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Approved NPC 104th Marine Raider Battalion 'Wolfpack' | Galactic Alliance

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  • Unit Name: 104th Marine Raider Battalion, 'Wolfpack'
  • Affiliation:
  • Classification: Infantry
  • Description: Otherwise equipped in argent duraplast, the Wolfpack has a very distinct and recognizable appearance within the Galactic Alliance Marines, sporting a uniform, bluish grey paint detailing unto their armor with patterns resembling the 'Wolf' symbol which is prominently displayed on the vehicle hulls, breastplates, pauldrons and helmets of most every Wolfpack marine.
  • To The Last Man: The Wolfpack is unyielding and will all but refuse the option or opportunity to retreat from the field of battle lest their commanders wrench them from the fray themselves.
  • Hard and Fast / No Mercy: Pound for pound, the Wolfpack are some of the most effective fighters in the GADF as well was some of the more cruel, leaving little quarter to the enemy.
  • Combat Veterans: Initially comprised of combat veterans from 'Raider' Squad and other GADF units under Maynard's command at the time of the battle of Harnaidan, their experience has only deepened with each battle, giving them an even deeper feel for the realm of war.
  • Abrasive To Inexperienced: Given they are a tightly knit brotherhood of veteran troopers themselves, interacting with 'green' units or those otherwise new to the Corps means they're likely to get into conflicts, making them abrasive to work with unless the counterpart unit has proven themselves.
  • Armored Support and Starfighter Corps Reliance: Marine Raider units are comprised typically of fast moving infantry units, deployed by gunships, speeder bikes and other rapid deployment means, meaning air strikes and heavy hitting support comes from other units, leaving them unable to make war alone.
  • Special Selection: The Wolfpack has a higher barrier of entry than most any other GADF unit save for ARC Troopers and Alliance Commandos in determining the soldiers fit to be added to the Pack. Meaning numbers are difficult to replenish and battles more costly for the 104th.
The reconstitution of the original unit serving in the Grand Army of the Republic at the time of Clone Wars, the 104th Battalion was placed into the command of the Galactic Alliance Marine Corps, classified as a 'Raider' unit implying a unit of a higher trained and more elite specialization. Its first and current commander after its reconstitution General Maynard Treicolt took command of the unit following the battle of Dubrillion during the Third Imperial Civil War, supervising the initial organization of the unit before it made its debut in force at the battle of Bastion, serving its role as a unit in deep operations alongside allied New Imperial personnel. However, it's next conflict saw it in opposition to once allies during the campaign on Yinchorr, a grand scale stand off between the Galactic Alliance and New Imperial Order within which the Wolfpack took part in two conflicts, the first resulting in the capture of its now XO Amon Vizsla while the second saw it defeated at the hands of the 307th 'Red Rider' Legion under the command of Darth Sybila Darth Sybila .

Taking part in counter insurgency and counter terrorism operations, its next major role was played in the assault on the capital city of Felucia in which it managed to uphold a substantial role in a decisive victory in the assault and seizure of the city, followed once more with its position at the tip of the spear in the Stygian Campaign with its grueling offensive into New Adasta on the planet of Ziost.
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Hey there Maynard Treicolt Maynard Treicolt !

I'll be the Codex Judge reviewing handling the review process with you for this unit. As I am still in training status, though, my trainer/codex mentor Allyson Locke Allyson Locke will be following along with this process as well. If anything I comment throughout this process is unclear and needs further clarification, please do not hesitate to ask me to do so.

First off, this is a very solid submission and gives a lot of information to outline this advanced fighting force that's been developed. However, before I can stamp this with my approval, there a couple of things I'd like to mention first.

  • To The Last Man
  • Hard and Fast / No Mercy
  • Combat Veterans
  • Abrasive To Inexperienced
  • Armored Support and Starfighter Corps Reliance
  • Special Selection
Would it be possible for you to expand on these strengths and weaknesses that you have listed. Although I think I know what you intend with each, it is somewhat unclear as to why each counts for such. Just a little bit in the way of description/clarification for each should be more than enough. If you could do this, it would make each much clearer and better understood toward their intent.

As always, please remember to tag me with any edits and/or changes made to this submission
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Maynard Treicolt Maynard Treicolt

Can I get a status update on this submission? I understand real life can sometimes get in the way and that also the tag system does not always work here, but I will have to archive this if there isn't an update in the next few days on this. If you would like more time, I can always move this back to pre-codex for you as well.
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