan fiction. Jasmine sounded innocent too... :D

Danger Arceneau

M'onnok Fork
Arceneau is French with a root meaning of "Crafter of arms" IE weapons

Danger well.. haha her full name is Dangeruese. Root meaning.. yes... Dangerous.

Middle name is Rose. I blame @[member="Noxu Za'tire"] for that.
Darren Shaw I used his name from a friend (Darren) and Darren's last name was made as a short verson of Shawman, which when he was first made, was inteded to be a more force oriented person, instead hes is a lightsaber fighter. Solrune, Darrens second name came from Sol meaning sun, and rune, Sol was used as a means of a Kingly title. so he is ether, Sun rune, or Lord of Runes, hence his Rune covered armor.

Zack Danheir Varad was actually the full name of my friend, and Varad was added later on because he joined the Mandos.

Zoey Marix was the first name of my Sister that died prematurely, and Marix was a Name that I had used for a few other characters for a long time.

Xander Carrick is close to Zayne Carrick as he is his "Son." and it matched.

Xynar was just some random name really.

Aaron Axon's playby is Axton from borderlands 2. I don't need to say more.

Ryan Slade is a name I used becuase of a friend of mine being in the military and getting a prosthetic arm (mine) and I thought it was appropriate.

Nathan Hale, Captain America Playby, just matches I guess.

Kai Nariko, Kai is actually from my friend, Kaitlen who wanted me to make a character about her, but I added the twist of the being a boy part, and put kai instead. Nariko was a name for the Playby of Zoey from Heavenly Sword.

TiCira D'Arr Hawk

::] Singing Mountain Clan [:: Queen of Storms
Back in 1999, I fell in love with this spanish rock singer named Shakira...

Yep.. before she was americanized.

Anywho, i loved her name and she was the original playby for me. My signon name in Yahoo chat was Witch Tes, for Tessera. So i mixed the two to be "TeKira"
... it turned to TeCira and finally Ti'Cira.

D'arr is from a novel I read :)

Hawk is the last name of a dear friend's of mine character who first introduced me to Rping.

Reyven Samoth

Grand Lord of the Tribe
Reyven(Not actually meant to be Revan, but was raven), was the name of my barb from Diablo II. Samoth is my last name rearranged(very slightly) to make it sound better backwards.