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[ENDGAME] - Shadow's Fall


[SIZE=11pt]With the completion of Project Vanguard, the Galactic Alliance’s first Super Star Destroyer, everything appears to be at a turning point for the Alliance in the Great Galactic War. The new vessel, officially unveiled at the Alliance’s fleet day on Coruscant, has been schedule for a shakedown cruise of Alliance space before reporting for active duty against the Alliance’s enemies.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]However… not everything is as it seems. Across the Alliance, the completion of the Vanguard is the signal they have long been waiting for. Members of the military, Jedi, politicians and bureaucrats, leaders of individual planets, even ordinary citizens have secretly been serving a different master. The Lady of Secrets and her Order of Shadows has infiltrated much of the Alliance, awaiting the perfect time to bring everything crashing down around them. With half of the Alliance in her thrall, it only falls to the Lady of Secrets to give the final signal. It would begin on Coruscant, the new capital of the Alliance… and the perfect place to bring about the ascendancy of the Dark Side.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]Standing in the summit of the Jedi Temple, she looked out over the world… and decided the moment had come. Across Coruscant, across Alliance space, a symbol would flash for a brief moment.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]The order had been given. The destruction of the Alliance was to begin. Across Galactic Alliance space, friends would suddenly become enemies, ships and crew members that had been serving alongside each other for years would open fire, Jedi who had sworn to fight against the dark side would find themselves facing off against red-saber wielding former colleagues, the Sith tattoos revealing themselves, their dark master’s spell unraveling to reveal the darkness within. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]And the worst was yet to come, for the Order of Shadows was not acting alone. The defenses of the planet, of many planets, would be compromised and would allow those that serve the dark side an opportunity.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]It was chaos from the moment the first Sith Imperial ships had arrived. Above the surface of Coruscant, a fleet battle raged- but the point was not to commit to air superiority- the point was to land additional Sith and troops. To be the hammer to the Order’s anvil with the Alliance staring up in between. Those agents of the Order of Shadows had brought down the planetary shields, but not everywhere. With gaps in the coverage, the first of the Sith-Imperial ships had made it through and were beginning to land. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]Across the planet, alerts had long since sounded. Fights between Coruscanti loyalists waged across shield stations, fighting to keep up the sections that prevented the entirety of the shields from going down, fighting to bring the shields back up in the places they had failed to stem the tide of the Sith forces. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]On the ground, it was only about to get worse as heavy boots, dark cloaks, and red lightsabers reached the streets. Not every ship of the Sith’s that had made it through the shields had made it to the ground intact- they had taken heavy losses, every step of the way. But those who did reach the surface were well prepared to do what they were assigned to do. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]The Sith, as at Thyferra, were not here as conquerors. They were here in one thread of the net being woven across Alliance space. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]They were here as Reavers.[/SIZE]
Moonage Daydream
This was it, Coruscant. Coren Starchaser didn’t care for this world. But the Force had lead him here, he had a plan to get here anyway, the launch of the Vanguard was today. Ashla had other plans for him. The Force had been keeping the Jedi Master awake for the past few days, pacing, and giving only restless sleep. Here he was, on board a ship piloted by [member="Jyoti Nooran"] and on his way to the Capitol. He had seen the vids of what was going on, and had sent what message he could to rally the troops of the Alliance.

The ones loyal. But that was not everyone.

He had known that now, for certain. The darkness was deep into the bones of the very nation he swore to defend. Not only as a member of its armed forces and the New Jedi Order so closely tied to the government. He looked around the ship here, the Silver Jedi Order had provided the vessel to get him and his onto the world. And these people? They were ones he would trust with his life. Looking at the lightsaber in his hand, only part of his aging Starhawk armor was on, enough cortosis to short out lightsabers, and provide protection from most, but not a full suit of armor that would impede his movement.

The Capitol was where they were getting to.

“Jytoi. Drop us at the Temple. I need you to do what you can to get Jedi out of here. We need to regroup. Mishel? You’re with me. I need to find Raaf.” He was not certain, but he had a feeling that the woman was the key to part of this. And he needed her safe. She knew the Sith, maybe she knew who was the ultimate manipulator.

There wouldn’t be a reason that Omai Rhen would have put her in charge, if she was the mastermind. Was there? The ship came close to the surface and Coren hit the gangway. “Now.” He said to his apprentice, jumping down to the ground, his orange lightsaber igniting.

[member="Taeli Raaf"]
[member="Mishel Noren"]

Rekha Kaarde

Ms. Sarcasm
It was silent at the Lucky Lady all faces had turned to the screens where the emblem blazed bright. Red and Black...A familiar design one that some had seen, one that set off alarms and sent patrons running to their posts.

Rekha's gaze bore holes through the image, she was here the last time the Sith visited...and ended up staying. "Feth" Her first mate, and cook came up beside her. A big man with giant paws when he walked folks took notice. "Cap'n?"

Rekha did not turn she just stood there staring, "Go get your family off Coruscant Jarrod that's an order. Head to Canto Bight let's get the party boat running." She would create opportunity for Jarrod to keep his wife and children safe. It was the least she could do for him.

She looked around the bar was almost empty except for a few that had no where to report.

"Well let's see what happens next..." She had a bad feeling it was like waiting for the other shoe to drop. It would teeter out there on the edge until it finally dipped one way too far and then all hell would break loose. She would be ready. Feeds from news agencies showed the dark cloaks, heavy boots and red sabers already on the ground. Feth she whispered again. The shoe had fallen she just hadn't seen it.

"Jarrod go now, waste no time take the Star and go..." She could easy get a fighter from the GA. Jarrod was twisted about what to do but as much as the Cap'n was owed he owed his family more. "yesum see you there." The big man disappeared leaving Rekha and a few patrons hanging out.

Time to dig out the Woebringer, and Thunderclap...

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Mishel Kryze


It had come to this.

Brother against brother, father against son, neighbor against neighbor.

United they stood.

Divided they would fall.

She had heard, and seen Master Starchaser's message and chose to journey with him to the Temple. Her lightsaber had not yet been fully constructed, and so on her person she held a simple yellow lightsaber. The rogue Jedi padawan dressed in her smuggler clothing felt the pull of the Force. "Don't worry Master, I'm with you till the end." She reassured him and followed his footsteps from their transport. She trusted her master, and followed him toward their objective - to secure Grand Marshal Raaf. The jump from the ship was relatively easy, she recalled her training from Sullust and added to the fights she had been in before, from her time as a Ren. Mishel had known darkness, she had known what it could do - how it could turn even the most beloved of family and friends into mindless drones.

"I'm not able to find anything on Grand Marshal Raaf's whereabouts, Master." She informed him, the padawan had tried to find some form of communication about the woman to no avail. "Are you sure she is to be at the Temple?" Mishel moved with haste, boots to the ground - Coruscant had gone mad. Completely so, and as she moved alongside her master the Force called to her again. She could already hear her former brothers and sisters mocking her and her choice to join the Jedi. A sigh to herself as she pushed the thoughts out of her mind, Mishel focused on the task at hand, secure the Grand Marshal and then figure out how to deal with this.

[member="Taeli Raaf"] | [member="Coren Starchaser"]
The Two Who Were One

It had begun.

Once the image had been broadcasted across the Galactic Alliance, a flotilla of Sith-Imperial warships emerged out of hyperspace in close proximity with the Alliance defense fleet situated around the Vanguard. Part of the Imperial fleet was comprised of the Super Star Dreadnoughts Behemoth and Goliath, surrounded by a support group of roughly fifty-five destroyers and frigates. Cascading volleys of turbolaser fire raked the shields and hulls of those Alliance craft closest to the Emperor's flagship, crippling several of them before they could raise their shields.

Yet the true assault would not come from on high, but would instead originate from below.

Coruscant had once been the capital of the One Sith Empire, a malignant regime that had spread the fires of death and destruction throughout the Core and Mid Rim in a ceaseless war against the Galactic Republic. Ever wary of collapse, the masterminds of the Empire's military campaigns had devised several contingencies on Coruscant in the event of the government's collapse. However, even as the Alliance triumphed over the Sith and wrestled Coruscant away from them, these contingencies were never put to use by the fleeing Sith commanders. So they had stayed there, buried beneath the urban sprawl of the planet's surface, waiting in silence for the Sith to return.

Years ago the man who would become the new Sith Emperor had charged [member="Taeli Raaf"] with the upkeep of these subterranean remnants, and ever since then, she had overseen their reconstruction. Now that the time for secrecy had passed, they would now finally fulfill their purpose.

High powered explosive charges were detonated all along key population centers, entire skyscrapers crumbling down into the layered sprawl as plumes of smoke and fire rose high into the sky. From these wounds would emerge gargantuan ships, each packed with the Emperor's soldiers, monsters, and wicked followers that would bring about the end of the Light. Starfighters were launched from the multitude of hangar bays lining the warships hull, spreading out to attack both the planet's defenders and the city itself.

The Sith had not come to conquer and occupy, they had come to burn and destroy.

And send a message to the galaxy that the Light could no longer stand against the Darkness.

Emperor Carnifex watched the cityscape of Coruscant rapidly approach as the Crestfallen dipped down through the planet's atmosphere, flanked by a support wing of Shadow Droids and Sith-manned starfighters. How long had it been since he had laid eyes upon the Jewel of the Core? He could vividly remember the day the Republic's banners had been torn down, and in their place had risen the banners of the Sith. The entire planet had militarized, and he had erected a mighty edifice of his own might and glory out from the decrepit remains of the Republic's ailing infrastructure.

That was all gone now, he had to abandon it before the Alliance took Coruscant.

Now he was repaying the favor.

"Milord, we are nearing the Jedi Temple."

"Excellent, bring us to the summit. Master Raaf awaits our arrival."

They would arrive shortly.

[member="Darth Prazutis"] | [member="Taeli Raaf"] | Anyone else who wants to tag along
Lord of Eternal Conflict

Kor Vexen

Storm the Jedi Temple

The Sith Empire had finally arrived. The secret plan that had allowed members of the Sith Empire to infiltrate the Galactic Alliance would finally come to fruition, and as the signal was given, chaos and destruction would reign supreme. Thanks to the efforts of the Lady of Secrets and her followers, the defenses of Coruscant had been compromised and created an opening to attack the Galactic Alliance's precious capital. Amongst the many Sith fleets that had arrived, the Gehenna fleet commanded by Vice Admiral Koruuna would be among the first to arrive in system, releasing swarms of transports from its capital vessel laden with troops and fighter escorts to make their way to the planet below.

Amongst the vessels making their way to the planet's surface would be the Sith General Kor Vexen, ready to lead his army into battle and take the crown jewel of the Galactic Alliance and show the galaxy at large what became of the enemies of their glorious Sith Empire. As their transports made their way towards the surface, Vexen would raise his left hand up, directing a message to some non-Imperial assets that had been hired to assist in the destruction of Coruscant, and more specifically its Jedi Temple where hundreds had likely been alerted to the incoming slaughter. A message to [member="Koda Fett"] and [member="Kilum Bralor"] would be given, a ghostly image of Vexen appearing as a hologram, his vocoded voice giving a simple set of instructions, " Make use of the soldiers under your command. The destruction of the temple is the primary objective, but pursue any other tasks as you wish. "

The hologram would fade as Vexen's gaze was fixed upon their destination, The Jedi Temple, and with his men was their very own leader, [member="Darth Carnifex"] who had personally come to see the planet and all it stood for and represented burn down with the temple. As they neared the drop point, transports would begin to touch down, deploying SE-K9 'Fangs' equipped with tower shields as they began their marches across the city, a contingent of droids beginning their march up the steps that lead to the Jedi Temple. The Sith Empire had finally made landfall on the Jewel of the Core. Now to commence the destruction and slaughter of all who stood against them.

Ria Misrani

It's a New Day
Alvarex dressed in the armor of the Blackblade, looked over at his father.

"At your command," his voice hidden through the voice modulator. Years of work had finally come to fruition, and he would be the hand to deliver it. The Epicanthix stood on equal height with this father though he was slimmer in comparison. Alvarex had been among the few of the Zambrano children to serve with the military on Panatha, and marched through the ranks on his own accord. He recalled the years of harsh training, harsher still simply because he had been sired by Kaine himself. Thus far the youngest of Kaine and Salara's children, their goal was the Jedi Temple and Alvarex stood with four of his finest men at the ready.

The view of Sith-manned starfighters and shadow droids accompanying the Crestfallen was a sight to behold.

It would be time to extinguish the light from the galaxy once and for all, usher in a new era of darkness.

The heads up display alerted him to the new objectives, he hated this thing and preferred the lighter armors of hunting. He bore the weight of all fourteen kilos along his body, weapons at the ready the Blackblade watched as the cityscape of Coruscant approached rapidly.

[member="Darth Prazutis"] | [member="Darth Carnifex"]

Mara D'Lessio Merrill

The Lesser D'Lessio
Rip a two-kilometre capital ship out from under a city and you'll see hell. Merrill-Valkner Systems Engineering's Coruscant distribution office squashed diagonally as the whole business block sloughed off its foundations. Through a shattering window, as she skidded down the newly slanted sales floor, Mara caught a glimpse of the Sith carriers rising like fingers through sand. And like sand, the skyscrapers poured away into a milling, orderless pit where each carrier had been. The noise rose to a grating crescendo and died as her eardrums ruptured. A series of rapid-fire impacts blotted out her consciousness.

When she woke up, choking on permacrete dust, there wasn't a bit of light around. Every movement was agony, but she'd been through agony before, all too many times. She gritted her teeth and pried herself out from under a nameless weight, then pulled out her datapad. The screen's dim light offered her a view of a freshly crumbled, stacked, tilted, recombined civilization, a jumble of huge buildings thrown on top of huge buildings. Far overhead, a bit of sunlight poked through. She smelled sickly-sweet blood and sentient excrement, the scent of death. She smelled it everywhere.

Marcus Faust

Fracti No Ultra
Once he'd stood where they did, blades in hand, storming the world so rife with corruption to cleanse it of filth, to make it their own. They had been conquerors, an unstoppable tide that had threatened to drown out all light in the galaxy. He'd believed in their cause so dearly, he'd trusted in one dark lord after another, never once considering just what kind of monster he had become.

[member="Tracyn Ordo"] had changed that, he'd put the first crack in his faith that led him to where he was now, loyalty to the dark shattered, and a duty to the good of all gained. It was the will of the force.

One of [member="Taeli Raaf"]'s Sith set eyes on him as he moved through the temple, she pulled her blade from the chest of a betrayed comrade, and without hesitation lunged towards Faust. On the outside, the hooded man leaning on his staff for support was easy prey, another kill to the woman's name. She was wrong. Reaching out with the force he simply grabbed the woman and slammed her into one of the massive pillars of the temple, bones cracking underneath the blow as she fell limp.

Marcus didn't strike her again, she would die from her injuries in seconds, as would her Ithorian victim who lay clutching his chest on the floor. It sickened him to think how he might once have taken pleasure in ending the Jedi's life, one devoted to peace and freedom where his had been violence and carnage. Kneeling next to the dying paragon, Faust gently placed a hand over the wound, and cradled the alien as life slipped from its eyes.

He felt sorrow, perhaps if he had done more, this all could have been avoided. If only he had the strength years ago he had now. Reluctantly, the former Sith cast aside the staff, letting it clatter to the floor. "I'm sorry friend, I'm afraid I will be needing this." Marcus spoke softly, taking the inactive saber hilt from the fallen's waist and slowly rising back to his feet.

The dark was closing in all around them now, what evil that was inside the temple walls was dwarfed by the black tide the closed in. [member="Darth Carnifex"] was closing fast, and with him came all the nightmares Marcus once thought he could escape. Thumbing the ignition, his new blade sprang to life.
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Losing is tempoary, giving up is permanent.
Location: Jedi Temple

Sukai had been at the temple on her own accord, long before the attack had begun, the recent events on Kasyyyk as well as just general works had gotten the young Jin back into the mood of research. She could not have picked a worse day, within moment of waking up and walking around the massive temple sirens, alarms and much more echoed through the entire complex, people and members of the New Jedi Order running around without herself knowing what was going on. Anytime she tried to stop someone to get an idea of what the kark was happening it was the same story that tey had to go or not time, or under attack, but who what when and who was attacking?

Then 'THAT' happened, loud explosions that ripped through the entire upper city, sudden cries from the froce of hundred of people dying en mass, crushing sound of buildings falling and much more. Dust filled the air as Sukai slowly stumbled towards the entrance steps, looking out with agape as the enter sky was filled to the bring with Ship, ships of the Sith Empire, 'oh no'. She was almost frozen in place, unsure of what to do, confused, but most of all frightened by how quickly the Sith had come, the sudden destruction that seemed to quick... but under that, was anger.

Constantly she had met Sith that said their government was merciful, that did not seek to cause destruction or kill people without cause... and then they do this, it made her mad. Then again that was who Sith where, they lied, cheated, killed and did what ever they needed to do to win. In the distance fighting had already broken out, Jedi, or no secret Sith turning on the others, though the presence of some hooded man ([member="Marcus Faust"]) seeming to fix things up for the mean time with an impressive display of power, quickly dispatching on of the traitors.

"... now what"?

Koda Fett

​One by one they fall to dust, shattering in two like their trust but that's what they do - they rust.
A monumental act of betrayal such as this was a once in a lifetime event. The Galactic Alliance was to fall at the behest of a Sith Lord who infiltrated said Alliance's upper echelon of the Military Junta. It was always said that history was doomed to repeat itself, for better or for worse, but even Fett was in some sort of disbelief that the act of betrayal was to come again in the same place, by the same people. The fall of the Republic at the hands of a Sith Lord. Nothing changed. All those years ago Fett was nothing more than a tool, perhaps a scalpel or hammer utilised to break down walls or carve through the enemy. At least the Mandalorian Bounty Hunter got one thing right: History is always destined to repeat itself.

The Mandalorian had been hired by the Sith Empire to aid in their destruction of the Jedi. It suited him just fine, for Fett was no friend of the Jedi, and you can be sure he offered them no mercy. Perhaps it was justified, maybe not. It didn't matter. He never asked himself questions he didn't have the answer to. The credits are what mattered, after all; of which there were plenty.

Sunlight beamed down upon the Bounty Hunter encased in Mandalorian Armour. The rays reflected off of the pieces that still allowed shine, which wasn't a lot considering the harsh condition of it. The visor shined that fireball's light at all he glanced at. The outer-permitter of the Jedi Temple had been breached, and Koda continued to creep around. His booted feet colliding with the duracrete beneath them before flames began to fire from his jetpack's exhaust. Hoisting himself up into the air, landing upon a regularly inaccessible ledge with a thud. A mere grate is all that stood between him and the interior. His gloved hands wrapped around the handles, prying it off only to lower it next to him.

Fett began to stalk the upper halls of the Jedi Temple, clearly an eyesore for any Jedi he was to come across. It made sense to assist the main force if he was only here for the destruction, but as always Fett had his own agenda to serve.
Mr. Save-The-Galaxy
"You know, Kiss, I'd been hoping to avoid getting stuck in this sort of thing again," Cotan mused to his astromech droid, standing outside of his ship. Thankfully he'd placed it in a more run-down part of the galactic city, that wasn't suffering from the bombs currently exploding all around. Yet. The K1 droid chirped at him quizzically, causing him to point up at the sky. "Well, Kiss, those are Sith ships, and the alarms blaring certainly aren't a good sign, and I imagine we're under blockade, so it'll be hard to get away." The droid was stunned into momentary silence, before it let out a long, low dwooo. Cotan nodded back at it. "Yeah, I know." Unlike the droid, his voice didn't carry any sort of sadness in it, more determination.

He ran up inside the ship, his startled droid squawking at him, before coming out on top of his Condor speeder. "Alright, Kiss, I need you to fly the ship," he told the droid, gesturing back at the Pau City Blockade Runner. "With any luck, the Sith might not even notice you. I'm going to ride this thing to the temple, and see if I can't help get any of our old friends out, and when I hail you on the commlink, I need you to meet us at one of the landing pads. You got it?" The droid whistled back an affirmative note, and with a thumbs up, Cotan hit the throttle on his swoop and started along the way for the Jedi temple, dodging blaster fire along the way.

In order to avoid some of the larger military patrols, he had to duck down side streets and back alleys quite often, an effort that was taxing his piloting skills greatly; as soon as he broke out onto the open stretch up to the temple, however, his attention was almost forcibly drawn upwards. High up, near the highest point of the temple, he could see a shuttle descending; more important, however, was the presence in the Force that seemed to suck in any warmth that Cotan could feel. It was a presence that the erstwhile Jedi Knight had encountered once before, though he hadn't had much opportunity to confront it at the time.

It was the Sith Emperor himself.

Cotan set his jaw grimly, and sped along the rest of the way up to the temple, swerving and dodging around the flung lightsabers of Sith warriors fighting at the steps. One of the lightsabers came a little too close, however, and chopped off the nose of the swoop; Cotan jumped off of it, landing on the steps leading up to the temple, while the swoop crashed and burned somewhere close by. Hopefully I can talk to Jorus about getting a new one of those. He grabbed the wreckage with the Force, throwing it at the Sith who'd managed to knock him off of it, before finishing his run into the carnage that was the Jedi temple.

I'm not letting you out of my sight this time, Highness.

[member="Darth Carnifex"] (whenever we're able to actually run into each other)
[member="Coren Starchaser"] [member="Mishel Noren"]

Equipment: Armor in signature, lightsaber

She stood with her back to the entrance to the Council Chamber of the Jedi Temple, looking out over the cityscape as what she had been working for for so long finally came to fruition. It had taken... so much patience and time, but the end result... was all the worth it. She could feel Coren now, the Sentinel leader likely to make his way to the temple. No word had come from her since the attack, one might think she was being held prisoner by the coup? betrayal? taking place on Coruscant and elsewhere across the entire Alliance.

Her presence beckoned him, calling out for him to come to the Temple, that she was in the Council Chambers... it was a struggle to keep her presence as it should feel in light of such an assault, concerned, panicked, all of those things. She wanted to feel smug, to revel in the victory. She could feel a darkness coming closer, the Emperor, [member="Darth Carnifex"], was nearing. Looking down at the lightsaber in her hand, rolling it over and examining it, she smiled.

A skyscraper exploded, rubble crashing down in the distance, a casualty of the attack. Her agents, her valued servants, were doing their duty. The surprise Sith ships they had concealed on world emerging, disgorging their hidden armies out into the planet to cause untold mayhem.

Yes... she would be glad when Coren arrived.
Moonage Daydream
Armor – but in the style of this.
Ancile Shield

This Temple was not quite as home to him as the training grounds on Sullust. Coren knew this one, sure, but not nearly as well. He could feel the Force through the hallowed halls, the building housed generations of Jedi and to that, Coren was adding his own life, his own story. He was not even sure if he was ready for this. He had Mishel with him, and nodded. “Lets hope it doesn’t come to the end.” He spoke as the pair stepped into the temple.

He could feel her, Master Taeli Raaf. “She’s here.” He was able to feel where she was, but something was… Wrong. Was it Taeli herself? Or was it the countless lives that were being lost around them. He could feel the Sith arrival, and the lives being lost. He hadn’t come to this world enough. How did they… No. It didn’t matter. They hid starships in the planet, it could have been a long game from when the Alliance threatened the One Sith. It didn’t matter.

“Council chambers.” He shook the thoughts away. He didn’t have time to deal with any of this. He had a task. And if there was darkness around Taeli, he needed to figure it out. As he hurried inside, the main chamber was a sight to behold. Red sabers, blues, greens, yellows, were filled in the chamber. Jedi fighting seeming Jedi. Sith fighting Jedi. Coren called the Force to him, he had no time for Aing-Tii tricks, he had to do what he could. “Stick close.” He offered to Mishel.

Pushing the Force away from him, he was doing his best to reach out with a calming blow, to see what Jedi and betrayers he could touch and calm down. But it wasn’t working on everyone. A pair of Sith came running towards them. A duck and a spin locked Coren’s lightsaber with the lead, and a nudge of the Force pushed the trailing Sith away. Sabers clashing and crackling, Coren had a task.

And this Sith was not it. The Force was his ally, and with a strong pushback on his saber, Coren threw his free hand up, blasting the Sith with a physical barrier enhanced by a shove. The Sith fell backwards as the Jedi stepped forward and drove the saber into the Sith. Looking towards the door, there were other fights between he and the exit. With Mishel at his side, he knew they could stop this madness, and opting to not take everyone out, Coren was throwing concentrated Force energy with the intent to stun anyone. This was not their fight.

[member="Taeli Raaf"]
[member="Mishel Noren"]

Mishel Kryze

"Agreed," her tone uncharacteristically serious, and as they approached the Temple - the Force beckoned her to stop.

She did not know why, nor could she Mishel had sworn that she would up hold the tenants of the New Jedi Order and trusted the leaders that had been put in place. With the loss of countless lives, the cries of many crying out into the Force it was hard to distinguish the reason for why the Force beckoned. Why it asked her to stop to turn, this was not her fight and yet here she was marching into the Temple of the Jedi along side her master. She felt the Grand Marshal in the Force - and it felt familiar - but why? Raaf had not been anywhere near Mishel, at least not that the padawan could immediately call to mind. She dismissed the thoughts when Coren mentioned the Council Chambers. "Blessed Ashira..." Mishel let out at the sight she saw, Jedi vs Jedi. Jedi vs Sith, it had truly come to Chaos and Madness. Was the Netherworld so empty that it begged for so many lives. She prayed to the Eldorai Goddess, "may my feet be swift and let my aim be true, blessed mother Ashira. Grant me your guidance in this hour of need."

Stick close, yeah -...

Before Mishel troubled by the Force did her best to discern the cries from the Force itself. Coren tried to bring calm to those around them but it was in vain - and in clear sight the Sith charged them. Two of them, and the padawan leapt dodging the trailing Sith as he was cast aside by her master. Lightsaber out she brought it down to clash against the Sith as he rolled back to his feet. Clash after clash, yellow against red Mishel recalled the chopping Djem So motions from Kyrel, the whirls of Makashi from Ara and Kaalia and the Soresu she herself studied. It all came to head as she retraced the Sullust training camp with her footing. Coren let out another rush of the Force - the intent to stun those coming toward them. Mishel tripped the Sith up on his footing and used Force push to send him backwards.

[member="Coren Starchaser"] | [member="Taeli Raaf"]
Losing is tempoary, giving up is permanent.
Location: Jedi Temple
Objective: Oh kark its [member="Koda Fett"], RIP

Before Sukai could take any action, to either help with the defenses or try and secure the thousands of holocrons in the temple archives a sinister presence began to approach, one that she had felt before, if only for a brief moment. her eyes quickly shifted around the place, trying to pin point the feeling, but it was not anything like a Sith, no it was different, but the ripple that it sent through the force was unmistakable. In time her blue gaze fell upon a distinctly metal helmet, the T shaped visor, the colour pattern and that over all walk.

"Koda Fett"? now things where serious and made the present threat even more problematic, her brother had fought the bounty hunter once, that did not end well, and if he was here on the Sith Pay roll, then she doubted the man was here to take prisoners. The question was weather to confront the man or just keep an eye on him... either way the Mando was going to kill someone sooner or later, and better her to take a punch then some green Padawan who has never seen combat.

Using a small force leap Sukai jumped up to the upper hallways, coming to stand in front of the walking armored man, her black Kimono falling back into place as the wind dissipated from the leap. "I am not to certain why you are here Koda, but I know it does not bode well for me or anyone else here".

Varik Ice

The Broken King
Location: Jedi Temple
Allies: GA & Friends
Enemies: BBEGs
So, this was the galaxy he'd come back to.

Minorous had been hiding away for a while, sticking to the darker and more illicit corners of the galaxy as he carried out corporate dirty work and contracts for those who really just needed their problems to go away ASAP. It had been quick and quiet, and Traske was very good at that. He'd been setting up on Coruscant for a little while, mostly just to use as a home base when things were looking drastic and a place to get lost when he really neded to avoid being found. That was the nice thing about Coruscant; it was a damned confusing place, and that meant you could leave little safehouses and personal checkpoints in different areas of the city, ready to run to when things got bad.

Things were more than bad. This place looked it was on the frontlines, though the theatre of war had been repainted and recast in a way he wasn't sure anybody saw coming. He'd taken up a contract with the GADF for more fringe operations near the borders, and had only been here to settle and finalize the contract. Which was what made this particular situation a little awkward; as of right now, he was a Galactic Alliance contractor. The professional in him said that meant he was on their side in this matter, and if he wanted to get his money at the end of the day, defending his employer was a shrewd choice, even if it was dangerous. No problem. Minorous could sweat dangerous.

As of right now, his Armour meant that he appeared as little more than a shimmering mirage, invisible to almost any kind of scanner - other than maybe the Force. as he carefully moved from cover to cover in the halls of the Jedi Temple, which had already been apparently compromised, from what he could tell. None of this was looking good, and Traske wasn't sure why he was even risking himself like this. Maybe it was what was left of the idealist in him calling out and thrashing to make him move, but as he held the silenced carbine steadily in his hands and made his way deeper, he felt that the only ideal he was going to accomplish was getting himself killed.
The Golden Rule
Jyoti had barely managed to land the sleek Nubian diplomatic barge on one of the landing pads when Coren was barging out of the door with Padawan Mishel. For few moments, she followed the pair's progress out through the front viewport before turning back on her party. A small collection of Jedi and Rangers assembled for what they thought was a straightforward evacuation of the Coruscanti temple in the face of rising tensions between the Triumvirate and Coruscant First.

She frowned - how ill-prepared they were for the hell that just been unleashed.

The Echani wasn't far behind Coren, quickly unbuckling herself from her seat and jumping up to address all who remained.

"Conditions have changed since we agreed to assist Master Starchaser and the NJO with their withdrawal from Coruscul, but our mission remains the same. The bulk of us will help to cover evacuees as they escape, prioritizing the younglings/initiates and support staff. We only have this small barge and a few NJO vessels on hand, but Grandmaster Kitra is on the way with reinforcements."

"Meanwhile, I will lead a small team to help secure the archives and Holocron vault with our NJO counterparts. It's crucial we keep that information out of Sith hands - by any means necessary."

"That's all I have, now move out." Jyoti wasted no time launching herself out the door of the barge, white robes flapping around her as she flitted across down the accessway towards ones of the side entrances of the temple. She expected the rest of her team of Shadows and other Jedi to be following - she wasn't slowing down for anything.

As she ran, she tried her best not to look up and around at the carnage being unleashed around her, but she could still feel it. A rising maelstrom of death and destruction.

The pendulum had swung once more, the Sith out for revenge against the GA who had banished them from Coruscant years before.

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​Allegiance: Independent
​Enemies: GA/Sith/Anyone
​Location: Coruscant, Jedi Temple outskirts > Headed to Archives

​To find ones way, often times you must tread back upon the path. Even if you may not recognise it.

​Solaris, had been the homeworld of the Dravalan. But, what had happened to it? Nobody knew, it was simply gone. Destroyed, replaced with empty space, dead space. The Jedi archives were one of the oldest and greatest archives of knowledge in the whole Galaxy. If an answer perhaps resided anywhere, it was here.

​He'd only heard tell of the fabled Jedi temple, it's spires and how the light bled from the sky to bless the building. Yet, today the sky was blackened, the sun blocked out by Sith ships. They were whom were responsible for his ease of access to the Jedi Temple, it was Neviere; his adviser who suggested that now was the time to come here. She was right, as ever.

​Tathra stood with a total of four of his Promethean Guard; Seimar Falkrov, Kabel Drei, Neveire Ta'kku and Cha'jen Setar. All loyal killers, all indebted to the Mutant mount of muscle and hide. Tathra took relaxed his bare arms, feeling the weight of the ships above on his flesh as the dim warmth of the sun was gone. It was time to attack.

​No doubt, the Jedi nor Sith expected a third party. Or perhaps they did, he was not a fortune teller. ​"There. We enter through their hangar." ​Cha'jen spoke, nodding towards a small hanger bay. The small Cathar, seemed more nervous than usual. His frame was slightly hunched and his movement sporadic. "You seem, nervous Cha'jen." ​Came Tathra's weighted voice as the group moved toward the hangar bay, from this distance, Tathra could not tell whether more ships were arriving or leaving. However, it was unlikely that the number of Jedi within the hangar would make little difference to their progress.

​"Yes, I am. My apologies, Khaeus." ​Tathra took the comment as a form of naivety, frowning as he moved past Cha'jen, standing a few feet ahead of him as they now drew closer to the hangar bay doors. ​"Make no apology for it, nerves, fear. Is what keeps us aware, and alive. Use what you have, everything to survive." ​The cathar nodded, stopping in place as Neviere stopped opposite Tathra, her masked face observing the stern but lively expression of excitement and determination that now was conveyed on his face.

​"Now what?" ​Tathra nodded upward, at the sealed gate. The Prometheans in his company now looking onward as they waited for their master to elaborate.

​"When the hangar gate opens next, you will hold it open and I will enter. Then, I'll keep it open from the other side and you shall enter as well. It's time to discover the truth of our home Neviere."

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Taiia's Shadow
Roleplay Judge
[SIZE=10pt]Hearing the orders, the Corellian strapped on her blaster and held the shotgun she carried in her free hand. A lightsaber now hung with the blaster, something she had picked up from a certain Battlemaster of the SJO. The etching of Corellian bloodstripes flashed as she exited the craft with other Jedi and Shadows. Her heart raced, faster and faster as the adrenaline rose. It had been some time since she had been out of a craft and on the field. The former SIS Agent hadn’t seen combat since Bastion – ground combat that is. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]She had contacted former SIS contacts, she had gained the intel needed for the mission that she was given. Just like before and in all the missions she had been with Jyoti – she was the tech girl. Her skills with Mechu Deru would prove helpful in getting in and out of the archives along with collecting any data that she needed. On her back was a small pack, inside was the necessary tools for the task at hand. She hoped she could just focus on the tech side of things and leave the fighting and cover her butt up to Jyoti and the other Jedi. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Map of the temple was vital. Being with the Alliance before, Allyson had archived access to these things and quickly sent it out to any comm device or internal implants anyone had. Having to return to the Alliance’s forces like this was something the former Agent hoped would have never happened. How did it get to be like this? Shaking her head, she continued to move forward till they got close enough to the side entrance. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Breathing heavy, Allyson hovered her hand over the keypad to the gate. It didn’t’ take her long to find access and unlock the doorway for Jyoti and the others. “Map sent and this should lead us straight to where you want to go J--- General.” A sheepish grin at her almost slip up towards the General Jedi and she shrugged.[/SIZE]

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