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Jaster of the Awaud Clan

Jake Fuga


Jaster Awaud
Rank: Elder of Clan Awaud
  • Pervious Alor of Clan Awaud
  • Ret. Governor of the First Order
  • Major Stockholder of United Trading Conglomerate
  • Ret. CEO of Umbrella Corporation
  • Ex-Commander of the Free Corporate Fleet
  • Previous Grand Moff of the Fel Empire
Faction: Clan Awaud
Race: Human (Mandalorian)
Age: 58
Sex: Male
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 215 lbs
Eyes: Copper
Hair: Black
Skin: Darker Toned
Forces Sensitive: Yes

Ex-Commander: Previous victory and command position.

Proficient Droid Commander: Providing many years of experience, has knowledge of droid capacity.

Mandalorian: Expert in military arts.

Trained by Jedi Hunters: Learned the arts in capturing Jedi and Sith

Wounded knee: Old conflict wound by Death Watch.

Drunk: Drinks with crew and has a slow response time in ambushes and quick attacks.

Standing 6 feet 3 inches, Jaster Awaud stands high above all and carries no scares or tattoos upon his body. Wearing his golden Neo-Crusader armor with red painted trimmed along it shows that he is a commander but also the red shows he will find justice through blood for his home world. Hands large enough to grasp a human skull and power to squish it between his fingers, he shows the definition of a Mandilorian commander. The armor covered his still young chest chiseled as if created by the greatest stone mission to embody a god. A facial structure that pulls a natural frown yet with enough Mandilorian Ale a smile can be broken out through stories of invasion and destruction of imperial property. That is the man of Jaster Awaud.

Jaster was raised on the planet Mandalore, unlike all the other children of Clan Awaud, Jaster was Physicly fit, smart, and preferred to stay away from other Mandalorians. Jaster wasn't what most Mandalorians would consider a obedient soldier, he was wild in his youth. He was a strong leader, always fighting for the squad more then the nation. He was the second oldest of the next in line for the title of Clan Leader. Jaster knew well that he would have to achieve greatness in other lines then that of Clan Leader. As the second oldest, Jaster was looked at in comparison to his older brother, he of course didn't mind this as his brother was the model of Mandalorian Pride. Of his family there were only two boys and his younger sister. During the ending of the dark years, his father caught the pluage that was killing millions. Days later, he barrier his father and his older brother was named Heir.
This upset Jaster deeply, he decided that he would do his best to achieve greatness for his clans namesake. He joined the Mandalorian Military and served as a Rally Master right out the gates, this was due to his grandfather. Jaster Grandfather was the Clan Leader of the Awaud Clan, holding great prestige as his ancestor was one of the great Human Mand'alors to serve the title. He swayed many military leaders to allow this, and Jaster did him proud.

He joined at the legal age of 17 and served long and hard in the war to spread the Mandalorian Territories. After ten years of serves, Jaster was the youngest warrior to revive the title Field Marshal by the old Mand'alor. He was given command of the Mandalorian Defense Fleet in the outer rim. He fought mostly pirates and deserters of broken governments. It wasn't until the war with the Republic that Jaster was looked at with question. In politics, Jaster was well versed, after all he was the second in line for the title of Clan Leader. He knew that a war with the Republic would be dangerous, and openly questioned the Mand'alor. This lead to Jaster being labeled a De'Mando, or exile. His grandfather was able for Jaster not to receive the branding, and Jaster was thankful, but Jaster never forgot what the old Mand'lor did to him, or how if people treated him.

In the years after his exile, Jaster served as a hired strategist for the One Sith and the Republic as a security guard. He was then picked up by noblemen from Naboo, where he rose through the ranks to a point to protect the princess of Naboo. By age 29, he then joined the Healer Guild as a Refugee Center Commander. There he meet his adopted Daughter, and found out she was a Force User. To prevent a Sith Knight from taking her, Jaster lied about being her father and things just stuck from there. Like in all position a, Jaster rose the the rank of Quartermaster of the Healer Guild and started the company, Umbrella Interest Company. There he studied Biological Science and revived both a Biological Engineering Degree and a Genetics, he was 35.

Once the Healer Guild fell into ruin after the Neatherworld Incident, Jaster was forced to take his employees and nearly all the credits he could take from the guild. Jaster then settled on the planet Val'hala, where he based his company from. There he began to study the Unknown Region and the life it had to offer. Being a geneticist, Jaster couldn't help but create Genome Creatures, and would later be considered a mad scientist.

It was at this time Jaster knew he couldn't conquer the Unknown Region alone, and so he created the Trade Conglomerate for like minded business to explore and exploit the Region. He named himself Viceroy and put people he could trust in the position in power, and he set his eyes on creating a Trade Empire in the Unknown Region.

After long years within the Unknown Region Jaster had fallen ill to a poison of unknown origin. It was only thanks to many of his precious medical inventions that he was able to come out of the endever alive. A modified life support system kept him alive as he was absent from his title as Viceroy. Years passed before Jaster was seen again, even the small disassembled Trade Conglomerate had fallen to chaos as he was absent due to illness. When he returned, there was nothing left of the alliance beside relic ships and maps and data of the Unknown Region. He would return with a vengeance on the assumed plotters that tried to kill him and end his Alliance.

While recovering from his wounds he suffered, he returned to be the proper ruler of the planet Conglomerate Prime. This was his new home and he felt safe there, as such he rarely left the planet as he constantly felt it would be attacked by outside forces. Yet during the fall of the One Sith Empire, he and the planets inhabitants celebrated the destruction of their one and only fear, conquest by the Sith. Again their hopes were dashed by the news of First Order ships entering the system. The planet was placed on high alert as they expected an attack. However none came, instead a negotiation party arrived and Jaster was offered papers of annexations, and after his demands were accepted he signed the planet over. A clean and bloodless surrender, but one that was needed. He was offered the Governorship of Conglomerate Prime and he willingly accepted.

After the fall of the Dominion, a government that he sponsored from the shadows with his connections, he retired from service from the First Order. He found asylum from the threats of the First Order where he took nearly all those who were loyal to him and the support of a small army in protection from any threats that were the First Order and any other enemies that he created through his years.

After competing his finest project and the Trade Spine that spanned from the Unknown Region to the Hutt Territories through the Core Worlds was complete, a strange individual set him free. Through Ancient Technology and long forgotten medical tech, he was finally set free from the virus that held him together. He was now able to free his body from the confines of the armor that cages him. With this new found freedom he offered all he had to the Emperor of the Fel Empire and thus began his career as an Admiral of the Imperial 3rd Armada, "The Dreaded Ghost Fleet". After a few months in service to his Emperor, the great leader, Toran Fel, fell ill and Jaster was appointed Grand Moff to stand in for the Emperor and to act in his name.

The end of the mans story is clouded in mystery. In the final days of the Glimmer of Hope with the Siege of Commenor, Jaster fought in the Space above the planet. In combination of the Remnants of the Alliance Fleet along with his Corporate Fleet, he assaulted the Planet. With the a large armada entering the combat zone, not one ship returned from the battle. The Ghost Fleet was never seen again and many considered the man dead. There was nothing to be seen of him or any that served him those final days.

- Rebirth through the Force:

Some years after his death, he woke up on the World of New Holstice at the base of a large Monument the man could not remember at all who he was. He could only think of a way to start this new leg of his journey. After years of wondering and trying to find himself, a dream comes to him and he tries to go and find himself. The only information on his journey he has is his name from there he traveled to the core worlds. Spending some time of traveling he found that he could now used to force, a type of magic that very few others were able to use. While wondering the galaxy he slowly regained his memories and experiences of his past. He found himself being someone he could not really cope with and continued to find the reason he was brought back from the land of the dead. Unable to remember the life after his death, he centralized himself in the hopes that he was brought back for a reason. He found that reasoning in the use of Forging Force Imbued Weapons with Grey Matter. Once he found his new place in the galaxy, he quickly took the path he thought was the proper path to take. The reunion of his family and the rebuilding of Clan Awaud.

- Rejoining his Clan:

Jaster joined back with his clan and took on the mantle of his old title of chieftain to lead his people again. He joined up with a group of Mandalorians to take back their homeland and sought to bring peace back to his people. He knew it would not last long, but even a little peace was better then continued rule under the Sith and Death Watch. His deep hatred of the old enemies of his Clan returned after his memories were returned. The Force that brought him back knew that his was his path, so he followed it to its very end.

Once he and his comrades took back the homeworld he grew up on, he knew he could not stay. He was a relic of the old hatred and conflicts from before. He turned down his title and left it to his people to pick a new leader. The Force Guided him to new worlds where he could find his own path to redemption and not down a path of hatred. He still held out hope for his people, and would return to them if they ever needed him. However, he would watch from afar, that was until the thing he created was crashing down from its foundation. Now at the age of 58, he looks to hold onto what little he can keep of peace between his people.

Wyyrlok Class Star Destroyer - Destroyed

Stolen by agent of a Black Market Group from the dying grasps of the One Sith. It was stolen again by an agent of the Shadow Legion who he helped create. As the Legion had no use for the ship of its size, they decided to gift wrap it to Jaster who would hid it on the planet of Conglomerate Prime. It would stay hidden there until he later recovered it when the First Order appeared in his Star System. It would become his new Flag Ship for the UTC during the negotiation of the surrender of the UTC planet. After the annexation of Cong Prime, Jaster would use the ship has his flagship while surging as the Governor of Conglomerate Prime.

Hammerhead-class Cruiser - Destroyed

Alderaan Royal Engineers LF9 ion engines
Improvements increase to a class 0.97 hyperdrive unit.
Complement: 12 Kom'rk-class fighter/transport, 4 Aka'jor-class shuttle

A family heirloom from the Blockade of the Hydian Way were Jasters ancestor was a Field Marshal of Mand'alor the Lesser. Although lost Jasters ancestry clan smuggles the captured cruiser back to Mandalore as a trophy of there accomplished. After Jaster was given it, he raided a transport ship on its way to a imperial dry dock and found armament and a hyperdrive unit for a star destroyer. From there he put his droids to work on improving it and putting it into the cruiser. Although much less room for crew quarters, the improvement were complete.


Form III: Soresu- adept (trained by Jedi Hunters in Mandilorian cultural)

Teacher of "Hammer of Ryloth" style martial arts


Bounty collected:
None Bounty Hunter
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Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud
Force Skills:

Lightsaber Forms (Novice - Competent - Advanced - Expert):
  1. Shii-Cho................(Expert)
  2. Makashi...................(Expert)
  3. Soresu......................(Expert)
  4. Ataru.........................(Expert)
  5. Shien/Djem So......(Expert)
  6. Niman.......................(Expert)
  7. Juyo/Vapaad..........(Expert)

Tactus Otium: Expert
Commonly referred to as Force Sense, the ability to see much farther than ones eyes can travel; Tactus Otium is the answer to the question: How are Jedi able to react fast enough to evade and counter blaster fire; providing a vivid sense of the situation unfolding around those capable of applying this skill in their chosen field.

Altus Sopor: Novice
A basic component in the use of most Core Force Powers, this is the means to amplify ones focus in the force itself, strengthening what potential you might naturally have in order to delve deeper and produce a superior effect of the desired ability. Those of great skill in Altus Sopor can cloud their presence from other force users completely by melding their presence in among the natural flow of the force itself.

Curato Salva: Advanced
An umbrella title to the force abilities focused on self healing and rejuvenation of the natural body. Stamina and lost strength can be regained by drawing the force into ones center, healing significant injuries and sustaining ones life in the field of combat given enough time to focus.

Tutaminis: Expert
Relating to the ability to absorb energies both natural and otherwise, this branch of the Force has been known to be applied both offensively and defensively. For an example, the ability to lesson the blow of a blaster shot to the side through great focus in extending the force from within to create a small barrier around ones exterior (some call this force: Protect).

Telekinesis: Expert
Referred to some as Force Push and Force Pull, telekinesis consists of two branches of the ability. Sustained Telekinesis where an object or person is held in place for a period of time, and then Burst Telekinesis in which something or someone is thrown backwards or pulled in towards the user.

Telepathy: Advanced
Consisting of more than just communication from one mind to another, Telepathy is the umbrella term for the ability to affect a persons mind on the whole. Whether convincing others to do something they normally wouldn't (mind trick), or otherwise projecting images, memories or words into the consciousness of the target. The effect of Telepathy varies dependent on the mental strength of the foe.

Alchaka: Novice
The Alchaka Meditation were a rigorous series of highly personal, highly repetitive exercises using both physical and Force Skills. The Purpose of the Alchaka technique was to clear the mind and attune the body to the strength of the Force, and was considered an Advanced form of Moving Meditation.

Force Concealment: Novice
Force Concealment was a Power that was used by highly skilled Force-Sensitives to mask their Force alignment, their ability to use the Force, or even their entire presence from the Force-Sensitives.


Bakuuni Hand - Expert
-- The Bakuuni Hand was a type of martial art practiced by some members of the Jedi Order during the time of the Galactic Republic. Bakuuni martial artists strengthened their hands, feet, and forearms with the Force while making unarmed strikes.

Echani Art - Expert
-- The Echani art was an unarmed combat discipline developed by the Echani. Tradition dictated that combatants usually made no use of armor, weapons or Force Techniques, as the art was focused on mastering the body itself as a weapon.

Forbelean Defense - Competent
-- The Forbelean Defense was a martial arts posture from the Forbelea system created by the Chiss species. The defense required the user to maintain a posture that would allow all attacks to be intercepted and deflected

K'tara - Advanced
-- K'tara was a martial arts focusing on stealth by maximizing damage to an opponent while making a minimum amount of noise. The style featured short, quick movements, most beginning from the set position and moving within the small area framed by the target's shoulders and hips.

K'thri - Advanced
-- K'thri was an ancient style of martial arts dating back to the time of the Old Republic. Instead of using bold, brutal movements, K'thri instead focused on fast movements and fluid strikes, along with excellently balanced footwork to maintain the precision of the form.

Celestial Dance - Expert
-- A new form of hand to hand combat the mixes past life memories of combat used my his family that is enhanced through the use of the Force that is mainly used to incapacitate his enemies. With the expert use of the form, it increases the strength of the cybernetic metals that hold him together as well as increase his dexterity. It also fortifies his body at the fast speed that he moves while fighting others.
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