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Unreviewed Dread World Credence


  • Planet Name:
    • Current: Credence
    • Historical: Ca'vaal
  • Demonym:
    • Current: Credenci
    • Historical: Ca'vaali
  • Region: Tingel Arm
  • System Name: Baal
  • System Features:
    • System - One Sun: Baal (Red Star)
    • Credence - Orbital Position: Second Planet from Baal
    • System - Other Celestial Bodies:
      • Gas Giants [Mined]:
        • Abaddosa [Orbiting Baal | Defunct/Stripped]
        • Amo'n [Third Planet from Baal | In Use]
        • Hecata [Fifth Planet from Baal | In Use]
      • Terrestrial:
        • Conviction | Fourth Planet from Baal | Inhabitable
        • Vice | Moon | Uninhabitable | Mineable
        • Merduok | Moon | Uninhabitable | Mineable
        • Typh | Sixth Planet from Baal | Uninhabitable | Approved for Automated Exploration/Terraforming | Mineable
        • Tcholrt | Moon | Uninhabitable | Non-Mineable
        • Gorg | Moon | Uninhabitable | Non-Mineable
    • Credence - Length of a Day: 34 Hours
      • Daylight: 12 Hours
      • Nighttime: 22 Hours
    • Credence - Days in a Year: 342
    • Credence - One Moon: Vice
    • System - Anomalies: The edge of the system is a site of Extreme Gravitational Effects and "Reality Warping." Cause unknown.
    • System - Other Features: Numerous Loose Asteroid Clusters throughout the system
  • Location: X
  • Major Imports: The importation of products outside of the Baal System is limited to the following from pirates and rogue traders due to hostile relations with other systems at large -
    • Foodstuff
    • Alcohols
    • Synthsteak
    • Meat Products (Steak, Strips, Loaf)
    • Bean Products
    • Bread Products
    • Egg Products
    • Beverages
  • Major Exports: Exportation off-world is strictly limited to the operations and business across the Warlords. When allowed, the following has been approved for exportation-
  • Unexploited/Untraded Resources:
    • Mythra, Gold, Silver, Iron, Desh - Primarily located throughout the Infinite and gathered in Sulfur Mines.
    • Electrum - Primarily located throughout Cursedlands
    • Cortosis, Songsteel - Primarily located throughout Southern Mountains
    • Phrik - Primarily located throughout Northern Mountains
  • Gravity: Despite its overall chaotic landscape, Credence's gravity operates on the standard terrestrial scale.
  • Climate: Naturally, the landscape of Credence gives it an extremely hot climate.
  • Primary Terrain: Destroyed during the invasion of a now-extinct alien race, Credence's once-lush landscape has been reduced to a horrific, scorching conglomerate of black sand deserts, obsidian mountains, and varying bodies of magma. Unique to the planet compared to many other lava-based worlds, the magma of Credence appears as a bright teal color rather than the standard reds and oranges. This is likely due to the heavy presence of sulfur within the lava that, when exposed to oxygen, sparks within the flames and produces the blue hue. Even more curious is that while the magma itself is visible day and night, the burning flames that spurt into the air are only visible at night, creating otherworldly shows for the planet's denizens.
    • To even traverse the landscape on foot is an arduous task that requires extensive willpower and endurance to survive the harsh environment, as well as the inexplicable elemental-based wildlife.
  • Atmosphere: With the heavy presence of sulfuric magma on the planet, Credence's atmosphere has been classified as an extreme Type-2, similar to Mustafar. However, various sections of the planet, such as the deep canyons and sulfur mines, are of such toxicity to most organic life that they can be classified as Type-3 or even Type-4. Only environmentally sealed structures of the planet with their own artificial atmosphere can be classified as Type-1, such as Nazg Kutotaz.
  • Capital City: Nazg Kutotaz
  • Planetary Features:
    • Roth: A ring of magma that splits the planet's landmass in half, Roth is filled with intact remnants of the ancient civilization and strange unidentified beasts of rock and chaotic elemental energy. These remnants are often the source of exploration among the Warlords as many hold mysterious relics, either intact or partially intact, and clues as to the dead history of the world.
    • The Infinite: Serving as the planet's main landmass, the Infinite is a desert of black sand, obsidian mountains, cultural ruins, bodies of magma varying in size, and pocket civilizations. It effectively covers the entirety of the planet and is split in half by Roth. It is filled with Warlord members, wandering Ols, outcasts/exiles, and beasts so esoteric they often defy imagination. It is unknown where these beasts came from and most attempts to study these creatures only result in the death of the researcher, although the rare success has revealed they contain a presence in the Force.
      • Obsidian Mountains: Nearly impenetrable with a hard outer shell of Neuranium laced obsidian, these mountain ranges serve as homes for many of the planet's wildlife, Ols, and outcasts. Many members of the Warlords also seek to have these mountains serve as the location for their homes, valuing the seclusion and protection offered. Additionally present throughout the mountains are various defense installations, particularly of the anti-air variety.
  • Major Locations:
    • Nazg Kutotaz [X]: The capital of Credence, this massive citadel was constructed underneath the Obsidian Mountains on the western coast of Roth. Protected by both the mountain's natural resistance, a series of shield generators, and rivers of magma acting as moats, Nazg Kutotaz is one of the most defended locations in the Baal System. Added to the defenses are dozens of anti-air and anti-infantry defense batteries located atop the mountains themselves, including two massive proton beam cannons repurposed from unused Star Destroyers. The citadel stretches for miles underneath the range and is mostly comprised of lengthy bridges and inhabitable walls, with various castles and keeps dotting the shores of the lava. While the exterior of this citadel has the same atmospheric risks as the rest of the planet, all inhabitable structures have their own artificial atmospheres created by intricate devices located within - Type-1 to be exact. The highlight of the city is the large multi-level spire made set in the center of the royal plaza.
    • Fark Kala: The mega-factory of the Warlords, Fark Kala serves as the primary forge for most of the faction's weapons, armor, and vehicles, mirror the operations of the ring orbiting the sister planet of Conviction which serves as the primary starship production area. Described by many Sith in the Ascendancy as the "most defended construction site in the Unknown Systems," Fark Kala is filled to the brim with droid servants and thralls (slaves) who all work to their breaking point to create the equipment necessary for the Ascendancy to complete their goals of utter annihilation and domination of the Galaxy at large.
    • Sith Fortresses: Often named after the individual or individuals who constructed and controls them, these fortresses dot the landscape in great numbers and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and purposes.
    • Notable Civilization Ruins:
      • Vitar Gol: Located within the swirling chaos of Roth, and now encased in a protective shield-barrier of Autarch Kascalion's own design, this once prospering city located in the South has been repurposed to serve as a personal home of the aforementioned and his closest allies. As it was the primary target during the invasion millennia prior, as well as being stuck in Roth, most of the buildings were still in shambles when the Warlords made their arrival, although they, along with every other building in the city, have undergone extensive reconstruction to serve new purposes.
        • The Passage: A long bridge of Impervium that leads to the main gates, the Passage is regarded as the first line of defense for those living within, although none have ever attempted to invade thus far.
        • The Cottages: The main residential buildings. Reconstructed out of obsidian, these homes are filled with the best furnishings possible, from golden beds to velvet rugs and drapes.
        • The Epicenter: This serves as the meeting grounds for the Sith living here. It is a tall spire of white marble and black stone and is filled with tomes and datapads of star systems and factions beyond count.
      • Ruined Towns: While most signs of the ancient civilization have fallen under the flames of the new landscape, there are some remnants here and there, mostly those that were built within caves and under the crust rather than the surface prior to the destruction of the planet.
        • Hwen: The most intact of these ruined towns is, surprisingly, the original town from which one of the ancient civilizations formed, indicating that their species had once been a subterranean race in their early years. This town's architecture is mostly formed out of iron, desh, and stone. Lamps, torches, and bonfires appear to have been the town's main source of light, although the roof of the cave system has small rows of symmetrical holes carved to the surface, through which thin rays of sunlight shine through. Currently houses a number of outcasts and exiles scraping by off trade with the Ols and through increasingly cannibalistic actions.
        • Troutbeck: The neighboring town to Hwen, featuring similar architecture, although half of the town has crumbled into a newly formed chasm.
        • Sarton: Located on the outskirts of the mountains hiding Nazg Kutotaz and repurposed by the Sith stationed on the planet, Sarton is the current location for prisoners of war and acts as a sulfur mine.
    • Cursedlands: Coming into existence after the destruction of the planet, the Cursedlands are so named due to the overwhelming Dark Side nature of the Nexus hidden underneath the Necropolis, a city built by the last survivors of the invasion. Not even the planet's magma and flames can exist here and the usually bright sky is covered in perpetual grey clouds and oceans of mist that wash over travelers in the blink of an eye, forcing upon them a need to use extra sources of light or vision enhancers.
      • The Necropolis: Constructed by the remnant survivors of the invasion, this incomprehensibly large city is so named for its aura of death, pitch-black architecture, and numerous invasive shadow beasts from below the city. Labyrinthine in layout, the Necropolis is home to some of the largest collections of relics on the planet as well numerous mummified remains of the former natives, all available to the Warlords for research. Those who wish to visit this city must brave not only its winding streets, buildings, and the deadly shadows, but also the molten landscape to get there. The Necropolis also serves as the main headquarters for the Martyrs, a religious group that has formed within the ranks of the Warlords.
        • The Respite: Awakened after the invasion, this Nexus is located deep underneath the Necropolis and seems to exist in its own realm of reality, not appearing to operate within the boundaries of the world around it.
  • Force Nexus: Yes
    • Intent: To add flavor and importance to the history of Credence
    • Name: The Respite
    • Alignment: Other - Existing as a divergent strand of the Force itself, the Respite is neither inherently Dark, Light, or seemingly even in between. In fact, its alignment is not entirely identifiable within the diagram of factors related to the Force and appears to act within its own interests of collecting souls, and nothing more. What it truly intends to do with these souls is unknown, as some appear able to wander around the Nexus while others are laid to rest for all eternity with no apparent criteria for the beings facing either fate. It does not ostensibly adhere to the rules of the Force either - or at the very least, not the known rules of the Force - yet does not seem to reject visitors who practice such things or follow the alignments it is not (i.e. its champions). What truly makes the Respite exist is, once again, a mystery to those who know of it, and most if not all attempts to study it have resulted in the loss of several expeditionary teams from the Warlords.
    • Size: Large - The Respite takes the appearance of a seemingly interminable cemetery dotted with rows of graves, mausoleums, and crypt. These graves are said to be dug so deep the bottoms cannot be seen or touched, the mausoleums vast and melancholic, and the crypts lightless and harrowing with wandering spirits. In the apparent center of the Nexus - if it could be labeled as such - lies a blue orb, gated and shut to all who approach it. What this Orb does has never been explained by the Nexus' champions, although some have offered the meager detailing of "alterations" that come from it.
    • Strength: Strong - Once semi-dormant, the Respite was fully awakened and empowered by a cataclysmic war thousands of years ago. Now, the Nexus survives off the strength of the remnants of the chaotic, untamed Force energy left behind by that very same war and the apparent souls of those killed and confined within its borders. Such is the strength of this Nexus that it appears to operate within its own reality and may hold a level of sentience - similar to the concept of the living Force - capable of entrapping visitors by never allowing them to find the exit once they enter.
    • Accessibility: To access the Nexus, the visitor must first traverse the dangerous molten landscape before navigating the labyrinthian Necropolis filled with dangerous creatures. Even still, they must locate the entrance that leads into a lightless tunnel system filled with dead-ends and ancient traps. Upon entering, visitors will find themselves incapable of finding the exit until either willing themselves out or becoming a champion of the Nexus, neither of which are easy ventures.
    • Effects: With its strength, the Respite has the capability to control life and death itself within the confines of its location, in addition to power-bestowal and medium-to-high-grade reality warping. Those who manage to successfully commune with the Nexus find themselves harnessing powers so esoteric to modern civilization that many simply do know how to contend with it, becoming champions tasked with collecting souls for their new master. Attempts to control the Nexus entirely has thus far proven to be a fatal route for any chosen by the Respite.
  • Native Species: Once capable of hosting millions of species from the smallest microbes to the largest beasts, Credence's has become a barren, hostile wasteland whose native species have all been brought to extinction. While remnants of the planet's old sentient races still remain - a testament to the stubborn history that refuses to die - not much is known of who they were beyond that only one seemingly remains in the form of Kascalion Giedfield. However, the numerous sightings of wandering elemental creatures of rock and fire bearing the presence of the Force gives some merit to the theory that somewhere on the planet, perhaps deep underground, something has survived and merely evolved into the monstrosities that haunt the volcanic planet to this day.
  • Immigrated Species: In spite of its near-toxic atmosphere and hostile landscape, many species have taken to colonizing this planet in the name of the Warlords of the Sith The list of these species includes, but is not limited to: Human, Kage, Twi'Lek, Kyuzo, Chiss, Kaleesh, Ols, Sith Purebloods, Togruta, Houk, Drall, Arkanian, Zabrak, Mirialan, Keshiri, Zeltron.
  • Population: The world of Credence cannot sustain massive numbers, limiting much of the planet's population to a few million at any given time, with most of this number being slaves and droids. For those Sith present and living on the world, their number is roughly a few thousand and increasing as more and more are brought to the world for training.
  • Demographics:
    • 60% Sentient Life
    • 35% Droid Life
    • 5% Semi-Sentient to Non-Sentient Life
  • Primary Languages:
    • Galactic Basic
    • High Galactic
    • Sith
    • Other Immigrated Languages
  • Culture:
    • Religion: Credence does not hold any official planetary religion, although various organizations are present throughout the various cities and fortresses depending on the individuals who wish to practice them. Perhaps the largest organization is the one of the Martyrs, located in their Necropolis.
    • Sports: Gladiatorial combat and arena games are the most preferred sports on the planet, and it has become a weekly tradition that the capital hosts the largest of these games to regularly weed out the weak and unworthy. In this particular event, twenty combatants must face a series of challenges against imported beasts, Sithspawn, and finally each other until one to five are left standing.
    • Favored Foods: One of the favored foods on Credence is Bantha Steak roasted over an open flame and served with Salthia Beans and ale. Another is charred Traladon Ribs and scrambled eggs with hot sauce and warmed wine.
    • Holonet Broadcasting: Nazg Kutotaz is home to a surprising number of holonet broadcasts, the most popular being the arena tournaments and a weekly serial detailing the historical exploits of the Sith.
    • Marriage Customs: The planet's citizens are free to follow whatever their species' customs dictate with the necessary modifications to the planet's landscape. Slaves are not allowed to marry.
    • Social Classes: The planet's social hierarchy is inextricably linked to the individual's rank within the Warlords.
  • Government: Open-Anocracy
  • Affiliation:
    • The Warlords
  • Wealth: High - Supported directly by the Warlords, Credence experiences a high deal of wealth that enables its citizens to live comfortably with the necessary amenities - usually purchased from backdoor dealings with traders and pirates - depending on their personal preferences.
  • Stability: Medium - With the enforcement of the faction's anocratic and "keep what you kill" policies, the planet does not see the same stability that other factions enjoy. Change in leadership is common and fights between Sith are regarded as a pastime by those living in the world.
  • Freedom & Oppression: Mixed - The hold the Sith has over the planet is iron-strong and their enforcement of an anocratic state upon the people often results in some levels of oppression on those who cannot fight back on their own. Those who can find themselves with much more freedom.
  • Military: As with all planets under the Warlords' control, a defense force of Sith Battle Chapters has been assigned to defend the planet around the clock. This defense force has been particularly trained to utilize the landscape to its fullest extent and are often in charge of the anti-air defenses located throughout the mountains.
  • Technology: The technology of Credence is more or less on par with the Galactic Standard, although it has been obviously modified similar to Mustafarian technology in order to resist the intense heat and magma of the planet.
The original history of Credence is, put simply, a matter of conjecture and mystique. This is in no small part due to the remnants of an ancient civilization scattered throughout the planet's scorched landscape, such as the Necropolis and the old capital, which offer researchers almost no historical explanation or context. The only solid consensus that has been reached thus far is that the planet was likely a thriving planet of enlightened progress before it fell victim to a catastrophe that utterly annihilated it and eradicated all organic life. Thus, to the Warlords of the Sith, Credence is a lost word, left to suffer in silence and isolation for millennia prior to their arrival.

Thankfully, the modern history of recolonized Credence is must easier to understand and catalog, at least to its current tyrannical overlords. Secretly recolonized by the Warlords and the efforts of its uncountable slaves and droids, Credence has undergone a massive shift in its existing state. According to the records locked away in the new capital city's vaults, the Dread Autarch ordered his followers and servants to follow his visions to construct a massive citadel-like city protected by the best technology possible, thus leading to the development of Nazg Kutotaz.

Currently, Credence serves as a secondary headquarters for the Warlords of the Sith and its operations.
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