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How cliché is the character above you

Akio Diachi

For it was All but a Dream
[member="Switch"] pretty cool over all. I'd say the privileged girl running away from home is 10/10 (i almost audibly groaned :/) but the whole part about leaving the pirate industry is like 3/10. Also the fear of the dark is pretty legit, 1/10. Pretty nice all in all. I'd say like total 3/10. All in all pretty legit. :)

Watcher Three

Broken Replica
Somewhat antisocial kitty monk. 3/10

I actually got the idea more from Maximum Ride's Iggy than Daredevil. And yes, lower numbers are less cliche.
[member="Vladimir Tedesky"], the jaded warrior with dead parents, he might do some wrong on an occasion but in the end he'd rather do what's right, I do admire that your parents were killed by a force of nature rather than someone using force, and not doing the vengeance storyline. While considering the idea has been done before but there's still room to do something new with a character like this. 7/10

Ronan Nakasla

Kicker of Jawas
[member="Flannigan Mcnash"]
Born criminal, almost die criminal, rebuilt, still a criminal. You get bonus points for not "turning to the light". On the Cliche Chart I'd rate you 5/10. Not really chliche but also not entirely original.