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  1. Liorra

    Approved Location  Manda Temple of Yavin

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a temple devoted to the Manda on Yavin. Image Credit: N/A Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Paint It Black SETTING INFORMATION Structure Name: Manda Temple of Yavin Classification: Temple Location: Yavin IV Affiliation: Mandalorian Protectors...
  2. M

    Dominion  Paint It Black [MP Dominion of Yavin IV]

    Ever since the Sith Order ripped open the portal to allow their unholy daemons to pollute Yavin IV's jungles. Since, the Galactic Alliance failed to stop the Sith there on Yavin. The corruption of the darkside, the infection that is the Blackwing and its undead have turned this once revered...
  3. Dreidi Xeraic

    Private  Fighting Shadows on Yavin IV

    Location: Yavin IV Objective: Explore the Sith ruins Equipment: Nightsister bow, Lightsaber Outfit: Jedi Attire Tag: Ryana mina Her pilgrimage leading to Yavin IV had been unexpected for Dreidi. She knew the world held importance to Sith, the old rebellion against the first Empire and there...
  4. Jack Versio

    Mission  Don't stop me now, cos i'm Yavin a good time...

    Yavin a good time - Yavin IV Time off was always valuable to a combat pilot, and Jack didn't want to spend his at home. He was going somewhere way off the beaten path, away from the GA, and away from the pain of losing the few new friends he had made. He knew where he was going. Wetyin's...
  5. Bright5

    Private  Yavin Touch and Go

    . O B J E C T I V E: MEET UP WITH CONTACT It was bright here. Too bright. Tugging the hood a bit further over his head, Kaidan grimaced as he moved through the spaceport, avoiding the glances that came from the inhabitants. He had been sent here for his first assignment, one of what he hoped...
  6. Djorn Bline

    Report Card

    Yavin IV, Saaraishash HQ He was very...unhappy. It was that time of the year again, one that consumed time and didn’t make any form of productivity. It was time to evaluate the work performance of every operative within the institution of the Saaraishash, from the very low ranking Agent to the...
  7. Maiev

    Tome of the Lost

    The Vahla were a subject Maiev had rarely explored over the years. Her father had supposedly been one, but she had never met him - and for all she knew he could still be alive somewhere in the galaxy. Though the witch had never really had anything to go on. Her mother had died merely minutes...
  8. Tanith Alde

    Many Moons Later

    *Boop* ///Message Received/// ///Sender: Bane, Safiriel/// ///Recipient: [member="Mantic Dorn"] /// ///Message Follows/// We met, two years ago, on Charros IV. I sought your life that day, Now I seek to speak with you.
  9. P

    Good Things Come to Those Who Bait (Tenloss Expansion of Yavin 4/Yavin - Mandalorians and Tenloss On

    Another day, another credit. In this case, it was buckets of credits. Popo was here for one thing and one thing only: Expansion. He'd shifted funds around, moved and shaked with the best of them, and was here to set up shop. Why? Simple. Transportation and gems. He could set up a waypoint here...
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