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Deliverance [Mandalorian Empire]

Keira Priest

The Iron
It had been her brother's idea initially, and despite her better sense Keira had agreed, knowing full well what was most likely waiting for them on their cultural homeworld. Just as she'd told him, they had nothing to lose by going back except perhaps their lives, and that was a gamble brother and sister were willing to take if it meant some kind of second chance. They knew nothing of the state of their people other than that a new Sole Ruler had taken the helm, and that had the potential to be just as much a blessing as a curse in this instance. Their clan name meant little and less to anyone with a sense of morality, and she wouldn't contest that. It was deserved. All she asked for was a fair chance.

"It's a fifty-fifty chance they don't shoot us down now or kill us on sight. Some odds." As soon as they'd entered the system she'd sent a transmission ahead that identified them as survivors of Clan Verd and stated their peaceful intentions of returning to the people. Not that she really expected that to set anyone at ease; if anything, it would most likely get guns pointed at them the second they set foot on familiar soil. But at least they knew what was coming, and both had the good sense not to start something they couldn't finish. She was thankful now more than ever that Alkor had mellowed out over the years, else this would have ended much differently.

This was but the second or third time she'd set foot on her cultural homeworld, and much like the previous two it was under less than pleasant circumstances. The ship rumbled as it settled on the landing pad, and she breathed out a sigh, looking to her adoptive sibling. "Well," She shrugged her rifle off her back, leaving behind her beskad as well, "It's not like things can get much worse from here." It wasn't the most strategic thing to abandon two of her heaviest weapons, but she wanted to appear as non-threatening as possible while still maintaining some capability of self-defense.

As the landing ramp descended she briefly considered their situation before stepping out to whatever awaited them, helmet swinging at her waist. They were public enemy number one and they knew it, but she still didn't raise her hands. For everything their former sibling had done, she would still retain some semblance of honor.

[member="Alkor Centaris"] | [member="Yasha Mantis"] | [member="Kaine Australis"] | [member="Raiz Australis"] | [member="Rex Taff"]

Alkor Centaris

Son of Liberty
Keira was a bit more resigned to her fate than he was, albeit only by a thin margin. Pragmatism on the part of Alkor demanded that he remain stoic even in the face of certain death. Where his adoptive sister wore her armor all but helmet, the male Corellian kept the buy'ce securely in place and watched everything around them. They might be doomed, but they would damn well see death coming.

And there would be no kneeling.

Both of the two Verd clan remnant had watched the title of Mand'alor change hands so many times during their lives as Mandalorians, it almost seemed archaic and meaningless. They knew better, of course- the Resol'nare handed power to the sole ruler to unite them in combat, in war, against enemies of the culture. Mand'alor was no political leader. They required no fealty beyond rising to the rally cry.

After all, the mighty do not kneel. Not to anyone. Not to Sith, to Jedi, to Republic or Imperial masters, and least of all to one of their own. There had been folly in that way when Isley claimed it, and with those who preceded, and those who followed. Alkor had heard only whispers of this "Mand'alor the Infernal," but he would learn for himself the truth about this one.

They stepped off the ship into Sundari and immediately Keira made mention of their mortality. He snorted grimly, and his vocabulator ground out his next words. "You were the one who decided not to wear a helmet." He wore the bare minimum for weaponry- a sidearm for defensive purposes and his beskad at his hip. If he meant to wage war on Manda'yaim, he was woefully outgunned. That was a clever idea by [member="Keira Ticon"] to try to highlight their sincerity. Alkor had doubts that the Mandalorians would think twice about the sentiment, but he understood the concept.

His return to Mandalore would be proud, even if the circumstances were grim. He would walk into the hornet's nest as a hornet; if they decided that he was anything else, they could sting him to death. That was their right. And this was his.

Alkor descended the ramp behind Ticon, the de facto leader of Clan Verd, and looked on as stiff standing Honor Guards took their places on either side of the precession. It would be a long, quiet, and awkward walk toward an unknown fate- but it would be anything but boring.
Members of Clan Verd hit the Madalorian Empire’s naval outpost sensors, calling for peaceful intentions.

“Set a welcome party for the Verd survivors… Tuulu, call Ginnie. I want her watching on standby, giving me her take in my ear.” Tuulu left without a word, as Yasha grabbed her buy’ce and set the tall wolf-helm atop her head.

Mandalore filtered around her, an electronic projection of the areas around her. Clan Verd. The troublesome ones, with ill tidings coming from refugees of the Confederacy. Ill tidings from an old friend.

“Gin’ika?” Yasha tested the MBE connection with her friend [member="Ginnie Dib"].

“Yash’ika. I’m here… that’s [member="Keira Ticon"], one of my sisters. She gave Isley grief on Ryloth, this might be real… she’s a Force Master. Careful.” Ginnie’s voice echoed in her buy’ce, and Yasha nodded tightly.

“Oya, Gin’ika… Oya.” Yasha walked out of the Sundari Palace, flanked by two of her Yalilyr. Where the others were was hard to say, but the Death Watch Hunters were hidden and never far. It felt odd somehow, to enter the situation without [member="Ambrose Mantis"] by her side, but the gurlanin was still grieving the death of his wife and that came first. Letting the man run through the Mandalorian wilderness in his gurlanin form oddly sutured up Yasha’s continued becoming as Mand’alor the Infernal.

No security blanket now, Yash’ika.

The sight which presented to Keira Ticon and [member="Alkor Centaris"] was an 8 foot tall armoured behemoth of a woman, added height given by the wolf-helm atop her beskar’gam. Draped in a grey cloak swept behind her shoulder pauldrons, the gold and black clad Mand’alor held her Rekr Karyatesa Warhammer on its’ magplate on her back, the Kal-buir Sword resting in its scabbard on her right hip. The Honour Guard lined the flanks. [member="Kaine Australis"] & [member="Raiz Australis"] would probably not be far behind... Eventually.

Two Death Watch Yalilyr flanked her, their black armour matte, not a single shine on either.

“The other one, that’s [member="Alkor Centaris"]. He fought for you in Barataria.” Ginnie’s voice again echoed in her ear. Barataria. The day of her daughter’s deliverance to the world.

“Your signal called for peace between Clan Verd and Manda’yaim, Ticon. Centaris. Mand’alor the Infernal bids you tell us… why? Why now? What has happened that you return home.”

Keira Priest

The Iron
"If they're going to shoot us, a helmet will be the least of our problems." Her response was just as deadpan as she looked across their armed and armored welcoming party, and Keira managed a tense, humorless smile. It quickly faded as another armored figure approached, this one dressed to stand out and standing far taller than the rest. That denoted some rank of importance, and if this wasn't Mand'alor than it was likely a close second, assuming this new era still believed in titles such as Warmaster.

When the other woman stepped forward she did the same, meeting her in the middle. "The decision took time and consideration." Never mind the fact that it happened within the span of fifteen minutes at a table in a bar not too far from Mandalore itself. "We know full well the reputation our clan holds after what Isley did. Tempers needed time to cool, we understand that just as well as anyone. We're back now because this is still our home, and we want to earn our way into the people again. It won't be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. We're all that remains. Anyone else who claims the name is no kin of ours."

Her gaze strayed to the two individuals that had accompanied the stranger before settling once more on the other woman. "We understand the distrust. Hell, I'd do the same thing. All we're asking for is a chance, and if after that you decide to turn us away, then so be it. We'll go." As much as it would pain her to be exiled by her longest standing home and family, she understood perfectly the driving sentiment behind such a decision, should it come to pass.

Briefly she glanced to her brother, indicating for him to remove his helmet, "Vod'ika. We're here as family, not faceless warriors. These aren't aruetiise. They're giving us a chance."

[member="Yasha Mantis"] | [member="Alkor Centaris"]

Alkor Centaris

Son of Liberty
Alkor listened as the behemoth Mandalorian spoke, and his arms never left his sides. The two exchanged at length, and when finally [member="Keira Ticon"] finished speaking, Alkor removed his own helmet slowly. His expression was a grim, hardened and experienced version of its one time youthful self, and though he had grown several inches, he was still dwarfed by more giant humans. He was used to that, though. Size had never intimidated him.

He placed the buy'ce securely under his arm and breathed the Mandalorian air, felt the warmth of Her sunlight, and all the gazes of those who shared in the rite of family. Would they allow the two to stand among them again?

"I walked with him when he went," Alkor conceded. There was no fear in him, nor did his regret stain his words. He had reconciled with what he had done. That course was no longer his. "I listened to his words, poisoned promises and bitter misgivings. For a time, I followed a man who called me Brother because I believed, foolishly, that was what family meant.

What I hadn't realized was that he gave me the family, only to throw the family away." Alkor had always been a man without any concept of his emotions, or understanding of those that belonged to others. Time was healing the damage done by his youth, and every life he had taken and forgotten now felt like a real weight. Not in the Force- the Force was something that stripped away layers. Humanity, for one.

No, the weight he felt was his own guilt. That had never stopped him before, and it wouldn't start now. Alkor had control over the staggering things he felt. He would sort them out when there was time. "He continued to flee from things. From responsibility to anything but himself. I watched him go, and started to wonder about my place in all of this.

I decided to finally learn what it meant when I said I wanted to be part of this family, instead of following orders and letting myself believe that meant I was accepted. When I finally understood, I found Keira. And we decided to come back, whether or not that means a bullet."

He glanced toward the Corellian woman, then back at Yasha. "For my transgressions, I will accept the punishment of the Mando'ade. Just understand that Keira did not follow him. I acted alone."

[member="Yasha Mantis"]

Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud
Damn Economic Stabilization Meeting, Jaster thought to himself. He just finished meeting with the other small time business owners around the planet, as part of his part of the agreement with the Mand'alor, his company was to open their doors to the Unknown Region to as many businesses on Mandalore. It was no big deal, selling his goods to distributers was always good for his company. However, his Secretary was on a family vacation and his droid malfunctioned earlier this week, thus he had to attend all the meetings personally. Public speaking sucks and he hated trying to improve relations with clans that had bad blood between one another. Sometimes he thought [member="Kaine Australis"] put him in those meetings to keep the old kark entertained. Jaster liked to blame all his problems on the man, there was never a problem that was not Kaine's fault.

While walking from one meeting to his personal shuttle, he saw some of [member="Yasha Mantis"] Death Watch minions rushing around the halls. Being he was an Advisor to the Mand'alor he figured going to see what those troublemakers were doing. It most certainly had nothing to do with him just being curious, that was be below his station of a man with a million titles.

Walking towards the space docks, he noticed that the Mand'alor was speaking with some other individuals in full armor, and looking threatening. He knew that Yasha's goons already informed her of his little snooping, after all, if he saw them, they most definitely saw him. Without his armor on, and only a data-tablet in hand he walked up to the little gathering and caught the tail end of the conversation. It would seem some of the lest members of Clan Verd was interested in joining back with the Mandalorian Empire. Off the top of his head he remembered some intel on a member of that clan sided with a known enemy of the Mand'alor. He knew Vilaz was out there, but preferred to find a less violent way to deal with the problem of him and Yasha.

Walking up behind the Mand'alor, he heard what the two of them had to say, "They seem like interesting individuals ma'am," Jaster knew full well that interrupting these talks could get him in trouble, but being her advisor did mean doing things that may upset her. "Never thought I would see Clan Verd back here, the more the merrier I guess."

Yasha was a very intelligent young women, if she saw either of these two as a threat, she would only have to wave a finger. She was also rather kind compared to the others before her, and those qualities are why she had a strong loyal group supporting her. He could only assume she had a plan for these two before they even entered the system.

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King of Pumpkins
Rex was floating around trying to find mand'alor when he spotted some of death watch running around, Then he spotted [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] and he followed the man. They had meet before not to long ago but he had doubts the man would remember him. So he followed behind a new report in his hands. He saw [member="Yasha Mantis"] in her full beskar facing 2 others. He was very quick to research the pair. He found out everything he needed within seconds of walking around the corner. But he was Mand'alor's spy master now. Couldn't go around not knowing things.
Clan Verd. The Vicelord metus's clan. The one he knew the most and yet the least about.Funny how one person would see things one way, while others look at it completely differently. From what he could remember of his talk with Mand'alor at the wedding the Verds and Isley or Metus or whatever he styled himself as, since he had taken so many names. Were not to be trusted. However these two were not of that clan that ran the armies of the CIS.
Jaster would simply say the more the merrier. Rex turned to mand'alor. "Here is that report I need to give you as well as some extra info. From what I have found of these two I personally think it would be better to have them with us rather than against us. Both are skilled warriors, I believe we can perhaps forgive past transgressions by allowing them to prove their loyalties to you mand'alor. The sins of the past are something that we are trying to get past as well." He would nod to the two he had said his piece.
[member="Alkor Centaris"], [member="Keira Ticon"]


Self-Imposed Exiled
Suddenly the sounds of obnoxiously loud music comes into earshot of those gathered around, the source of such could be seen from a far off airspeeder which seemed to be carrying two individuals. To those who knew the tell-tale signs it was clear that Raiz was on his way, subtlety was truly not a word that ever would ring true with the young Mandalorian, and that would either agrivate people or cause them to somewhat admire his openly eccentric tendencies. Either way, it didn't concern the man and as he flew closer, it was clear that the man was decked out in full armour, as was the beautiful woman to his side, Cassiopeia. Without hesitating, he steered the airspeeder to take the flank of Alkor and Keira, turning the engine off and slowly exiting the vehicle. The colours of clan Australis slapped upon the armament he wore, and while he seemed to be here with peaceful intents, the Mandalorian stood as if ready for anything that may come. "Cass, for some reason I was expecting more of them, and for them to be- Well I was expecting more." he says aloud to the woman exiting the vehicle, it was loud enough for those around to hear him but clearly was genuinely aimed towards the woman. "Yasha, Jastor, and Rex are here too, so we got here faster than the old man- Probably busy with a tie on his bedroom." after this he couldn't help but let out a loud laugh, motioning Cassiopeia towards him, he clearly enjoyed her presence and why shouldn't a husband want to be with their lovely wife. "Come, lets meet the infamous clan Verd."

[member="Rex Taff"] [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] [member="Alkor Centaris"] [member="Keira Ticon"] [member="Yasha Mantis"] [member="Cassiopeia Caranthyr"]
Coopers Cooler
Kaine had not actually been leaving history to the historians since he'd come to Mandalore, in fact he'd spent many hours poring over records, and holorecords of past Mandalorian history. There was a lot to catch up on, but the General believed he was somewhat getting a handle on how things had gotten to the point they were at. Obviously he'd chosen to focus mostly on military history and political history, but there were cultural and familial records too, and he had to, as an Alor, be knowledgeable about the other aliit'e and their own traditions and histories.

So it was he'd accompanied his Mand'alor, Yasha Mantis, here to Sundari, to greet the Verd siblings. He hoped they wouldn't remind him of the back end of a rancor like Isley or his half-crazed banshee of a daughter Amaya that followed him around like a bad smell.

Kaine kept silent as Yasha spoke. Once she finished, he approached both of them, silently offering Keira and Alkor a warrior's handshake with gripped forearms. He then reached up, unsealed his buy'ce and clipped it to his belt. His eyes went to the Mand'alor.

To any Mando'ad, removing your buy'ce was a sign of trust. Something usually done only in a place of welcome, or in the home of a vod. Not in the street in a formal meeting, unless you wanted to make a point of showing trust, as Kaine did.

Shab, Yash'ika, these two don't seem like a bit like Isley. They'll do.

He turned to give the Verd aliit pair a grin, and made a comical attempt to look at their belts.

No lightsabers. You both look the part. Welcome home, vode.

[member="Keira Ticon"] [member="Alkor Centaris"] [member="Yasha Mantis"] [member="Rex Taff"] [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] [member="Raiz Australis"]

Silence reigned for some time as [member="Keira Ticon"] and [member="Alkor Centaris"] spoke. Mand’alor the Infernal waited on her friend. [member="Rex Taff"] appeared moments later, handing her a report and further intel. The man was talented, and noble. He trusted rarely, it was one of Yasha’s keenest minds behind the blue skin and yellow eyes of the Chiss.

‘I want to trust my sister. I missed enough time with her already. Alkor I barely know… is it safe enough for me to come?’ Ginnie said, in her ear.

“Yes, Awaud. Taff. Quite interesting indeed… and not unwelcome.” [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] walked up, a chime in her HUD showing his progress behind her. She stayed facing Keira and Alkor, helmet cocking to the side, as the jackal-wolf moved based on her cheek and neck movements. She stewed on the words for a few moments in silence, before shifting to allow Jaster and Rex in the circle. In the back of her comm, [member="Ginnie Dib"] spoke more in whispers and hushed tones of the stories of Keira that she knew. Some rose Yasha’s view, others caused caution to keep her fixed inside her armour.

“They are not the first of Clan Verd to ask for clemency and a home upon Manda’yaim. You have been pre-empted by a sister, whose death shook my heart, and whose resurrection doubled all joy. A reunion is in order, as is the proper return of my lost Mando’ade.” Wolf looking to Alkor, Yasha kept her hands loose at her side. Cin Vhetin. Let the past be cleansed in the virgin snow of this new day. I made a promise, upon taking this Mantle, to bring the lost Mando’ade who willed it home.”

[member="Raiz Australis"] and [member="Cassiopeia Caranthyr"] rushed up, the obnoxiously loud noise of his music hitting Yasha’s ears. The eyeroll was epic, and also matched by a grin on Yasha’s hidden face. Good. Raiz and Cassie should be here. It made what Yasha had to say next much easier to have her compatriots by her side. [member="Kaine Australis"] too had his piece to say, and it caused a brief snort to pass through Mand’alor’s lips.

“My advisors approve of you. Take up arms from here, as children of Manda’yaim. If you wish to recompense for your former actions, do so by strengthening the Mandalorian Empire. By loyalty and honour. Help our People prosper, safe and well tended. You have nothing to fear of me, I indeed grant you entrance to Manda’yaim. I grant you all things worthy of a renewed Clan Verd, and whatever provisions we have to share, you are welcome to… Should you require accommodations we can find you a place as we continue to rebuild… if you would like to be reunited with your sister, I can see that done as well.”

Keira Priest

The Iron
Within minutes a small crowd had gathered, and Keira ceded herself to their judgment, though it wasn't near as harsh as she'd been anticipating. The newcomers were more curious than anything, but she supposed she would be too, if remnants of a seemingly lost clan appeared from nowhere asking for forgiveness. When the eldest among them spoke her former brother's name her jaw clenched, and she swallowed in order to quell the rising emotion. Finally, she managed a nod. "Vor entye. It's good to be home." Though they still had a long way to go, being accepted back into the fold was the first step in a long journey.

Family had been a strange subject for her to touch on for some time now, and mention of her long-lost sister didn't change that fact. She'd never had time to connect with much of her clan before they scattered, but it seemed now she had finally been granted that chance, though few of them remained now comparatively. "I would like that, yes." Mention of a resurrection gave her pause, as she remembered too well what had happened the last time one of her siblings had risen from the dead. But if her sister had been welcomed on Mandalore, then there was no cause for concern. She tentatively trusted this new regime's judgment.

"Vod'ika, you can start by helping me rebuild our home. Then we can see about making up for the sins of our predecessors." She looked to her younger sibling, offering a half-smile. "This is all one step at a time. Last I checked, you still had some learning to do."

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Self-Imposed Exiled
Standing by as the Mand'alor spoke her words, Raiz awaited for the finale before approaching both Keira and Alkor, as the young Mandalorian came into touching distance of the pair, he stops and remains still a moment. It was clear that the man was sizing both of them up from the close distance, however what he was thinking was hidden behind a pitch-black visor upon his battle-worn helmet. After a moment of silence, what could be heard coming from the helmet would be two sounds, a soft music being played and a hearty chuckle. Raiz then shoved his right arm into the air towards Keira, though not in an aggressive way, and would be heard humming along to the song before simply speaking. "Welcome home, vod." from the tone in the man's voice, it was clear he wished to embrace the returned Mandalorian.

[member="Keira Ticon"] [member="Yasha Mantis"] [member="Kaine Australis"] [member="Rex Taff"] [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] [member="Alkor Centaris"]

Alkor Centaris

Son of Liberty
Alkor accepted the handshake from [member="Kaine Australis"] with a firm grip, the proper way. Not so hard that he intended to hurt him, but enough that he knew the Corellian was no slouch. "That turncoat couldn't hold his tihaar when he was wearing our 'gam," Alkor smirked. "I should have known there was something wrong from the start."

He turned slowly back to Mand'alor after the chuckle subsided, and his face grew stern once more. She offered him something no one else could, and the priceless gift humbled him. He felt a flutter in his chest, and for the first time in his life, he truly understood the meaning of grace. It wasn't fair- but it wasn't meant to be. His deep blue gaze trailed over the woman who gave him something he was unsure she could truly comprehend the depth of, and he nodded slowly.

All the lives Alkor had taken as a murderer, both in the name of countless Empires and Orders, had turned to burdens cast upon his back. Death and Alkor were synonymous, but until this moment, he never truly felt like the killings had meaning. They had carried him to this point. He climbed on the broken bodies through a life he had never wanted, and now, the Scion of his new Family stretched out her hand and offered him meaning.

Alkor took that proverbial hand, a sober expression replacing the cold one he almost always wore. It was a smile- not sad, but elated.

"Vor entye, Mand'alor," he managed to whisper through ragged breaths. In his life, the only tears he had ever shed were born of pain, suffering, and violence. Now, he felt mist threaten the corners of his eyes, and he cleared his throat as he glanced away to hide his embarrassment. "Vor entye."

[member="Yasha Mantis"] | [member="Keira Ticon"] | [member="Rex Taff"] | [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] | [member="Raiz Australis"]
If the Epicanthix removed her buy’ce, [member="Alkor Centaris"] would be confronted with the eyes of a killer. Mand’alor the Infernal got her regnal name not simply through surviving in a place of eternal torment, but by the methods in which she fought for her vode. She was no shining jetii, or pacifist’s daughter.

Death Watch became her, as did the implications of surviving the Civil War as she had then, a child carrying kill-trophies to Mand’alor the Undying. Thus, when Yasha saw the motion of Alkor’s face, she saw one more moment of mirrored salvation.

If Manda’yaim was to heal and the Mando’ade were to step boldly into the Galaxy for their vode’s gain, the weight of sins past had to be expunged. A new dedication, built upon by the lightness of being which morphs from forgiveness to delight had to reign throneless.

All among a round table of equal chairs.

Encased in her beskar’kandar, the towering warrior took Alkor’s hand and shook it, putting her gloved crush gaunt on his shoulder.

“Be well, Alkor Centaris. Find peace and fight with honour, for all our sakes.” Keira talked of rebuilding, and yet again Yasha smiled under her mask. Yes, this was going to be tumultuous.

And then everything would work out fine.

“[member="Raiz Australis"]! Break out the music and the tihaar! My Mando’ade are thirsty! Come! Into the Palace where we can toast two vode’s return and unite them with their sister! Come! All are welcome at Mand’alor’s table.”

[member="Kaine Australis"] [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] [member="Cassiopeia Caranthyr"][member="Keira Ticon"]

Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud
It was honestly a sight to see such a thing when one who would have otherwise been labeled as a Dar'Manda and sent to the Fighting Circles to regain their lost honor was now accepted with open arms. Jaster himself was a Dar'Manda, exiled by the previous Mand'alor during the Plague's final years. He never thought he would be able to see such a celebration to welcome ones who were once enemies in a fashion such as this.

The loyal members who supported the Mand'alor where something to be proud of, all supported the incorporation of once separatist forces against their Empire. Yet, with a turn of a new administration came a new leaf, one that accepted others who would have otherwise been shamed and disgraced. Jaster studied the faces of [member="Keira Ticon"] closely, she had a fire in her heart, how strong that fire was however he did not know. Oddly enough, it seemed [member="Alkor Centaris"] was the calmer of the two siblings. Cautious and stiff, he knew his kind very well. A Mandalorian born through bloods and death, a killer who saw death as a means to an end after leaving a pile of dead behind him. They would be a strong addition to the ranks loyal to [member="Yasha Mantis"], something she needed strongly in the times to come.

The mandalorian from Clan Awaud bowed his head to Mand'alor the Infernal, "Unfortunately ma'am, I must continue with these meetings with the outer territories governors, more clans wish to join Cassiopeia's plans so I must meet with the Clans who need grants to proceed, I am sure Kaine and Raiz will have several helmets worth of tihaar for me,"

Jaster turned to the two siblings, "Aliit ori'shya taldin, Vod, nau'ur, haili cetare" He bowed before leaving to attend another meeting to help keep the Empire growing. After all the government didn't not take the time off.

[member="Kaine Australis"] [member="Cassiopeia Caranthyr"] [member="Raiz Australis"]
Rise and Rise Again
Ginnie slipped from the surveillance room behind the Mand’alor’s former throne, and tied her hair back from newly undamaged ears. She breathed deep and fixed her beskar’gam, helmet clipped to her belt. She shut her eyes, centred herself and walked out to the ship, where [member="Keira Ticon"] and [member="Alkor Centaris"] were standing surrounded by Mandalorians.

Her boots thundered in each step, counting down the inches until Keira was in sight. Would she want to be seen by Ginnie? The last time they met, Ginnie almost lit Keira on fire, defending Isley.

Isley. Ginnie nearly spat. Her shabla brother… the Darth who killed her. The closer Ginnie got, the more a bright and present anger flushed on her face. There Ginnie stood, dressed in borrowed beskar’gam, no buy’ce, and no massive burn scarring down her ears, neck and back.

There were no scars at all, for her body knew not pain or death.

“[member="Rhaegar Nemesis Dib"] petitioned Manda’yaim to bring me back and… the Manda let me return… Keira… I…” Ginnie stared at her sister, from behind guarded mahogany eyes. What would Keira and Alkor think of their once deceased, young sister? Was Clan Verd doomed to the disaster of familial destruction yet again? Or was this once more, aliit?

[member="Yasha Mantis"] [member="Kaine Australis"] [member="Raiz Australis"] [member="Cassiopeia Australis"] [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"]

Keira Priest

The Iron
Her breath was stolen from her in the following moments, dark eyes drawn instantly to the figure that emerged, clad in full armor save for the helmet. Keira searched her memory for any familiarity before it dawned on her all at once, and for all of her shock she barely registered the words that were spoken. Her - their - sister was alive, and somehow witnessing it firsthand was far different than having the news passed on.

Those first few steps she took were slow, almost hesitant, as she recalled what had come of their last meeting. Back then family had stood on opposing sides, but things were different now. Now their clan had a chance to heal itself from the rifts of the past, and that was what she intended to do, one way or the other. Mandalorians may never forget, but sometimes exceptions to the rule were necessary.

"Gin'ika." Again she stepped forward, this time to embrace her younger sister, "I missed you."

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Rise and Rise Again
“Keira.” Ginnie tucked into [member="Keira Verd"]’s arms and put her forehead on her sister’s shoulder. She clung with the grip of the beloved, stripped away from life and brought back by serendipity’s chance.

By a man, who had in his infamy thought to return the dead and use her. Yet, [member="Rhaegar Nemesis Dib"] did not succeed in his original plan to use Ginnie as a pawn to defeat Darth Metus. A far more potent magic shook the monstrous man.

Manda’s will shook them both to the foundation of the atomic particles which made their constituent pieces. It rebuilt them, atom by atom, into something more intrinsic and dangerous and real.

Pressing into the hug, Ginnie shut her eyes to the others present, until with a grunt she pushed her arms out to put [member="Keira Verd"] at arm’s length.

“Keira. Nemesis didn’t kill me. I didn’t fall in battle, it wasn’t like that. My battle was done, I was done. Crushed under the weight of a golem, but… Nemesis picked me up and began to heal me. He was carrying me out of danger to heal. Keira, this is important.” Ginnie looked to [member="Yasha Mantis"], to [member="Alkor Centaris"], [member="Kaine Australis"], [member="Raiz Australis"], to the receding form of [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"].

“Nemesis Nemonus didn’t kill me. He’d stopped fighting to save my life. Isley killed me. He took the form of a Sith Wraith and he immolated me, because my broken body was in his way. Darth Metus is the reason I was dead… and while I was dead, I saw Isley… his soul is in the Netherworld, Keira… the Isley we know now is only half the man. The Confederacy of Independent Systems is under the control of a fratricidal Sith Wraith. Mand’alor the Infernal found me after I was resurrected and promised to… keep me safe. I have evidence… my runi vod found my buy’ce on Maramere… I’m sorry Keira. Alkor, I’m sorry.” Ginnie hung her chin at the revelation, scanning her sister’s shoulder for some modicum of comfort.

Her brother was truly gone.

Alkor Centaris

Son of Liberty
He blinked away tears as [member="Ginnie Dib"] spoke, and his expression hardened. There was no warning, no way to let their people- his family- know what Isley had become. He watched the transition happen in the blink of an eye, without any remorse, and with no reservations. He claimed the name Metus as he had before, but he also denounced the Mandalorian way of life entirely. At that time, it meant nothing to Alkor. There was no full understanding of what was said, and he had no cause to fault Isley.

Until he became a victim of the same, committed to something his so-called Brother no longer had any love for. Alkor detested that fickleness, but more, he found himself looking inward. Now, he heard a woman done harm by his own mistake, simply leaving Metus to his own devices.

"I should have warned you," he whispered. "I should have warned all of you what he was. What he became. That creature is no longer family to anyone. He serves only his own desires, and will change skins, names, and faces as many times as he must to take them for himself."

Alkor seethed as he looked back on times he had trusted the Sith, only to be more than disappointed.

"He made himself out to be a martyr," Alkor added in a voice more level than his emotional state. He did a method actor's job of playing the stoic. "He did everything for us, he said. Gave it all, only to have us slight him. He called us fools, short sighted, and said we would damn ourselves in the same way, over and again, and he was glad to cast off the brand of Mando'ad."

Alkor sighed a ragged breath. "You were bloodied by a monster," he told Ginnie, "your Brother is no more."
Coopers Cooler
Kaine stood silent, the joviality and joy at the reunion soured by the mention of that name that hung like a shadow across all of Manda'yaim, as it always did when a vod forsake the vode. Sith, Jedi, personal exile, didn't matter. They all hurt when it happened. They suffered the pain and loss, and rememberance of the brother that had once been. To them, he was now marching far away.

Kaine clenched and unclenched his fists. It was an emotional moment, and a family one, he didn't want to interject, in the way of a distant cousin not wanting to interrupt brothers.

We're all here now, vode. Vode an.

He held up and clenched a gauntleted right fist for emphasis.

Manda'yaim mourns the loss of Isley Verd. I won't dishonour his memory by thinking of that thing Metus as he.

If that shabuir so much as turns his eye toward our home, we shall pluck it out. Mandalore does not kneel.

He smiled, trying to brighten the mood. They should not live in fear of what might come tomorrow, and no shabla dark lord was casting a shabla pall over this hell of a celebration of life, liberation, cin vhetin, and the promise of a very bright future.

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