Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Rhys Swynol

    Funny  Zinder The App: Swiping Game!

    Hey folks! Thought that it could be fun to have a posting game where people could swipe left or right. Rules: 1. This is just a game, don't take it personal or serious 2. Provide a bio for the next person to read after saying which way you are swiping. 3. Swipe for the character above your...
  2. Rel Dyri

    Public  Tall Trees, Tall Game

    On the Forest Moon of Endor, a bounty was put out on a beast which had nearly destroyed a Trading Outpost, Jenik. Although the attack happened at night, one of the survivors managed to get a decent look at the creature. The primary descriptor was that it was large, very large, but anyone could...
  3. Cairan Shannon

    Private  A Game of Sabacc

    Location: Ryloth Tags: Jutteth Besadii Koragga Equipment: Lightsaber The news of the Hutt remergence on Ryloth excited Cairan just a little. As he walked, he broke down the last few weeks in his head. He'd been to Tython, and come a stalemale with a Jedi who intrigued him. He'd spent time on...
  4. Aldric Varanin

    Public  A game of dice

    Aldric was always glad to be checking out more of the galaxy. His sister had the throne in her future, but he was keeping the throne to heart. He wanted to defend it as best as he could, and that meant defending her as well. All he was doing now? He was learning more and more about the galaxy as...
  5. Darth Dekaltis

    First Reply  <<Just Chatting!>> Super Chats on Nar Shadda????

    The girl walked the streets of Nar Shadda idly. To the outside observer, she was just muttering to herself, before finally letting out an exclaimation, once again, to herself. Within the dirty streets of the city, it was something to ignore. But to the girl in question, it was everything...
  6. Aelin Erevos

    Private  Blood in The Water

    fa-play fa-pause Outfit | XoXo Location | Hardhaven, Islimore Tag | Børre Drage Slowly she tugged the pins and baubles from the labyrinth of intricate braids and spiral locks that Freya had arranged earlier that day, piling them onto the dressing table in front of her. The collection of...
  7. Aculia Voland

    Game Masters and Roleplaying Type

    The Empire of the Lost has several people interested in being what one calls "game masters", eg roleplaying opposition in the thread or helping to control its general flow and direction. The faction "owner" is open to this occurring, but would like to keep a running tally of people's preferred...
  8. Tefka

    Map Update  Map Update Delayed Again, Map Game Indefinitely Suspended

    "I go ghost for no damn reason." Welp, while we had expected to release the Map Update today, we're going to have to delay it again due to technical difficulties of implementation. I have some preliminary announcements to help the community prepare for this Map Update. 1. This is not a 1 for...
  9. DECEASED Erskine Barran


  10. Ivory Stroud

    Should Chaos change up the Map Game? Vote within!

    With all the discussions happening on the topic, I believe it's a great time for a temperature check. Chaos has been around for a decade. Some say it's time for a change, others say it's working perfectly fine as it is... Drop a vote, and let's see where we stand.
  11. Aloth Sang

    Private  Game of Minds [Duel]

    Location: Rutan, Aloth's Laboratory Tag: Juun Sekkar Nestled within one of the mountain regions of Rutan was a complex structure. It was built with the intention of blending with the terrain save for a small hanger where two freighters could safely dock. One spot was clearly occupied by a...
  12. Mione Menall

    Private  The Slave Game

    Location: Gula’s Palace Tags: Lichix Taroq “Are you sure this is smart Lichix?” Mione asked the Rattataki enforcer as she assembled the requested list of slaves in a line outside of the doorway. “I know Gula promised you five slaves for that last job, but he didn’t say you could interview them...
  13. Tegan Starfall

    LFG  The Final Game

    Hi I'm Tegan. Most of you probably dont know me though I have been around for a bit you could say. So I have 10 characters each one is tied to other in someway shape or form. I had more characters but recently I cut it down to the ten. So what am i looking for well i have rped for a very long...
  14. Kitter Bitters

    Counting Game

    Help me count
  15. Darkwire Cultist

    Faction  Wet Bandits (Darkwire Bank Heist as told by two Hobos)

    "Morg, hold up, you see that over there?" Hurry stops Morg with his arm looking towards something or someone. "No, Hurry, what's the matter?" Morg looks around bewildered, his hobo eyes scanning wide. "Morg, that's-" OOC RULES: No more than three lines. One line may be dialogue followed by a...
  16. Ham Salad

    Discussion  Video Game Boss Music

    The premise here is simple: if your character was a boss battle in a video game, what music would play in the background, during the fight? This can be Star Wars music, music from real video games, music unconnected to Star Wars or video games, or even original compositions. I will post ideas...
  17. Onrai

    Question  When is the next SWRP Chaos Among Us game?

    Last one I was a part of was quite fun and think we should do another.
  18. Strider Garon

    For all you RL and in game Witches!

  19. Lancer "Deadlock" Inek

    Private  A Game of Chance

    Location: Elerion Nightfall on the planet Elerion which meant time to hit the Cantina, it was a full house tonight which meant Smugglers, Bounty Hunters and all of the sorts were to rest and relax while also forming connections, contracts or hits. Deadlock just completed a job smuggling some...
  20. Credius

    Hunt for the Marked Marquis

    Time: Unknown Location: Unknown This is a missive for anyone willing to undertake a dangerous and quit possibly suicidal mission. Our organization has been given a task most would want to avoid, a task which would only appeal to the most daring and most cunning or simply the most deranged...
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