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LFG Do You Lead a Force Order?

need that h̸̢̛͔̮̰̬̣̱̻͂̄̋o̷̧̯̣̥̦͊̄̕l̵̅̈́̋y water


Xos Xos - Where could Ger find ya?
Primarily on Dorin, especially at the Baran Do Sages Temple. That said, I am able to move him around a bit. He has discussed stuff with other groups before. Or, sometimes it's visions that bring him elsewhere, which have been used a lot.
I don't lead a force order, but I also don't belong to one. I do, however, have some views I think are a bit more nuanced than the norm. If you're just looking for different perspectives on the force then I think I can provide one :)
The Dark Heretic
I run my own academy of Sith that practice self-reflection and control, and am considered a bit of a heretic to a lot of traditional Sith. I have also had meetings with Jedi that haven't resulted in fights, so that says something haha. Lmk if you're interested in meeting an "off the beaten path" sort of Sith, and we can work something out.