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Darth Adarable
Adara Raxis Zambrano
Buir's Frail Queen

NAME: Adara Vigdis Nussyn Fitz-Kierke Raxis Zambrano
FACTION: Troublesomes; The Kainate
RANK: Arch Duchess of Vena; Queen of Lahos; Heir Apparent, House Fitz-Kierke; Princess House Zambrano
SPECIES: Epicanthix/Human Hybrid
AGE: 21 years
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 145 cm
WEIGHT: 26 kg
EYES: Black & Red, sometimes Blue
HAIR: Raven
SKIN: Pale
FORCE SENSITIVE: Dark Side Sensitive


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

  • Dark Energies: Due to the nature of her infant resurrection, Adara is steeped in the Dark Side of the Force.
  • Mando'ad'ika: Adara is the darling of many Mandalorian Ba'vodu'e. She is heavily defended by many, many Mandalorians
  • Aliit: Adara's family is loving, and bold. They will always help and defend their little jetii.
  • Attached to the Force: Inside a force null zone, Ysalamiri field or voidstone influence, Adara has hours before she shuts down.
  • Child: However well defended, Adara is a young child, and is restricted in many things.
  • Health Complications: Adara is a frail child, her constitution is one given to illness. She will never be as strong or tall as her mother, and takes her physical characteristics from her father's human genetics.
The failed picture of health, Adara is a pale skinned and raven haired Epicanthix-Human halfling child. When her eyes are closed, Adara appears as a perfectly healthy baby girl. Once her eyes open, the girl's unique appearance becomes known. Adara's eyes are black with red irises. They are the colour of the Dark.

Adara is growing into a beautiful youth, with flowing chestnut hair, and eyes, which can at will switch between black & red, and blue. While petite for her age, she is always dressed in the most pristine clothing and accessories, paid for by her Academy scholarship.

An infant born of Mand'alor the Infernal, and her riduur [member="Kaden Mantis"] Adara came to the universe in the Baratarian Incident, where the Silver Jedi prevented the Mandalorian Empire from reaching Yasha Mantis in time, during a conflict where she was captured by pirates attempting to start a war. Due to the trauma of her birth (a month premature, due to the trauma of her pregnant mother being thrown through a building in an explosive terrorist attack), Adara was frail and suffering from a litany of medical issues. The most serious of such being hyaline membrane disease, a condition lethal to many premature neonates, where their lungs were too under developed to breathe. Her first days were spent in an incubator with neonatologists from across Mandalore attempting to save the child.

To no avail.

Adara Raxis passed away four days into her life.

Yet [member="Kaine Australis"] was watching over the child. In a moment of overbearing grief, Kaine made a deal with Darth Vesull, the soul of his deceased father, to bring Adara back from the dead of Manda. He ordered his Clan Australis forces to destroy the Bral, and let the Force flow around the Sundari Palace. Using Midichlorian Manipulation, Darth Vesull resurrected Adara, infilling her with Dark Side Energies and damning Kaine Australis. Little did Darth Vesull know the punishment for use of the Force on Mandalore was the Cure (Pazhkic-Dau), a Yuzhan Vong paracite, which creates a lattice around midichlorians in their host's cells and render the host Force Dead.

In an act of faith and trust in Yasha Mantis, and at her behest for breaking the law, Kaine Australis willingly took the Cure and became Force Dead, destroying Darth Vesull once and for all. The final act of a vicious and unendurable Sith Lord was the rescue and resurrection of a helpless baby, and the rescuing of Mand'alor the Infernal's sanity, which was fracturing at her daughter's death.

Adara Raxis is now a living, breathing baby, overtaken by the Dark Side of the Force. She is being taken care of by her mother, [member="Yasha Mantis"], her grandparents [member="Gray Raxis"] & [member="Baiko no Kaho"], and her Baba [member="Kaine Australis"].

She has spent the majority of her 4 (and three quarters) years under the care of Baba Kaine, or her ba'buir'e Gray and Baiko. She spends most of her Concordian time raised with Achani & Azure Raxis, her younger aunt and uncle. Together, the children get into such wonderful mischief! A doctor is never far behind the young Mantis Scion, who given her frail disposition is taken to nose bleeds, colds and a slender frame.

It's almost as if she lacks certain nutrition, even though she is at a healthy enough weight for a premature child.

Age 10

Adara grew in the intervening years, with aide from the best doctors in the Galaxy. While her body is still frail, and her physical abilities will never be on par with other children her age, Adara's education took the fore. Because Mandalorian Schools were too physically based for Yasha's little miracle, Adara was sent to an Aruetiise Academy outside the Mandalorian Empire. Selected through a rigorous scholarship program, the young Mandalorian-born child attends boarding school, paid for by a private third party scholarship.

Her Infernis guards made the journey with her, as the political situation of the Galaxy was far too volatile to let the child journey to and fro alone. While she does not spend her full days with her siblings or parents, Adara is flourishing in school, and outside of Mandalorian culture. Her scholarship gives her spending money, and supplies for her needs, especially as the future Heir of House Fitz-Kierke, the Panathan Noble House from which Yasha and her mother Aditya's family descends.

Age 16
Adara drifted from her family's decision of Boarding School to taking over more and more of the regnal duties of her Duchy of the planet Vena. Separate from all she loved, Yasha's eldest grew detached from the act of being a kid. She took on such propriety and responsibility that when Mandalore was taken by the Sith, the evacuation of the Clans fell mostly on her shoulders.

Adara got her Verd'goten at 13 as part of a communal Verd'goten with other Mandalorian children. For once surrounded by others, Adara met [member="Fred Gred"], [member="Tabitha Solus"], [member="Rhaegar Dib II"] and his sister Amma and joined [member="Taru Cadera"] on Vanquo.

After they survived the Verd'goten, Adara called the band together for only the most stupendous, wonderful ever best idea in the universe.

Create their own 'Tribe'.

The Troublesomes.

Together with her (secret) boyfriend [member="Tuuli Miles"], Adara threw responsibility to the wind, and is travelling around with the Troublesomes. Time for adventure!



  • Shia Kryze (She hates me and wants my soul to die)
  • Gorba the Hutt (The slug put this thing called a bouncey-tee on me as a baby)


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Darth Adarable
  • Mr. Wimple, Adara's beloved & colourful companion
  • Adirarmo, Adara's war mount and dragon companion
  • Adara's Play'gam 1.0
  • Gravitic Vambraces
  • Armour of Gakkirr Arvideam
  • Sanya's Sabers (Gifted by [member="Sanya Val Lerium"])
  • A Vornskyr plush toy
  • A Sith Alchemized Ring given to her by Sloobieboo ( [member="Skorvek"] )
  • A piercing scream
  • Panathan Handmaidens, who once served the Dark Lord's family.
  • A Necklace of Nereus given to her by Darth Prazutis & Darth Carnifex, with the symbol for the Brotherhood of the Sith on the back.
Guard Units
Force Powers
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