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Approved Tech Garb of Verros

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Vylmira's Wrath


  • Intent: To rediscover a suit of armor built for a Jedi Warrior, meant to lead the forces of the Light through the impending dark
  • Image Source: Screenshot from Destiny 2
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: LKM
  • Primary Source: Voph's War Armor


  • Classification: War Suit
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Resistances:
    • Blasters: Very High
    • Kinetic: Extreme
    • Lightsabers: Very High
    • Sonic: High
    • EMP/Ion: High
    • Elemental: High
    • Electric: High
    • Force: High
    • Acid: High
    • Pressure: High
    • Radiation: None
    • Extreme Heat: None
    • Extreme Cold: None

    • Communications Array
    • Real-time Translator (Speaking or Hearing)
    • Floodlight
    • LK Hermes
    • LK Valkyrie
    • Zeidrich Shield System
    • Utility Belt
    • High Torque Servos
    • Blast-Resistant Faulds
    • Vacuum Seals
    • Oxygen Tanks
    • Electromagnetic Holster (Back)
    • Datapad, Documents, and Small Items Storage (Small, Hardcase on right hip)
    • Grenade Belt (Capacity 4)
    • Survival Rations (x2 meals, Hardcase on left hip)
    • Electro-Magnetic boot clamps
    • Mobility Assist Jets
    • Knee-pad Dart Launchers
  • Force Imbuement: The armor is imbued with the Force, hardening it against offensive Force powers and conferring benefits to the wearer.
    • Helmet:
      • Passively channels Control Pain, allowing the wearer to withstand Stun Blasts, and passively ignore a greater threshold of pain.
    • Pauldrons:
      • Channels Force Valor, inspiring and emboldening those allies near the wearer.
    • Chestplate:
      • Passively channels an offshoot of Tutaminis, allowing the wearer to mitigate or flat out block an attack through the Force, depending on the level of focus. Once spent, this ability must recharge again.
    • Gauntlets:
      • Passively channels Battle Precognition, allowing the wearer to better predict his opponent's next actions.
    • Greaves:
      • Passively channels Enhance Attribute, increasing the wearer's strength nearly tenfold, but only when both feet are planted on the ground.

  • Newton’s 3rd Law: An object in motion stays in motion. The weight of the armor will augment physical strikes from the wearer, putting more mass behind each strike.
  • Weaponized: The gauntlets host an array of weapons, making the armor just as much a tool of offense as it is a tool of defense.
  • Force Imbued: The armor is imbued with a number of Force Abilities, some of which date back to the era of Revan, boosting the wearer's already considerable combat prowess. Additionally, the weight and resistance quality of all materials is increased.
  • Shields: The armor is built with the inclusion of three different shield generators, allowing for increased offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • Juggernaut: The material used in the armor offers very high defense against lightsabers and kinetic attacks.

  • Force Imbued: When subjected to Force Suppression, the effectiveness of the armor diminishes.
  • Heavy: While the weight of the armor can be used to Voph’s advantage, it can also be turned against him. Agile movements require far more exertion from him than lighter armor would.
  • EMP: A number of systems will cease to function properly if subjected to an EMP wave.
  • Flamable: The armor houses an Isotope 5 core that powers the electronics. If this node is punctured, the results will be explosive

In all things, there was a price to pay.

To some, the price had not yet been named. Yet when the Progenitor stood from the ashes of his arrival, he knew that he had succeeded. But while many declared him to have won the war, he knew deep down that it was little more than a single battle. One that he alone had only barely won. His mind shattered, his abilities ripped from him, and a galaxy of those who would wish him ill, the Progenitor watched and waited from the shadows. The galaxy celebrated the downfall of the Sith Empire, but one mind did not celebrate.

He knew within that the desire for righteousness would not be sated there. The Darkness corrupted many, even those who claimed to be a paragon of the light. The Progenitor resisted the call of his obligation as long as he was able, but eventually succumbed, and in doing so was granted a boon from the Force itself: A name. His name. Within the month, a package was delivered. With it, two notes. The first from a survivor of Vylmira, declaring the Progenitor to be worthy of the gift bestowed upon him. The second, from the creator of the armor. Voph.

The night is darkest just before the dawn. You have carried on the fight this long. Persist, and you will soon see its conclusion. I make this armor for you, that you may use it to be a light in the darkness. The forces of the beyond encroach upon us. And though it is not your place to stop it, you will fight alongside the one who is. May you be a bulwark to the innocents of the galaxy. And may you right the wrongs that I have committed.


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Shuklaar Kyrdol

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