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How cliché is the character above you

Ultimate Sith
I wrote something about Tathra because your avatars were similar lmao. Gave Tathra a 4/10 since the whole unstoppable orc chieftain bloody victor of a hundred battles trope is hard to escape, but the depth that was given to him was something other than a mystical force tradition or a connection to nature. An epic, savage warrior that isn't just a meat-grinding machine, with believable flaws.

Galak I have to give a 10/10 because I mistook your char for his. Also the character bio link is broken <.>
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Mr. Sandman

Abominors are exceedingly rare here on Chaos.

However, the considerable lack of background makes it a little hard to see him as more then just a mechanical alternative to many of the organic monstrous brutes on Chaos.


I'll have to with a 4/10 as well. I like the features that seem to separate him a bit from the crowd of endlessly evil huge beasts, but... He still kinda' is that in the end.


Go easy on me, please. The bio ain't too polished yet