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  1. Credius

    Hunt for the Marked Marquis

    Time: Unknown Location: Unknown This is a missive for anyone willing to undertake a dangerous and quit possibly suicidal mission. Our organization has been given a task most would want to avoid, a task which would only appeal to the most daring and most cunning or simply the most deranged...
  2. Talon Richwood

    Answer a question and Create one

    Game: Answer the question from the person above you. Then create a new one for the person below. (Prefer IC questions) Question: If I were to put a knife to your throat what would you say to get it away?
  3. Tathra Khaeus

    Strengths and Weaknesses?

    ​So, just thought this up whilst lurking around the Character Bio section. The idea of this game is to write one strength and one weakness of the writer above you. Like so; ​+Humour: They are funny. ​-Socially Inept: But they have no filter! ​Feel free to roast and compliment to your hearts...
  4. Strider Garon

    Who would you Roleplay?

    If you were given creative control for one thread of anyone else's character on Chaos. Who would you write? I would love to write Darth Carnifex. I just don't know if my ego could survive it.......
  5. Kaine Australis

    1234 I declare a meme war!

    So, this one's fairly simple. Represent your character, your species, your culture, your faction. Fire back at the last post with a meme of your own. Let the MEME WOR begin!
  6. Darth Metus .

    r/Best Rank Title Combinations

    Name of the game is simple! Under your avatar we have these swank options for rank titles - but which ones look the best together? What's your go-to combination? Mine #biased is the Purple/Red Sandwich: -Factory Judge -Sith Lord -Warlord -The Confederacy
  7. Mauda

    As A Parent

    Okey Dokey. Thought I'd try my hand at something a bit more external. so lets start with a game! Description: A scenario game where you can insult the capability of the person above you and have a laugh while you do it. Scenarios Being; Parenthood. Describe a parenting situation and how the...
  8. Darth Metus .

    r/Faction Inside Jokes

    Game is simple - what are some of the wild inside jokes that have come alive inside your faction discord servers? I'll start! #FlamingHotCheetos
  9. Maple Harte

    Your character plays a videogame!

    The rules of this are simple. Your character plays a video game! It can be any famous real world game you want just state their reactions in parentheses and give them a line or two (or three) as to their opinion. Do they love it? Hate it? Is there reaction just plain silly? Go nuts with it!
  10. Darth Metus .

    r/Roast the Person Above You

    This game is brought to you by CIS Chat: What's in YOUR Homeowner's Association? #InsideJoke Rules are simple, keep it PG-13 and roast the person above you. Also, you're built like a mattress.
  11. Xi Rel

    Curse You!

    Ok, after geting my imaginetion out of the dumpster, i come up vith this: You throw a curse on the next posters head, the more imaginetive the beter :D . They have to vrite how they cope vith your curse, then put out there own curse, for the next poster. Rinse and repeat. So for instance... Me...
  12. Marina DeVoe

    Gladiator (tug-of-war +500 -500)

    We women folk won the last battle by reaching -500. The males were somehow not in the mood at the last stretch of the game to put up any fight (I think most were spent beyond recovery by page 93) as thus, we ladies had the last say. :P What say another battle of the sexes? Starting point is ZERO...
  13. Darth Ravenous

    First Thing That Comes To Mind About Character Above

    Simple game. Just looking at the person above what are your first impressions/thoughts? Have fun, keep it non-toxic.
  14. Joycelyn Zambrano

    Compliment the Person Above You!

    We all love to be complimented. Sometimes, we just want to express compliments to other people too! The game is fun and the rules are simple: Do: Compliment the person who posted before you. Do not: Post in this thread without complimenting the person above you. Remember Wheaton's Law...
  15. Darth Vyrassu

    Did you know (IC)

    SO this is a new posting game, post "Did you know" facts about your character, i'll start Did you know....Darth Vyrassu is 4,000 + years old
  16. Strider Garon

    Who would you be?

    Of all the characters you have created here on Chaos. Which one of them would you love to be for real?
  17. Callum Calahad

    Give the character above you a theme song

    Simple game idea. So you have to give the person above you a theme song/tune, it can be from YouTube or you can make your own if you're feeling creative. Begin!
  18. Tanomas Graf

    Chaos Amnesty

    Despite our copious amounts of salt produced each day (Me being the largest producer of such in the world), perhaps its time for us to let go of some of our pettier grievances? For instance: [member="Darth Carnifex"] is forgiven for naming his faction's only flagship a 'super star dreadnought'...
  19. Darth Metus .

    Chaos Wishlist!

    The game is simple! If you had supreme, Tefka powers, what are the top five constructive changes/tweaks/overhauls/new additions that you would make here on Chaos? Mine are: I. Removal of Development Threads Entirely - We're close, but not quite there yet. II. Implement a Codex equivalent to...
  20. TK-2387

    You find them in your foxhole...

    What do you do?