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Unreviewed Credence, The Lost World


  • Planet Name: Credence
  • Demonym: Credenci
  • Region: Unknown Regions
  • System Name: Baal
  • System Features:
    • System - One Sun: Baal (White Star)
    • Credence - Orbital Position: Second Planet from Baal
    • System - Other Celestial Bodies:
      • Gas Giants [Mined]:
        • Abaddosa [Orbiting Baal | Defunct/Stripped]
        • Amo'n [Third Planet from Baal | In Use]
        • Hecata [Fifth Planet from Baal | In Use]
      • Terrestrial:
        • Conviction | Fourth Planet from Baal | Semi-Inhabitable
        • Vice | Moon | Uninhabitable | Mineable
        • Merduok | Moon | Uninhabitable | Mineable
        • Typh | Sixth Planet from Baal | Uninhabitable | Approved for Automated Exploration/Terraforming | Mineable
        • Tcholrt | Moon | Uninhabitable | Non-Mineable
        • Gorg | Moon | Uninhabitable | Non-Mineable
    • Credence - Length of a Day: 34 Hours
      • Daylight: 12 Hours
      • Nighttime: 22 Hours
    • Credence - Days in a Year: 342
    • Credence - One Moon: Vice
    • System - Anomalies: Edge of system a site of Extreme Gravitational Effects and "Reality Warping". Cause unknown.
    • System - Other Features: Numerous Loose Asteroid Clusters throughout the system
  • Location: (X)
  • Major Imports: The importation of products outside of the Baal System is limited to the vast quantity of resources located on Conviction and the various Gas Giants still in use. Therefore, those on Credence may only import the following from their brothers and sisters on Conviction -
    • Foodstuff
    • Alcohols
    • Synthsteak
    • Meat Products (Steak, Strips, Loaf)
    • Bean Products
    • Bread Products
    • Egg Products
    • Beverages
  • Major Exports: Exportation off-world is strictly limited to the operations and business across the Baal System within the Consortium. When allowed, the following has been approved for exportation-
  • Unexploited Resources:
    • Mythra, Gold, Silver, Iron, Desh - Primarily located throughout the Infinite.
    • Electrum - Primarily located throughout Cursedlands
    • Cortosis, Songsteel - Primarily located throughout Southern Mountains
    • Phrik - Primarily located throughout Northern Mountains
  • Gravity: Standard
  • Climate: Hot
  • Primary Terrain: Black Sand Deserts, Obsidian Mountains, Lava Oceans, Lava Seas, Lava Rivers
  • Atmosphere: Type-2
  • Capital City: Klaso
  • Planetary Features:
    • Depraved Expanse: A 14.06 million km² ocean of magma, filled with inexplicably intact remnants of the ancient civilization and strange and unidentified beasts of rock and chaotic elemental energy. These remnants are often the source of exploration from Kascalion Giedfield's personal agents and approved Consortium excavators. All discoveries, however, are to be transported immediately to either Mul'Dar O'hh on Credence or Fortress Giedfield on Conviction.
    • The Infinite: A desert of black sand and obsidian mountains with an unknown length and diameter, filled with wandering pilgrims, scavenging Ols, pirates, outcasts, and beasts so esoteric they often defy imagination. It is unknown where these beasts came from. Any attempt to study these creatures often only results in the death of the researcher, although the rare success has revealed they contain a presence in the Force.
    • The Mistake: Located near The Conflagration, this is the location where the Force Storm of ages past was summoned by nearly two dozen Force Users seeking to stave off the planet's utter eradication. Ironically, it was this very move that sentenced the world to its current state and consumed much of the old civilization.
  • Major Locations:
    • Klaso [Pic]: The new capital of Credence, this was built near the edge of the Depraved Expanse and is protected by a nigh-impregnable shield barrier and uncountable defense batteries, including two massive proton beam cannons repurposed from unused Star Destroyers. The highlight of the city is the large religious dome made set in the center of the royal plaza. It is here that the city's operations are controlled by the ever-present and ever-powerful Sinless, fanatical followers of the Force.
    • Former Civilization Ruins:
      • Mul'Dar O'hh [Pic]: Fortunately located high above the planet's chaotic lava flows, and now encased in a protective shield-barrier of Kascalion's own design, this once prospering city located in the South has been repurposed to serve as a personal home of the aforementioned and his closest allies. Due to Kascalion's skill with environmental alteration, the old capital features actual vegetation and life on some level. However, this vegetation is nowhere near what it was in ancient times, with many of the grass patches being a sickly yellow and the small trees that dot the roads being as course as sand and as hard as iron. As it was the primary target during the battle millennia prior, most of the buildings were still in shambles when Kascalion made his long-overdue return, although they, along with every other building in the city, has undergone extensive reconstruction to serve new purposes.
        • The Passage: A long bridge of impervium that leads to the main gates, the Passage is regarded as the final point of pilgrimage for many of the Sinless, although none have ever entered the city.
        • The Hovels: The main residential buildings. Reconstructed out of of obsidian, these homes are filled with the best furnishings possible, from golden beds to velvet rugs and drapes.
        • The Epicenter: This serves as the primary meeting grounds for Kascalion and his allies. It is a tall spire of white marble and black stone and is filled with tomes and datapads of star systems and factions beyond count.
        • The New Vault: The only modern piece of architecture built for Mul'Dar O'hh is Kascalion's new artifact vault designed to hold all of his ancient and contemporary weapons, armor, books, crystals, and so on transported from his first vault located upon Dromund Kaas. His reasoning for the rapid (and expensive) transport is unknown at this time.
      • Ruined Towns: While most signs of the ancient civilization have fallen under the flames of the new landscape, there are some remnants here and there, mostly those that were built within caves and under the crust rather than the surface.
        • Hwen: The most intact of these ruined towns is, surprisingly, the original town from which the ancient civilization formed, indicating that the species had once, in fact, been a subterranean race in their early years. This town's architecture is mostly formed out of iron, desh, and stone. Lamps, torches, and bonfires appear to have been the town's main source of light, although the roof of the cave system has small rows of symmetrical holes carved to the surface, through which thin rays of sunlight shine through. Currently houses a number of stranded raiders and explorers who suffered hyperspace mishaps and ended up crash landing onto the planet. Despite their claims of surviving on skill alone, these individuals, in all honesty, survive only on the good fortune of the planet's citizens who occasionally grant them supply drops. Despite this, many in Klaso, even amongst the church, have begun to consider those in Hwen to part of their community be way of their sheer resilience and stubbornness.
        • Troutbeck: The neighboring town to Hwen, featuring similar architecture, although half of the town has crumbled into a newly formed chasm. Currently houses the exiles from Hwen and Klaso.
        • Sarton: Located on the outskirts of Klaso and repurposed by the Sith and Jedi stationed on the planet, Sarton is the current location for prisoners of both the aforementioned and the church.
    • Cursedlands: Existing since the planet's formation, the Cursedlands are so named due to the overwhelming Dark Side nature of the Nexus hidden underneath the Necropolis, a city built by deviants of the ancient Credence natives. Not even the planet's modern trademark of magma and flames can exist here and the usually bright orange sky is covered in perpetual grey clouds and oceans of mist that wash over travelers in the blink of an eye, forcing upon them a need to use extra sources of light or vision enhancers.
      • The Necropolis: Constructed by heretics of the extinct native species, this city is so named for its aura of death and pitch-black architecture. It is a place of disease and dread, crawling with unnamed and mutated species that have somehow survived the planet's current chaotic landscape and near-destruction millennia prior. Labyrinthine in layout, it is yet another site of pilgrimage for The Sinless who must brave not only its streets and buildings, but also the mere path to get there which is rife with dangerous landscapes of magma and sand.
        • The Orchard: Although this Nexus has existed underneath the Cursedlands The Force Nexus of overwhelming darkness, this serves as the optional final test for the pilgrims. Those who survive the Orchard are highly regarded by the church and quickly become leaders within it.
    • The Conflagration [Pic]: A massive volcano imbued with the chaotic energy of millennia past that erupts every two years for a single hour. Rather than unleashing the magma one sees at its base and across the planet, it instead unleashes a sparking pillar of red Force Lightning into the atmosphere, annihilating any ships in orbit and casting a blinding haze across the land. After being granted a chance to visit the world by Kascalion, a massive number of Ols have made their home at the base of the volcano after showcasing an unprecedented immunity to the planet's magma. These Ols have since taken on the new name of "The Redeemed" and are considerably friendlier than those on their home world, and have even opened up trade routes with Klaso; it should be noted that the city was threatened into compliance with this by Kascalion.
  • Force Nexus: Yes
    • Intent: To add flavor and importance to the history of Credence
    • Name: The Orchard
    • Alignment: Overwhelmingly Dark
    • Size: Medium - The Orchard takes the appearance of a rotting yard dotted with seemingly endless rows of graves where an orchard's fruit trees should be. These graves are said to be dug so deep the bottoms cannot be seen or touched. In the center of the Nexus lies a tall white tree with numerous rotting holes seeping chunky, orange sap that is burning to the touch. It is said by survivors of the Nexus that this tree is what visitors must reach in order to gain power from the Nexus and that they cannot leave until they either do so or become yet another helpless victim.
    • Strength: Strong - Once semi-dormant, the Orchard was fully awakened and empowered by a cataclysmic war thousands of years ago. Now, the Nexus survives off the strength of the remnants of the chaotic, untamed Force energy left behind by that very same war.
    • Accessibility: To access the Nexus, the visitor must first traverse the dangerous molten landscape before navigating the labyrinthian Necropolis filled with dangerous creatures. Even still, they must locate the entrance that leads into a lightless tunnel system filled with dead-ends and ancient traps.
    • Effects: The Orchard, in accordance with it everything ravenous and Dark of nature, has no qualms with utterly consuming everything and everyone within it. Those who have visited the Nexus and survived have described it as a void within the Force, a Darkness with the Dark Side that gives off a feeling of such unease and fear that it is almost not worth the effort to try to gain power from it as only those with the necessary willpower and mental fortitude can reach the center and gain their power from the tree. Those who lack these traits are never seen or heard from again, having fallen into one of the many "graves" dotting the ground. What truly becomes of them, no one knows, although several survivors have stated hearing muffled screams of horror and agony from under the ground.
  • Native Species: Lumde Suar's Species (Extinct) | The Eldon (Outcasted)
  • Immigrated Species: Human, Kage, Twi'Lek, Kyuzo, Chiss, Kaleesh, Ols, Sith Purebloods, Togruta, Houk, Drall, Arkanian, Zabrak, Mirialan, Keshiri, Zeltron.
  • Population: Moderate | 1,790,474 Residents in Klaso | Unknown number living in the wilds
  • Demographics: 60% Humanity | 40% Alien Species
  • Primary Languages: Galactic Basic, High Galactic, Other Immigrated Languages
  • Culture:
    • Religion: The denizens of Credence fall under a religious system that pushes the belief that the Force was once a living primordial entity that split itself in twain upon creating the known universe for the sole purpose of testing its inhabitants. This split created the Force as they know it today, Dark and Light, which the believers claim are also living entities and that the Jedi and the Sith are the chosen warriors meant to do battle until it is revealed at last which side is truly meant to rule the Galaxy.
    • Sports: The citizens of the planet often practice variations of their species' sports either indoors or upon very specific safe zones outside of Klaso's borders. The most popular sport thus far has been Smashball, which is featured weekly on the city's holonet channels with a variety of unique teams.
    • Favored Foods: One of the favored foods on Credence is Bantha Steak roasted over an open flame and served with Salthia Beans and ale. Another is charred Traladon Ribs and scrambled eggs with hot sauce and warmed wine.
    • Holonet Broadcasting: Klaso is home to a surprising number of holonet broadcasts, the most popular being the Smashball tournaments and a weekly cartoon detailing the "historical exploits" of The Sinless.
    • Marriage Customs: Surprisingly, there does not appear to be any specialized marriage or mating customs beyond that the officiant of the marriage ceremony must be a member of the church. Beyond this, the planet's citizens are free to follow whatever their species' customs dictate with the necessary modifications to the planet's landscape.
    • Social Classes: Interestingly, the planet, or rather the capital, holds the same social classes one would see on a world such as Correllia or Bastion. These social classes are impacted by the intensity of the individual's faith in the church.
    • Relations with Factions: Although they are located far from civilized society and most powerful organizations, Credence is not wholly isolated from Galactic events, thanks largely due its association with Kascalion's Consortium. Many Sith and Jedi have visited the planet as representatives in efforts to gain control of the planet in some capacity; as noted later, many of these individuals never leave the planet following their experiences. Others include the Mandalorians, of which several rogue Houses and Clans have taken refuge in Klaso because of their alliance to Kascalion.
  • Government: Force-Centric Theocracy
  • Affiliation:
    • The Sith and Jedi: While light years away from the actual holdings of the Sith and Jedi, a few isolationist Sith and rogue Jedi have found themselves stationed in the capital to work alongside the planet's religious rulers; in fact, this relationship between the Force Users and the church has itself evolved to where these individuals have allegedly fallen to the beliefs of the Sinless and now openly worship the Force. Due to the relatively Dark nature of the planet, these Jedi will often band together so as to avoid falling into corruption while the Sith will remain isolated and hone their powers.
    • The Sinless: The church who worship the Force as a living entity and grant particular attention to those who wield its power most effectively and ruthlessly (i.e. the Sith and Jedi). It is this church and its hierarchy that runs the day to day operations of the planet's capital.
    • The Consortium: In the grand scheme of the Baal System, it is Kascalion's Consortium that largely holds the power over Credence as a whole, although they have granted the church the ability to run the world as they see fit so long as they continue to export the important materials from the world. Only the elite of the Consortium have ever visited the world, and even then, it is only to temporarily reside in the old capital with Kascalion.
  • Wealth:
    • The Sinless: High - As the "primary controllers" of Credence, the church holds power over the economy and thus hold the most wealth from trade and city businesses.
    • The Citizens: Average - Despite the control the church holds over the planet, the citizens all have the average wealth one would expect from a standard civilized planet, depending on their social class.
  • Stability: Medium
  • Freedom & Oppression: Mixed - The hold the church has over the planet is iron-strong and their enforcement of a theocratic state upon the people often results in some levels of oppression on those who more or less refuse to follow the beliefs of the church. Those who do follow the beliefs, whether out of fear or genuine faith, find themselves with much more freedoms than those that do not, on par with the Galactic Standard of social rankings.
  • Military: It goes without saying that most of the planet's residents come from warrior species and therefore have extensive knowledge of warfare and combat. As such, the military of this planet, not counting Kascalion and his allies in the old capital nor the Ols living near The Conflagration, can be assigned to the residents of Klaso who are more than willing to defend their planet.
  • Technology: The technology of Credence is more or less on par with the Galactic Standard, although it has been obviously modified similar to Mustafarian technology in order to resist the intense heat and magma of the planet.
The original history of Credence is, put simply, a matter of conjecture and mystique. This is in no small part due to the remnants of an ancient civilization scattered throughout the planet's scorched landscape, such as the Necropolis and the old capital, which offer researchers almost no historical explanation or context. The only solid consensus that has been reached thus far is that the planet was likely a thriving planet of enlightened progress before it fell victim to a catastrophe that utterly annihilated it and eradicated all organic life. Thus, to the citizens of Klaso, Credence was a lost word, left to suffer in silence and isolation for possible millennia prior to their arrival.

Thankfully, the modern history of recolonized Credence is must easier to understand and catalog, at least to its citizens. Secretly recolonized by the Sith Empire's Kascalion Giedfield, who is in actuality an original denizen of the planet operating off of memories of his past life, and thanks to the efforts of Kascalion's Consortium, Credence has undergone a massive shift in its existing state. According to the records locked away in the new capital city's vaults, Kascalion ordered the engineers and scientists who were brave enough to follow his visions to construct a massive citadel-like city protected by the best technology, thus leading to the development of Klaso. Next came the populating of the city, and the planet in general, which came in the form of the many groups that comprise the Consortium itself:

  • Several rogue Mandalorian Houses and Clans who have sworn life-long allegiances to Kascalion or his family.
  • Various large pirate, mercenary, and private military organizations.
  • Large groups of individuals from races that held a deep respect for the Devil Lion for prior events.
  • Sycophants from the Empire
  • A plethora of Sith apprentices, scholars, warriors, and alchemists.
  • A shocking number of Jedi, both Light and Dark, who either sought isolated adventure or whose legacies hold blood-debts to Kascalion or his family.
  • Swaths of intelligent Sithspawn
  • And finally, numerous individual groups Kascalion has built up such as The Barrow.
With the population of Klaso now at a whopping 700,000 on its initial populating, inevitable growth began to occur through marriages, general relations, and Kascalion's Consortium agents bringing in more and more individuals and groups, most recently the Cognus Legion. The population has thus nearly risen to 1,800,000 within only a few years and continues to rise exponentially as more and more private organizations, indistinct minor factions, and so on routinely sign on to Kascalion's cause, although most of these newcomers now reside on the much larger and more peaceful world of Conviction, where the main operations of the Consortium are held.
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This is a really interesting world. I especially like the description for the Orchard. Just a few small things before I can get you on your way:

1.) Region: Unknown Regions - This should be linked per the template.

2.) Unexploited Resources: Lunar Ore - This actually shouldn't be listed if it doesn't exist in Canon or on the Site yet. You can remove it for now, and sub mod later to add it back in, or use a Star Wars Equivalent.

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I would suggest sweeping through the submission and ensure that anything not "commonly known" is either linked or explained. It's really very good but there are times when it can get a little confusing for anyone not intimately familiar with this story/world.

Tag me when you're ready and I'll give it another look.