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Mazik Stazi


Command Deck, ANS Nemo Ven
Orbital Dry Dock, Fondor Shipyards
Galactic Alliance Fifth Fleet

"Very well, Commodore. Is there anything else?"

"No, sir," Mazik paused for a moment before answering, racking his brain for any detail he might have missed during his debriefing, "I believe that covers it, Admiral."

Admiral Quinto nodded slowly, stroking the cephalic lobes at the edges of his mouth. There were not an overabundance of Selkath serving in the Defense Fleet, but the admiral was a notable exception. His assignment keeping watch over his homeworld of Fondor had kept him out of much of the war, although Mazik had heard Quinto had lost a number of close friends to the First Order and that his posting in the rear lines weighed heavily upon him.

This was the first Viscount Mk II the commodore had ever set foot on, throughout their entire interaction the duros had struggled not let his awe and intimidation at the sheer scale of his surroundings show under his superior's scrutiny. But the admiral had seemed distracted, mentioning off handedly something about an unusual number of communications malfunctions and late check ins.

"In that case, you'd better heave to back to your Hereafter," Quinto's eyes blinked slowly at him, as if noticing he was still there, "We may have to go to condition yellow soon. Dismissed."

"Yes, sir!"

Commodore Stazi about faced after a smart salute, and it was only then that he began to fully appreciate the tension all around him. Condition yellow meant a heightened readiness state, it was an intermediary step between at ease and action stations. Obviously something was troubling the admiral, but if the Selkath jumped at every shadow to placing the entire system on high alert, Fondor would never get anything done.

Mazik was robbed of his train of thought, and nearly his balance, when a sudden violent tremor throughout the Nemo Ven nearly threw him to the deck with its force. All around him the bridge exploded into action, all sense of decorum for the moment lost in a mad scramble to assess what had just happened and provide tactical reports.

"Admiral, picking up multiple contacts on short range sensors!" the voice of one of the battlecruiser's sensor officers cut through all that, "Identity unknown! They're not responding to our hails...sir, they're powering weapons!"

"Where in the Force did they come from?" Mazik blurted.

"To your shuttle, Stazi!" a grating Selkath voice called out to him, "Now! Action stations!"

The last words he heard before the turbolift doors slammed shut on him was something about sabotage.

25km Limit Per Writer

Jairus Starvald


It took more than a single strike to decimate your enemies.

More than a single battlefield.

No, it took the concentrated will and effort of hundreds upon thousands of people banding together in a singular front. Coruscant was well underway- their surprise attack taking the Alliance off-guard, but there was more. While the fleets of Anaxes responded to the threat to their capital a secondary force was already on its way elsewhere. This day, this moment, this very hour… this is what the Empire’s Armada and Legions had been working towards. The thousands of ships forged together from the bounty of pillaged worlds, wrecked industrial zones and more.

Admiral Telah stood firm on the bridge of one of the many star destroyers that composed the large strike force bound for their target. Blue streaks flowing past them as they rushed through hyperspace.

The Mirialan could feel it in her bones.

The anticipation, the hunger, it was reflected by those around her. They might meet their end today. Turned to slag by the formidable defenses still left for them on Fondor, but it would be worth it.

Wouldn’t it?

“Admiral, we are getting a situational report. The vanguard of our strike force has arrived in the system.”

“T-minus two minutes before realspace reversion.”

Telah bared her teeth in a grin that showed the anticipation. “Sync our target solutions with the sensory map from the vanguard forces, ensign. We are going in guns blazing.”

A moment later the report started projecting in front of them. The Sith Armada had managed to wipe out the outskirt defenses, piercing straight through it as surprise and horror passed through the Alliance forces. They had been getting ready to reinforce Coruscant, maybe Lothal, but now… the Sith were here.

Asharad Graush


[SIZE=11pt]Silence was all Graush heard, coupled with the controlled breathing of his subordinates, the low, barely perceptible rumble of the hyperdrive as it propelled them to their target… But even so, he was unsettled. There were battles occurring that he wouldn’t be at, blood he couldn’t spill, pain he couldn’t inflict. And yet, the emergence of his theatres remained irrelevant to the Sith Lord.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Battles at Coruscant.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]An Invasion of Lothal.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]The latter was common knowledge for Central Command and the higher ups of the First Order had decided to summon as large a force they could with the information they had. Their target was Fondor, a major shipyard of the Alliance, and thus heavily defended. Taking it would cripple the enemy. That much was certain. But holding the Alliance’s forces there prevented them from sending reinforcements to Lothal. [/SIZE]


[SIZE=11pt]Alliance forces are turning upon each other all throughout Alliance Space. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Sleeper agents… Work of the Sith Empire I imagine.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Graush’s hidden face twisted in contempt. Not that he hated the other Sith, simply that there would be worlds they took, or destroyed before he’d get to them. This was his conquest, as he saw it. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Not the Order of Ren’s, not the Supreme Leader’s, not anyone [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]else in the military.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]It was Graush’s.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Today, he’d make them understand. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]The metal cranium of the Sith Lord rotated upon his broad shoulders, and he turned, settling his visor’s gaze on the Security Minister’s face, on the Bridge of his Merciless.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Make them all [/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]understand that.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=11pt]“My Lord! We’re dropping out of hyperspace in ten seconds!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“Maximum power to forward weapons and shields.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Wrenched from the stretched lights of hyperspace, behind his visor, Graush’s eyes lit up when he saw the Imperial Armada was already opening fire on the Alliance’s vessels, hastily found targets sought to cripple and disable the hostile vessels that were closest to the armada’s point of re-entry to realspace. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“Have the Corvettes and Frigates take positions on our flanks -- Nobody fires on those shipyards until my order.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Twisting to find the Security Minister, [member="Dante Calgar"], the Sith Lord could feel the loss of life in the system. The death count sought to rise quickly, and let the growing numbers sustain him. “You have purpose here, Calgar.” The visor turned away from the Minister before Graush finished. “Deliver me the shipyards.” The Security Bureau would know the most about Fondor, much more than they could fit in a quick briefing. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Graush didn’t need a briefing.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]War was all he sought, and the means to wage it. Fondor’s shipyards were a boon to his vision, and the Sith Lord sought to have them. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]For a moment, the Sith Lord paused, watching the holo and its display of fire being shot across vast distances. “Send for the Sun Guards and dispatch them to the drop pods. I want an entire Fighter Wing ensuring all drop pods safety to their targets.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“Yes My Lord,” came an ensign’s voice. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Whether it was to be on this day or not that the Alliance was crushed beneath the armoured heel of Imperial prowess, Graush would see blood, and he would ensure to live long enough to engulf as much of the Galaxy as he could in bloodshed orchestrated by himself.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Today is the start of a new era.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt][member="Carlyle Rausgeber"], [member="Rexus Wenck"], [member="Danger Arceneau"][/SIZE]

Danger Arceneau

M'onnok Fork
Fondor Shipyards
Omega Pyre Headquarters
[member="Asharad Graush"] [member="Darth Saarai"] [member="Mazik Stazi"]

The past several months have seen a great shift on Fondor. Or, more aptly for Omega Pyre. The company that had once had a corporacracy across Fondor, Thyferra, and Yag'dhul was a shadow of it's former self. It had been a requirement of Danger Arceneau for when she had bought the company. There were specific items that had to be checked off before the Queen of Trade gave the green light for the purchase.

1) Fondor, Thyferra, and Yag'dhul were no longer controlled by the company. Instead, they had democratic elections. The Private Military Company was no longer in charge of the government and instead the people themselves would be deciding where they would stand within the Alliance.

2) The Omega Pyre fleet and it's resources were reorganized and if deemed unnecessary, be decommisioned, repurposed for trade, or reorganized for the new primary objective; trade security across the hyperlanes for the vast Conglomorates assets from one side of the galaxy to the next.

All of these had seen a massive decrease in security on Fondor because the repurposing and realignment of Omega Pyre within Arceneau Trade meant this; neutrality.

The vast repurpose of the Omega fleet and resources across the galaxy could very well have been one of the pillars that meant that Fondor was vulnerable; but the Trade Queen didn't bother considering a potential attack. No, perhaps it was because in the decades of business, she had kept proper business relations, paid her taxes, provided ore and metal tributes when necessary and within the governments, her businesses were built on, she followed all rules and regulations.

The purchase of Omega Pyre by Arceneau Trade was no secret, and while Fondor itself might be a world within the alliance, Danger could only act and react based on what the Alliance would do. They did, after all, have a larger fleet and were supposed to be the ones now providing assistance with security along with Fondor's fledging governments assets.

Either way, such a large purchase meant reviewing of the progress. Which is why Danger Arcenaeu was reviewing the books on the progress. Part of Fondor Shipyards were already assigned to be merged along with Haven Shipyards. There was no reason to keep the subsidiaries of Omega Pyre separate when she already had other entities. Even then, the expanse of Fondor Shipyards was, well, cost pressing. Economics and financials still had to be reviewed.

Danger expected it to be a week's worth of reviewing the books, discussing items with Saffron and guiding her on what to do next.

The sudden appearance of a large fleet was not an expectation in her mind.

Sure, the war had swept here and there. Tatooine had months back become a location of a clash between the Confederacy and the Empire. The goal of her Baron Administrator then had been one and the same, maintain the peace, ensure that civilians and trade traffic were redirected and kept safe. The assets of the Arceneau Trade and subsidiaries were only meant to protect their property; but that would not hold a candle to an entire invasion force of two governments should they decide to lay waste.

One would hope that it would not come to that.

So when the first warnings came trickling down about what had appeared just within the sector.

Glancing up, vibrant green eyes would grow wide. Saffron stood at her right, the Companion also alarmed. A violent tremor had swept the area.

"What was that?" Danger inquired. A sweep and brush of her hand brought up a holographic map of the local area. Tiny small red dot flared up. The blue indicators giving birth across the map detailed a large approaching fleet.

"I am contacting the Alliance." Saffron would say, bringing up her comm.

Danger's lips gave a purse.

"Increase to Cresh alert. I want everyone to follow protocol. Do not engage. We do not know who they are. " Cresh alert meant that there was a heightened awareness throughout all Arceneau Trade and Omega Pyre facilities. While they were not the ones expecting an attack, it didn't mean that they wouldn't prepare themselves just in case. It also would flag the shipyards and the locations and an Arcenau Trade facility and neutral entity.

"Find out who has come to pay Fondor a visit." Danger would murmur. If she knew who they were then perhaps she could figure out just what they wanted. Barter. The last thing she needed was having those under her harmed.

"I am sure someone will try to chat in open comm sooner or later."

Fiolette Fortan


[member="Danger Arceneau"] | [member="Mazik Stazi"]


[member="Darth Saarai"] and [member="Zahori Denko"] would no doubt be here soon enough. Fiolette had to hurry about the downloads if this was going to be a successful campaign. She leveled her blaster pistol in the direction of oncoming Alliance soldiers. The retired admiral squeezed on the trigger, Hi-Sense implants activated the download to the datastick. An elbow came swinging toward her face one she tried to miss but caught on the edge. Blaster pistol turned to burn a hole into the soldier who dared to strike her. A hand to her jaw, "that's smart - right here we go." She took the datastick out of the console and fired another round into for safety measures of course. Plans to the Galactic Alliance's Vanguard SSD were now on the datastick, "how do we look on time Kit?"

"The Aramda's on the way, and we've just finished wiping the other systems, or what we could anyway."

"Good take your detail and meet me at the airlocks."

The dry docks were a sight to behold as the Imperial designed Victorian 7th Fleet worked its way into Fondor, guns alight just ahead of the Sith Armada. Led by an old friend aboard the VSS Inflictor. Fiolette smirked as the view from the dry docks, "and today is the day your precious Galactic Alliance will burn." A detail of Victorian Marines arrived to escort Fiolette through the halls. The sounds of blasters ripped through the air.

By now Coruscant had fallen onto itself, across every system and sector that the Alliance owned - war was aflame. Burning the last of the light as the Sith seemed to say, but from her perspective it had been a long time coming. Her thoughts immediately went to the Kuragin, to Cameron Centurion - to the Battle of Castameer and her days with the First Order.

The VSS Inflictor had arrived in the system along with several other thousands of meters of ships. Some former First Order ships that now bore the corporate logo of Primo Victoria, others were new fresh off the lines from various shipyards across the Outer Rim. The men and women who manned them were former Imperials, of either First Order or Galactic Empire academies or fleets. It had been nearly a year or so since Fiolette had left, and she recalled that Bakura had been the turning point.

Now here she was, in bed with the Sith Empire taking down the Galactic Alliance. Oh, the Alliance - their credits were wonderfully sent to her accounts what seemed like ages ago.

“Time to go."

No doubt with the chaos abound Fondor the arrival of some thousands of Imperial made ships sent the system into a tizzy. “Have Commodore Walzer make his trek to Skor II. Consider it a repayment to the Alliance.” Her voice ran cold at the mention of Skor II, she had not been physically present for the battle itself. But today it would fall, and perish just as the rest of the Galactic Alliance would.

“Admiral,” greeted Commander Kasai.

“Commander.” She nodded to him in response as she headed out from the consoles, a detail of marines with her as they shot through Alliance soldiers. Fiolette wrestled a blaster free from one dead soldier and fired through his companion with it. “Let’s make haste to the Inflictor.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

Kit arrived joining the two with her own detail. “Commodore Walzer is nearing the Skor system.”

“For the Order.” Fiolette smiled as she turned her blaster on a contingent of Alliance soldiers, joined by the squad of marines who made quick work of them. “Alliance scum.” She muttered beneath her breath as her cape hovered over the dead. They worked steadily alternating between Fiolette, Kit and Commander Kasai and their marines - marines threw down explosives making quick work of grouped soldiers. The airlock wasn't far from their position now, and it would serve as the entry to the Inflictor, as she marched across the command center she smirked at the sight of the shipyards around her. “The Alliance is sending its forces.”

“Of course they are, status on Admiral Denko?”

“En route,” an officer reported. "However, I believe the Armada has arrived."

"Excellent, continue firing." She ordered as the fleet continued to draw the Alliance's attention.

Victorian 7th: Action Report
  • Stole Vanguard SSD plans and used encrypted transmissions to send to Sith-Imperial Naval Command.
  • Engaged fleet with shipyard, firing all weapons.

2x Inflictor IIs @ 986m
1x Stormcloud II @ 810m
6x Charger IIs @ 182m
3x Raskova IIIs @ 200m
12x Muhktiar IIs @ 178m
6x Dagger IIIs @ 246m
24x Bolt IIIs @ 58m


Omega Pyre Headquarters
[member="Danger Arceneau"]

T-3 stood silently against the far wall of the office that Mrs. Arceneau was currently occupying.

A less observant being might have mistaken the droid for a statue or a decorative piece, though if one looked close enough they would be able to tell quite easily that it was one of Vanir Technologies new models of Tyr-Class Combat Droids. They were of sleep design with specially developed skin, armed with a myriad of weapons all designed by Vanir to make the automaton incredibly deadly and dangerous to face in combat.

In testing even force users had trouble with them.

Which was why of course the droid was there in the first place. When Danger had made her trip back to Gondor it had been at Alrics insistence thay she take a guard with her. With Kiran getting up there in years and many other Saeva personnel being rather busy, it was ultimately decided that the least intrusive option would be to send one of the new combat droids.

It had been unlikely that there would be any fighting of course, but Alric had wanted his wife to be safe. Especially after what happened to the last one.

So of course when the Alarm began to sound and the tone of Dangers voice spiked slightly T-3 finally began to move. For the first time in what seemed like hours the droid tilted its head, shifting only slightly to look at it's charge. ”There there.”

The droid said in the most depressive robotic tone one could imagine.

”It shall be okay.” It was T-3’s attempt to comfort the woman. In all fairness It was designed for combat, not emotional support.
It's Real to Pretend
Into the field of battle flowed a fleet of ten havod-hulled ships, flanking the Militus-class Star Battlecruiser ​Battalion​. Crimson Command had been very infrequently deployed outside of the Greater Maldrood's region east of the Sith Empire - often guarding some of the Empire's most advanced technological terrors. Now, for the first time, it had been deployed offensively. Vanessa's purpose in sending these ships here was not quite evident - certainly the fire the warships were laying out against the Galactic Alliance's presence here was a sign of hostility. But it was a deeper purpose they were here for.

Fighters launched from the hangar bays. These fighters too were colored red - they were neither havod-hulled nor enhanced in capabilities, but it was a sign they in particular were welcome amongst the unique naval formation. along with the fighters came the only non-red ships within its hangar bays - dark grey troop transports, traveling towards the shipyards of Fondor. These transports carried a mix of cyborg and droids - the nascent units of the Dark Trooper Corps, the defensive forces of the Maldrood and one of its primary armed forces. Squads of Phase Zeroes stood ready to assault next to their mechanical Oppressor-15 brethren, the squads ready to engage the Alliance troopers located on the yards.

Slowly the fleet moved towards its destination. This would be a quick mission - and if GA forces became too strong for the invading naval fleet, Vanessa would have to pull an old superweapon out of the hat.
Waitin' in the Sky
ANS Spear of the Alliance
Battlegroup Sentinel
Hangar Bay

Commander Sylvi, the Vaemath who was leading the battlegroup that was typically dispatched to Coren Starchaser’s whim, had looked out across space. She and her group had been sent to Fondor, re-routed en route to Coruscant. The fighting at the Capital was too thick, and the shipyards needed to be secured. Ever the soldier of fortune, but one of honor, she had taken the battle group to the coordinates. When reverting to real space, though, she noticed this location was not in any sort of peaceful sorts. Eying the scans, as the ship had already been called to Action Stations, and everyone was gathering firing solutions.

How could this happen? She asked no one. Turning to the Chief of the air crew, she nodded. Launch all fighters. Nurse and Tigers should stick close. Blacks, Tiburons, and Makos are going in. Link them into the battle network. Order the strike craft to go for corvettes first. The orders were given and the board was lighting up as the fighters were launching from the ships.


Down in the hangar bay, Cuan Kunn was going through the final check of his Alliance X-Wing. “Tiburon Six, green and powered up.” He announced as he pushed the ship onto its repulsors and off the deck of the ship. He powered up his shields, as his astromech began twittering at him. “I know… But this ship…” That was when the dive bomber came in.

Covering his big eyes, Cuan looked up. That was definitely an Alliance Y-Wing and had taken out the two X-Wings that were launching. Cuan pushed the throttle as hard as he could, moving the ship into the fray, where laser blasts were launching from ship to ship as the Sullustan dove below the incoming fire directed at the hangar.

The astromech was alerting the pilot to incoming ships and the rally point for the Tiburons. Full of pilots who were personally vetted by Coren Starchaser, they were at least hopeful there were no traitors among them. The S-Foils opening and the fighter began returning fire to an A-Wing that was in a flight of TIE Fighters.


Rogue 12
ANS Starchild
Rogue Squadron
Hangar Bay

"What in the hell are you on abou-" The recently dubbed Rogue 12 began, snapping at 'F3 as he usually did, only to eat his words as low and behold, an Alliance Y-Wing opened fire. For once the droid spared him the 'I told you so' as he jerked the craft to the side and slammed the throttle. Pre-flight checks were the last thing on either of their minds at this point. Instead, they raced out into the void.

"What was that?!" He bellowed through his drawl, his landing gear barely folding up in time to miss the canopy of a parked B-Wing. The droid chirped back something about traitors, which on top of all the chaos wasn't much of a surprise. He missed the resistance, flying with a group like Rogue was an honor, and he was proud of it, but he missed when it was all so simple.

Go here, get supplies, shoot bad guys. Easy.

Now he was here, banking to avoid a missile from a fething A-Wing as the Galaxy's champion of good crumbled around him from within and without. He longed for the simpler time. Locking in his S-Foils, the pilot rolled hard left then pulled the stick, dropping the fighter in behind a pair of TIES. Once he would have been hesitant, now he squeezed the trigger like it was nothing, and in an instant reduced one of the fighters to one more explosion in the void of space.

As the other banked off, he followed, it was going to be a hard fight.
Zahori Denko

ADM Zahori Denko
Onboard the Galewind, Invictus II Star Battlecruiser




"At every turn, the Alliance has been a massive thorn in my side. That one itch you cannot reach. That ends today. Scorchblade Fleet, on my signal we enter hyperspace. Destination: Fondor."

There was an abundance of action throughout all of Scorchblade Fleet as preparations were at hand. The Core was on the brink of war as the Galactic Alliance fell apart at the seams. To Zahori, it appeared that all of the enemeis of the Sith Empire fell. One by one. Then more would pop up, and they too would fall. It was a neverending cycle that Zahori was growing tired of, but duty was duty. The entirety of Scorchblade Fleet assembled in orbit of Yaga Minor. The strength of the Sith Armada was fiercely legendary. and powerful. And they would be coming in tremendous force.


At Zahori's command, the entire fleet entered hyperspace. Stationary stars turned into streaks of white as the transfer to hyper speed took them to their destination.

The reversion to realspace was several moments away. Zahori needed to think of a strategy while she had this moment of peace. She stood on the bridge of her command ship, silent and still. Her chin was lifted and her arms were crossed just beneath her bust. Her eyes were lockced forward on the view of hyperspace passing by. The crew on the bridge were silent. Only noise was the hum of the engine. And then..

"Ma'am, we've made it. The rest of the fleet shall be arriving in mere moments. What are your orders?"

"Prepare for an assault. The Alliance is spread thin, but expect a prolonged siege. Should they respond in strength, we will be ready. If not, this will be a swift victory." Zahori waved her hand above a console before her, revealing a hologram of the battlefield. Several ships not of her own appeared, prompting her to question them. "It appears Fondor has other guests."

"Yes ma'am. Their ships indicators are showing them as First Order."

"Hm. Proceed as planned."

[member="Darth Saarai"] | [member="Asharad Graush"] | [member="Fiolette Yvarro"] | [member="Vanessa Vantai"]
[member="Mazik Stazi"] | [member="Danger Arceneau"] | [member="T-3"] | [member="Cuan Kunn"] | [member="Chaff"]

Ava Cartwright

Fondor Orbit
Aboard ANS Starchild - Colony-class Battlecruiser
Captain of Ship [member="Dracken Pryce"]
Rogue Squadron [member="Rayf Vigil"] (1) [member="Jax Rhane"] (6) [member="Chaff"] (12) +TBA
GA [member="Cuan Kunn"] [member="Mazik Stazi"]
Secondary Hangar - maintenance bay

Ava stood up straight, stretching overhead and turning her torso from side to side, then she rolled her golden head about her shoulders. The audible cracks coming from the Ralltiiri's back and neck were deafening and echoed within the hangar bay, but felt oh so good; relieving the tension....Almost as good as, well maybe not. The pilot had been up most of the night cycle working on her snubfighter and was flying high on stimcaf by this time to stay awake. There was hope though the last adjustment would do the trick.

Goldie's TR-20 X-wing hadn't been the same since the Battle of Corellia where it took some major damage when fighting against the remnants of the One Sith and Yuuzhan Vong. The mechanics swore they fixed the ship up right, but there was still a minute shimmy felt when pulling high-G's with the lower starboard strike foil fully extended. And now Squeak had detected an intermittent fluctuation in power to that 5L5 fusial thrust Split-engine during the last post-flight diagnostics.

"Okay, try it again," Ava said to her R9 unit. Before the blue and silver astromech droid could respond with a positive or negative warble, klaxons blared and personnel began to scramble. Pilots to their ships and hangar techs making sure the flight deck was ready for launch.

"What do you mean we've been sabotaged...and there are defectors?" the blonde asked incredulously as she quickly closed up the service panel and screwed it back on tight with a hydrospanner. Just then the Starchild rocked and there was the sound of an explosion from within... The flight lieutenant nearly fell off the wing. She reached out with her gloved hand and caught the edge of the open cockpit just in time before she could tumble off the edge. Squeak would have never let her live it down, if she had... He liked giving his pilot grief.

"A what just shot up the main hangar?! You've got to be kidding," Ava replied with a bit of a disbelieving snark as she donned her flight helmet after dropping down onto the pilot couch, immediately flipping switches. "Oh my lords you aren't, are you.... " Comm chatter was confirming the allegations as reports flooded in across the board of traitors amongst the Alliance.

There was no time to panic or to think about what ifs. Training took over and within moments, Goldilocks was out the magcon field and airborne right into the fire as the Sith had arrived in full force to Fondor.

[ This is Rogue Five... Two Flight form up on me. We'll have to mark em friendly or hostile as we go. ]

Please all be friendly... By that Ava meant her own squad mates. The ones she'd lived and flown with all this time, but more so trusted with her life. The very thought someone could betray them made the Ralltiiri sick to her stomach. She would have no problem shooting them down, but it wouldn't be an easy thing to do.

[member="Danger Arceneau"] [member="Darth Saarai"] [member="Asharad Graush"] [member="Zahori Denko"] [member="Vanessa Vantai"] @T-3 @Fiolette Yvarro [member="Nils Brenner"] (potential dance partner)

Aeth Deschart

Risen Empress
Prime Directive Location A - Deep Space
RNV Reparate Hope
One Day Prior

"Admiral, the Bastion of Ciomia and the Bastion of Teth should be here within the hour."

Tylane gave a nod of her head as approval of this information. She understood that what was at stake here was grave, but borrowing two of the shield ships was ultimately going to be necessary when facing the forces of the First Order and the Sith. If their intelligence was good, and she trusted that it was given who it was coming from, then both would be invading the Alliance simultaneously, and the obvious targets would be the shipyards. Fondor was privately owned, but that just meant it was easier to buy allegiance, which meant that it was an easy target. Likely the Alliance would blow any other yards if the danger of loss became great enough. She had no doubt that the others would be taken care of. Fondor was the prime target.

With the illegal declaration of a no fly zone around Coruscant, she couldn't be bothered to care less about the Alliance capital. The people of that world were currently in turmoil and to be honest she didn't like them anyway. Bunch of idiots working behind the scenes for the First Order, as far as she was concerned. She'd seen less obvious rhetoric in the past. If Coruscant fell it would be no great loss. The people there could do with a wake up call on how grand it had been for them to be under the Alliance flag rather than the flag of someone else.

"What is the status of the rest of the fleet?"

"Full readiness, ma'am. The defense fleets are in position and pickets are running in a wide pattern so enemy recon vessels can be picked up at range. The Bastion's will be the last to arrive for the assault force."

"When they arrive we position and then depart. There is no time to waste."

"Yes, ma'am."

Fondor - Edge of System
RNV Reparate Hope

The fleet exited hyperspace in formation. At the forefront were the RNV Bastion of Ciomia and the RNV Bastion of Teth, two massive Yularen-class Shield Cruisers. The remainder of the fleet was lined up behind them. The Reparate Hope was situated behind the Bastion of Ciomia, with one Sovv-class flying above and one below it, all protected by the shield ship. Behind the Bastion of Teth was a Nunb-class with two more Sovv's, one above and one below. Flying behind each of these lead ships were two Cypress-class Cruisers, escorted by two Vencuyot-class Frigates each. Flying smack dab in the center of the formation, situated between the shield ships but in line with the Reparate Hope and Nunb-class, was a Lightbringer. Patrolling the sides were four Repentance-class Corvettes.

"Shields up, all weapons primed. Starfighters at the ready but do not launch."

"Confirmed, Admiral."

"Scanner status?"

The lieutenant was busy reading the scanner, but he turned away after a moment and looked at her.

"I'm reading First Order and Sith vessels, as expected, Admiral."

Tylane looked out the viewport at what she could see. Largely blocked by the shield ships it wasn't much, but she could picture the coming battle as it was, and knew that they needed to be involved. If they didn't engage long enough for the Alliance forces to arrive then it would largely be a worthless effort. She had a plan, but she needed to wait to execute it. Based on the scanner readings, she doubted the full force of the Sith or the First Order had arrived. When they did, then things would become interesting. In the meantime, she intended to direct her forces as required to alleviate some of the danger that the Alliance world was facing. That meant she needed to rattle sabers for the moment.

"Give me comms."

The comms lieutenant gave her the high sign.

"First Order and Imperial naval vessels, this is Admiral Tylane of the Republic Navy aboard the RNV Reparate Hope. You are hereby ordered to vacate the occupied space of the Galactic Alliance effective immediately. Failure to do so will label you as hostile vessels, and we will be forced to engage. You have five minutes to comply or initiate diplomatic avenue's."

She nodded for the line to be closed and then looked at her captain.

"Keep the Teth battlegroup positioned on that Sith Fleet in case they decide to fire on us. I want her absorbing their incoming fire if they do. In the meantime we hold position at this outer marker. And get me in contact with the Alliance Admiral in charge."

"Yes, ma'am."

It was going to be a very long day.

[member="Ava Cartwright"] | [member="Zahori Denko"] | [member="Chaff"] | [member="Cuan Kunn"] | [member="Vanessa Vantai"] | [member="T-3"] | [member="Fiolette Yvarro"] | [member="Danger Arceneau"] | [member="Asharad Graush"] | [member="Darth Saarai"] | [member="Mazik Stazi"]
Beautiful, isn't she?
Fondor Orbit
Aboard ANS Starchild - Colony-class Battlecruiser
Captain - Leading the ANS Starchild and Sword 1-4 (Myrmidon-class Frigates)
Enemies: [member="Zahori Denko"] [member="Vanessa Vantai"] [member="Asharad Graush"] [member="Darth Saarai"]
Alllies: [member="Tylane of Isobe"] [member="Ava Cartwright"] @Chaff @Cuan Kunn [member="Mazik Stazi"]

Captain Pryce's boots clacked quickly along the durasteel floors of the hallway as pilots and other crew members ran back and forth around him. His index finger pressed to the com in his ear, a soft beep told him he was connected to the bridge.

"What's going on out there?!"

"Several ship types have just dropped out of Hyperspace, a mix of First Order and Sith Empire along with ships that aren't registered with any affiliated group but are of Alliance make. It looks like we've been had Captain."

"How is the Fifth Fleet?"

"It seems they've been engaged by the Mystery fleet sir." Pryce cursed under his breath.

"Scramble the Rogues and and two of the Needler squadrons, I don't care which two, just get a screen up now." He had a bad feeling about this. Unknown ships that looked like Alliance but weren't flying Alliance colors? Defectors maybe? They were on high alert, just moments ago they recieved word that Coruscant was under attack. The Starchild should have been making its way there, but with Fondor under attack as well? Pryce had to make a decision, one he hoped he didn't regret. A dull thud like an explosion from the lower decks rocked the Starchild as a rogue Y-wing assaulted one of the hangars. The attack sent Pryce stymbling through through the automatic doors and into the bridge.

"What the Hell was that?"

"A...Y-wing sir." The room was so silent you could hear a pin drop.

"Karking cowards," He murmured under his breath. This impromptu mission just got much more serious. He winced. "What's the status of the hangar?'

"Severe damage, impossible to say if its usable, but half a squadron of Needlers and a few gunships survived." Was that a win?

"Launch Sword 1 through 4, get me connected to Battlegroup Sentinel and the Fifth Fleet. If we're going to win this we need to work together."


Fiolette Fortan


Galactic Alliance Shipyards
[member="Danger Arceneau"] | [member="Mazik Stazi"] | [member="Zahori Denko"] | [member="Darth Saarai"]
[member="Asharad Graush"] | [member="Vanessa Vantai"] | [member="Tylane of Isobe"] | [member="Dracken Pryce"]
Aboard the Inflictor.

"Fleets emerging from hyperspace, it's the First Order!"

Fiolette looked away from the view port and down to the screen, she would not leave the field of battle not today - if they could be there on Kuat at the same moment then Fondor would be no different. "Hold steady, keep your focus on the shipyards."

"Alliance naval presence detected, the ANS Starchild."

The bridge was alive officers and enlisted moved throughout the command trench. She stood in her red and black uniform, arms folded behind her back eyes watched as the 7th Fleet moved into position. Alliance starfighters were now launched in full speed, "dispatch our anti-starfighter corvettes into offensive screens." A small nod from Commander Kasai who gave the orders. Ships moved into position protecting the three cruisers.

"They'll do all that they can to defend the Shipyards, we must be able to match them." Kasai added to the orders, as Fiolette heard the reports.

"It's the Republic!"

A smile carved its way onto her features, "they're broadcasting."

"Let it through."

"I see the Alliance has a new dog to bark on its behalf," Fiolette said upon hearing the Republic's message. She looked over at Commander Kasai, "they'll move into position most likely place their ships here or here if they're utilizing the older tactics." She mused, "close in, dispatch the Bolts and engage Chargers to sweep for missiles." Rather than change her current target of the shipyards themselves she would press forward. "I would very much like to see the opening maneuver."

Silence fell over the bridge for a moment.

Another message, "Admiral Denko and the Sith Armada are now within the system."

"Good, dispatch this information, blueprints to the Galactic Alliance's Vanguard Super Star Destroyer." Fiolette passed the datastick onto a subordinate who moved to send the information over encrypted channels. "No doubt the First Order and Sith Armada will move to focus in on the Alliance."

Fiolette looked down at the screen that showed her fleet composition, "have us and the Imogen drop the Ion Mines, and move forward, we'll go full around the shipyards." A pause as she looked at the fleets that had arrived. "Provide data of mine positions to the Sith and First Order."

"Engage the Mass Drivers on the shipyards, here and here." She continued to look at the battlefield as it unfolded.

"Have the Stormcloud drop the interdiction mines there and there, engage interdiction missiles on the Starchild, with luck we can keep them busy."

Signatures for the Victorian 7th Fleet would remain unknown and with the look of their fleet - one could assume Imperial, most likely First Order based on the shapes of the ships.

Victorian 7th: Action Report
  • Engaged Mass Drivers on the Shipyards
  • Stormcloud dispatched interdiction mines.
  • Imogen and Inflictor dispatched ion mines.

2x Inflictor IIs @ 986m
1x Stormcloud II @ 810m
6x Charger IIs @ 182m
3x Raskova IIIs @ 200m
12x Muhktiar IIs @ 178m
6x Dagger IIIs @ 246m
24x Bolt IIIs @ 58m
54x Ships, Total 9478m

VSS Inflictor, Inflictor II
Escort Cruiser, 986 S / 986 H

VSS Imogen, Inflictor II
Escort Cruiser, 986 S / 986 H

VSS Stormcloud, Stormcloud II
Assault Cruiser, 810 S / 810 H

VSS Charger, Charger II
Escort Corvette, 182 S / 182 H

VSS Cordelia, Charger II
Escort Corvette, 182 S / 182 H

VSS Champion, Charger II
Escort Corvette, 182 S / 182 H
VSS Cambria, Charger II
Escort Corvette, 182 S / 182 H

VSS Concord, Charger II
Escort Corvette, 182 S / 182 H

VSS Caradoc, Charger II
Escort Corvette, 182 S / 182 H

VSS Raskova, Raskova III
Heavy Corvette, 200 S / 200 H

VSS Rachkevich, Raskova III
Heavy Corvette, 200 S / 200 H

VSS Raspopova, Raskova III
Heavy Corvette, 200 S / 200 H

VSS Muhktiar, Muhktiar II
Anti-Starfighter Corvette, 178 S / 178 H

VSS Farooq, Muhktiar II
Anti-Starfighter Corvette, 178 S / 178 H

VSS El Nadi
Anti-Starfighter Corvette, 178 S / 178 H

VSS Al Mansouri, Muhktiar II
Anti-Starfighter Corvette, 178 S / 178 H
VSS Zuckerman, Muhktiar II
Anti-Starfighter Corvette, 178 S / 178 H

VSS Noa, Muhktiar II
Anti-Starfighter Corvette, 178 S / 178 H
VSS Sharon, Muhktiar II
Anti-Starfighter Corvette, 178 S / 178 H
VSS Amit, Muhktiar II
Anti-Starfighter Corvette, 178 S / 178 H
VSS Lior, Muhktiar II
Anti-Starfighter Corvette, 178 S / 178 H

VSS Maya, Muhktiar II
Anti-Starfighter Corvette, 178 S / 178 H

VSS Al Muhairi, Muhktiar II
Anti-Starfighter Corvette, 178 S / 178 H

VSS Darwish, Muhktiar II
Anti-Starfighter Corvette, 178 S / 178 H

VSS Dagger, Dagger III
Destroyer Escort, 246 S / 246 H

VSS Cestus, Dagger III
Destroyer Escort, 246 S / 246 H

VSS Katar, Dagger III
Destroyer Escort, 246 S / 246 H

VSS Gladius, Dagger III
Destroyer Escort, 246 S / 246 H

VSS Morningstar, Dagger III
Destroyer Escort, 246 S / 246 H
VSS Swordbreaker, Dagger III
Destroyer Escort, 246 S / 246 H

Bolt Pack: Sounder
Sounder-1, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H
Sounder-2, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H
Sounder-3, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H
Sounder-4, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H

Bolt Pack: Sonic
Sonic-1, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H
Sonic-2, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H
Sonic-3, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H
Sonic-4, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H

Bolt Pack: Swift
Swift-1, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H
Swift-2, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H
Swift-3, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H
Swift-4, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H

Bolt Pack: Starling
Starling-1, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H
Starling-2, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H
Starling-3, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H
Starling-4, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H

Bolt Pack: Seawolf
Seawolf-1, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H
Seawolf-2, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H
Seawolf-3, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H
Seawolf-4, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H

Bolt Pack: Sentinel
Sentinel-1, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H
Sentinel-2, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H
Sentinel-3, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H
Sentinel-4, Picket Corvette, 58 S / 58 H

Waitin' in the Sky
The Sullustan had launched out into the fray. He wasn’t aware that this was going to be the strangest fight of his life. So many ships wold be marked with friendly tags on his scanners that he’d not be able to tell friend from foe readily. He shook his head and looked out at the space ahead of him. The X-Wing was pushing through space and the pilot was juking to avoid incoming laser blasts and fighters. He was more worried about getting to the rally point, where the Tiburons were keeping the location semi-secure.

“Spear… any way you can track fighters… Tiburons are a clean squadron.” Came the call from the squad commander, one of the personally trained-by-Starchaser Sentinels who was taking command of this unit while the aforementioned Starchaser was off trying to save the day. The Sullustan shook his head as he took in a holding pattern with the squadron, visual scanning was the order of something like this.

“Standby, Tiburons, keep holding at your current location.” Came the order from the flight deck. “ANS Spear of the Alliance to Starchild. Is your ship secure? Rogue Leader, Spear Actual, squadron report.” So many calls going out. The Sullustan was waiting for the next order.
“Spear to Nemo Ven, Spear is a secure vessel. Two support frigates and one of the Mon Cal vessels are betrayed, updating the vessels to status yellow.” Ships and fighters were going from green to yellow, and Cuan was shaking his head.

What was going on with the galaxy today. He switched to squadron chatter. “Tiburon Lead, this is six. There are still Imperial vessels out there. Should we move to attack?”

A double click came from squadron leader. “Rogues, report.” The Duros Jedi was reaching out to the pilots in the Force, to screen their answers to his request. “Alliance or Imperial?”

[member="Dracken Pryce"]
[member="Tylane of Isobe"]
[member="Ava Cartwright"]
[member="Mazik Stazi"]


Rogue 12
Rogue Squadron

[ This is Rogue Five... Two Flight form up on me. We'll have to mark em friendly or hostile as we go. ]

There she was.

Ava had been with the Resistance, same as him, flown a recon flight or two together in the brief time the group held together. It was good to have her here. In response to the mental prodding, his answer was short but sweet.

Only good Imp is a dead Imp.

Okay, perhaps it was the opposite of that, but it conveyed the point well enough.

[ Five, this is Twelve, forming up on you. ] In a heartbeat, he brought the TIE into his sights, and blasted it to kingdom come, his fighter sailing through the hail of sparks before cutting upwards sharply. 'F3 let out a string of profanity in binary, but Chaff found himself too caught up in watching a Y-Wing strafe the Starchild, his stomach twisting in a mix of anger and confusion.

They were supposed to be together in all this, how could they just turn their backs? Money? Power? Or had it all just been a lie this whole time?

Bringing the fighter in behind Goldilocks, Chaff fell into formation to her right, his usual bravado seemingly missing in the wake of the sudden and violent betrayals. All around them things were falling apart, he could only hope the Republic's reinforcements weren't suffering from the treason problem as they were. The Alliance couldn't count on the Rogue's alone after all, at least not this time.

[member="Cuan Kunn"] - [member="Ava Cartwright"] - [member="Dracken Pryce"] - [member="Tylane of Isobe"]
It's Real to Pretend
The arrival of [member="Zahori Denko"]'s fleet had certainly made her mission easier, though the preexisting First Order fleet presence of [member="Asharad Graush"] was certainly welcome as well. Crimson Command continued to move towards the shipyards, taking a defensive position and engaging the guns on the stations to give the Dark Trooper transports opportunities to begin docking procedures with the station. Some would enter into hangars, transport turrets firing away at Alliance infantrymen who had already set up defenses in preparation for potential boarding ops. Others found the hangars clear, or rife with traitor personnel whose Alliance patches had been deliberately painted over with crimson saltires to indicate their traitorous allegiance. Still more docked with exterior hatches, which they were forced to cut through - the mechanical monstrosities that were the Oppressor-15s came first, followed up at the rear by Phase Zero squads and their sergeants. The push into the station was Reasonably smooth - as smooth as it could be given the circumstances. Once the transports had embarked on the station, the fleet moved away - the ultimate goal of course was the destruction or permanent crippling of these facilities to deny them to the future Alliance-in-exile as a source of resources.

A burst transmission from an unidentified group of vessels - [member="Fiolette Yvarro"]'s fleet - revealed surprising data. The positioning of ion mines intended to inhibit the Alliance fleet, the data preventing Crimson Command from accidentally making contact with one of the system-deactivating weapons. Also included were the blueprints of the Alliance's new Star Dreadnought. How intriguing - a copy of this was soon sent to the Saaraishash given the extreme importance of this data, and multiple copies were created and placed on datasticks for future storage in both the Maldrood and other Imperial forces' archives. Studying of it would, in theory, allow for the ship's weaknesses to be exploited and it to be successfully hunted down. There was one piece of the Alliance's naval puzzle solved, but until the rest of the blueprints were recovered from the computer cores, this mission was not a success.

A squadron of Daala-class starfighters entered the system close to its star, escorting a ship that came along with them. They headed for a position near the star and would wait there until information was provided to them that they needed to act. The fighters were some of the Maldrood's best pilots, designated as Elite Squadron, and had been selected for this mission due to the immense importance of what had been brought into the system with them. The fighters that had moved to escort the transports now docked in the pacified shipyards were returning to the battle, some picking off freshly launched groups of Alliance A-Wings, B-Wings, X-Wings, and Y-Wings. Particularly, squadrons of Daalas and the smaller, more nimble Forge-class Interceptors were in the field, along with a limited number of the aged Tetrica-class Assault Fighters and the second-line Vornskr-class Interceptors. There were no assault fighters or bombers to be found. Not yet. The threat of Alliance ships were, the ​Battalion's​ commander thought, not important enough to commit forces vulnerable to Alliance A-Wings. [member="Chaff"], [member="Cuan Kunn"], and [member="Ava Cartwright"] would soon find their own positions threatened, not just by treasonous Alliance pilots, but also by some of the Sith's best.

The arrival of a Republic Remnant fleet - [member="Tylane of Isobe"]'s fleet - was a surprise. Vanessa had not expected that within the twenty years she had been exiled, a fragment of the ancient government would have resuscitated itself from the grandiose loss it had at the hands of the One Sith. Even such a distance away, Vanessa could still provide a message to the incoming supporters of the loyalist regime, her illusory form manifesting on the ship's bridge. "Diplomatic avenues, you say? Very well." She sighed. "If you'll perhaps turn your attention to the ship I'm escorting towards the Fondor star, maybe get a quick scan of what my fighters are escorting..." She waited patiently for them to do so. "Yes, your sensors do not deceive you. That is a very real and very much fully functional Sun Crusher, an exact duplicate built from the designs of the original. Allow me to make this as explicitly clear as possible to you, Admiral. Recall your fleets. Leave this system. Allow us to take what we wish from this carcass of a dead power. You have fifteen minutes to make up your mind before I order the Sun Crusher to fire a resonance torpedo into the system's star. Within ninety minutes the star will supernova. This system and everything in it at that point in time will be vaporized by the destructive potency of the star's explosion. Billions on that world will die because of the decision you made. Ninety minutes certainly isn't enough time for you to get a planetary evacuation completed." The Sith Lady said smugly. "Oh, and I wouldn't bother trying to engage the Sun Crusher. Its hull is made of Quantum Crystalline armor. Impervious to whatever weaponry your ship is equipped with. It could sit here and survive the supernova itself. Think on what I said, and contact the Battalion​ when you've made your decision. Should you make an offensive move towards us, the decision will be made for you." With that, the illusion dissipated.

Hopefully the threat would be enough to get [member="Dracken Pryce"]'s attention as well. Vanessa doubted this was information a Republic pawn would keep to herself.

Danger Arceneau

M'onnok Fork
Fondor Shipyards
Omega Pyre Headquarters
[member="Asharad Graush"] [member="Darth Saarai"] [member="Mazik Stazi"] [member="Fiolette Yvarro"] [member="T-3"] @Zahori Denko

Danger gave a slight frown at the droid. Alric had insisted that if she was going to be traveling, that [member="T-3"] should accompany her. However, he was prone to curious expressions. She wasn't sure if that was just part of the personality matrix or if Alric decided to add a token bit of his humor along with it.

"Have we received any word from the Galactic Alliance on what is going on?" The red head inquired, staring at the growing number of small dots that indicated another wave of ships approaching. This is not good, Danger thought to herself. Likely about to turn into the sort of brawl with three wet cats in a burlap sack.

Saffron gave a small shake of her head. "No, no response yet." Danger's lip drew thin. That's when Saffron's brows drew into a slight frown.

"What is it?" Danger came to stand next to her, observing the holographic screen in front of her.

"The Republic is here." that was odd. Not that their presence was odd as much as that they had been the first to comment towards the approaching fleets, not the Galactic Alliance.

"An open comm has indicated that they are requesting the First Order and Imperial ships to leave the system."

So they were First Order and Imperial ships? "Imperial? Like the Galactic Empire?"

The blonde gave a small shake of her head, "I am unable to determine that right now. Our long range scanners are attempting to identify the other fleet." It would be a few more minutes before the trade satellites and sensors under Arceneau Trade would be able to read the transponders on the ships that belonged to the Sith Empire. Either way, it was evident that things were about to get heated.

"If the First Order is here, it likely isn't to shake hands with the Galactic Alliance." The growing tensions and battles with the two government entities had been coming to a head. While Arceneau Trade worked within First Order and Galactic Alliance territory, the battles and the enforced enlistment of those workers within First Order space had already been felt. There were many workers at PharmaTech facilities that had to leave on extended military service. Danger ensured her employees that their positions were protected and that they would be placed under a Service Member's Leave protection program. It at the very least would ensure that once the mandatory enlistment was complete, that they would return to an equal position.

"Ensure that the merchant fleet broadcasts their neutrality and that they are simply ensuring that civilian and employees are not harmed. They are not to engage. The last thing we need is for their attention to be brought to us." the only thing being is that Omega Pyre had been drastically realigned and numbers decreased during the decomission program Danger placed into effect. There was only enough to simply protect convoys and the shipyards within the system.

"If we cannot get the answers from the Alliance on what is going on, we can at the very least attempt to make contact with First Order and Imperial forces to make sure we remain clear of their focus." Danger was no fool. She knew what it meant when two naval forces of different governments meant when they came into a system with this much fire power. It was to gain control of the system by might if not by diplomacy. While Omega Pyre was a recent acquisition, it didn't mean that this was a hill she was willing to let those under her protection die on.

"Start sending messages to redeploy any trade ships coming to Fondor. I want to also start evacuating non-essential personel from the shipyards and our facilities here. "

With the resources she had and hopefully, with her ability to negotiate, whatever came of this system meant that she could continue the status quo with as little blood shed as possible. At her age, Danger had no desire to get caught up in the middle of a war.

Saffron gave a nod, with a quick press of a few buttons, she attempted to contact anyone within that First Order and Sith Fleet. If this didn't work, then Danger would have to start contacting others to find out just what was the outlook and how she should appropriately respond to it.

[ This is Arceneau Trade Company. Omega Pyre and it's shipyards on Fondor have been recently acquired by the company and turned into a neutral entity. Please be advised, that our merchant fleet is only deployed to protect the trade convoys and Fondor Shipyards. We do not wish to become involved in any conflict. We request that we are allowed to evacuate and redirect our employees without being fired upon. ]

All the while, the Queen of Trade had no idea of the message Vantai had delivered to the Republic fleet and the threat of destryoing Fondor's sun.