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Favorite Avatar/Sig Combo?

Jak Sandrow

"Nobody cares for the woods anymore."
Hmmm.... I'd honestly say...


@[member="Jorus Merrill"]

Kila Cadau

Mando Rally Master (With a metal kneecap)
@[member="Thurion Heavenshield"]
@[member="Jorus Merrill"]
@[member="Darth Vornskr"]
@Anything Tirdarius made
Ben Trasker said:
@[member="Thurion Heavenshield"] Seems to have his Av and Sig blend into one, it just represents the character so well and looks identical, you can't mistake their relation to eachother.
I think the same...

Though @[member="Jyn Sol"]'s avatar and sig combinations have always been enjoyable to me too.


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@[member="Ben Trasker"] I actually really like this one because it sums up the character really well, once you get past the "Hey, it's Arnold"ness of it. I really like sigs/avatars that tell you about the character through images, ones you can glance at and know the character.
Looking through the 'rate the sig' thraed @[member="Cael Slade"] has one that's really cool as well. The colours are awesome and again it sums up the character well, and goes nicely together.