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Goodbyes Aren't So Bad

Ben Watts

I Am No One
So it has been a long time coming. My inactivity has been noticeable over the last few weeks. Some of you may have noticed I stepped down from staff and tried focusing only on the Republic, but it has not worked, so I have decided it is time to leave the leadership role. I am stepping down as both faction admin and Grandmaster. I will be putting Ben on the shelf for quite some time so all threads with him are going to be cancelled, if I even have any still up. Work/Health issues have started to become a real problem for me to where I can't even sit down at the computer screen for an hour a night. It was affecting both my staff duties and my duties as faction admin and I cannot justify staying on as your leader anymore when I am not even around to answer questions for you guys.

I am not leaving the site permanently, I like you guys too much for that, but I will be not be on as much as I once was in the past. I might make a new character, I might hang around OOC, or if you guys or lucky you might just see me on Skype. So, effective immediately, stop asking me so many darn questions on Skype!!!!! ( JK, but seriously, stahp. ) I am a regular Joe now with absolutely no answers, I am leaving the faction where I knew everything, so I will literally have zero answers for you guys from now on.

So, for the time being, so long and farewell. You guys mean a lot to me, and it sucks to leave out of the blue like this, but you know I love you so get over yourselves.

Just promise me one thing, remember these words:

Wu Tang 4 Lyfe.
Ben wai.



Coci Heavenshield

Dawnguard Grand Master
Real life always come first... we will be here to have fun with too.

however, from an IC pov, Iella would have like to have met the Grand Master, but hey, this is RP and there are more important things to do and worry about. So take care and May the Force be with You! :)

*Iella ignites her saber in salute*


The little girl with Force powers
Don't think any of my characters ever met you IC. But...

*Dorano lights her lightsaber in salute even though she doesn't like Jedi*