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Corrupt a wish

Clara Foster

Dark Lady of Nightmares
This is done by making a wish and the person below you attempts to corrupt it and then makes their own.

I'll start.

I wish I had a droideka

Note: Keep it IC

Ryndal Hause

Because there's no wish, nothing you want ever comes true.

And I wish for a robot more intelligent than myself.


As your wealth grows and rumors spreads about it you are robbed left broke.

I wish I was a nicer shade of green.


Lurking SWRP Sites Since 1998
They crush you to death. Blood everywhere. Intestines splattered all over the walls while children are screaming in eerie happiness and partridge in a pear tree.
I wish I had flowers.
Granted, But they are from a parasetic plant that invades your body and travels throughout your body until it takes over and you become more plant ultimatly rooting yourself into place forever... or until somebody comes and cuts you down killing you slowly as you rot as a flower of their own.

I wish... I wish... I wish I knew what to wish for...
Granted, but the train is so long and heavy you are unable to get free of it when it is sucked into a turbine dragging you helplessly to you death. Blood splattering everywhere.

"I wish I had not forgotten what I wanted to wish for."

Aleidis Zrgaat

Young soul from an older generation.
You remember what you wanted to wish for, and can never forget it ever again. The knowledge that you couldn't be arsed to remember your heart's fondest wish and thus passed up the chance to have it granted to you haunts your every waking step and every night, pushing out all other aspirations like any other obsession.

I wish more people thought puns were funny.

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