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  1. Taozi Fuyuan

    Approved Location  Taanab Center for Galactic Biodiversity

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To add to the atmosphere of Taanab, and create a space that shows off the biodiversity of the galaxy Image Credit: Link Canon: N/A Permissions: Cat's Paw products and cafe Links: N/A SETTING INFORMATION Structure Name: Taanab Center for Galactic...
  2. Taozi Fuyuan

    Approved Location  Boolon Murr Medical University

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To expand the atmosphere on Taanab and provide a location for RP Image Credit: Vincent Callebaut Architectures Canon: N/A Permissions: Permission to reference Boolon Murr; Permission to use Vod Be Lyatr Links: Boolon Murr, CIS Invasion of Taanab SETTING...
  3. Vaux Gred

    Higher (SJO/Mandalorian)

    Taanab Vaux looked out from the cockpit of her GF-2B, painted with a red and maroon scheme and the marks of kills added to its tail, to spy the agricultural world that she hadn't seen since the Concord Dawn evacuation. She sighed a little, not knowing if she could trust coming to the world now...
  4. Mig Gred

    Keeping an Eye on Things

    An MC-18 light freighter jumped into the Taanab system, baring the familiar marking and modifications of the Basilisk. He was at the world today for a simple thing. [member="Taozi Fuyuan"] was going to be examining the cybernetic eye that replaced his original. While it was getting dry at times...
  5. WolfMortum

    Tenacity For Taanab pt.2 (Mig Gred)

    "The Judiciary" Heavy Assault Cruiser. Starship Senior Officers Orbit of Taanab. [member="Mig Gred"] The Force would see Veiere Arenais called back once more to Taanab, a third visit very much akin to his last. Today, his responsibility and duty to the Order of the Silver Jedi would see him...
  6. WolfMortum

    Tenacity for Taanab [Taozi Fuyuan]

    Location: On approach to Tal Research and Medical Hospital. Inventory: Jedi Apparel & Lightsabers. Starship: The Judiciary Assault Cruiser of House Arenais. Set one Week after the SJO Dominion of Taanab. Veiere Arenais sat in silence aboard his personal Shuttle as it entered into the...
  7. Taozi Fuyuan

    A Return to Home [UCM Dominion of Taanab]

    Taanab was lost. Homes destroyed. Landmarks desecrated. But the Mandalorians will not falter. The Mandalorians will not kneel. Clan Tal will not kneel. They lost their home once, they would not lose it again. Alor Taozi has partnered with the government of Taanab to put in motion efforts to...
  8. S

    Party in the Taanab! - SJO Dominion of Taanab

    Taanab was a beautiful farm world, simple lives for easy-going people. Unfortunately, during the CIS invasion of the world, the planet suffered a lot of damage. Now, that the fires have settled and the world is primed for rebuilding and restoring life back to the world. The Silver Jedi Order has...
  9. Taozi Fuyuan

    Approved Location  The Museum of Sapient Rights

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a unique location to develop Taanab’s atmosphere and create possibilities for roleplay ​Image Credit: X Canon: N/A Links: N/A SETTING INFORMATION Structure Name: Museum of Sapient Rights Classification: Museum...
  10. Nyx

    Conner Tarven

    Full Name: Conner Garon Tarven Alias: N/A Marital Status: Divorcee Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Faction: Galactic Republic Rank: Senator Species: Human Culture Affiliation: Galactic Republic Citizen Sex: Male Height: 180 cm/ 5'11" Eye: Brown Hair: Brown Scars: N/A Tattoos: N/A...
  11. Nyx

    Lyra Arcturus

    Image Source Full Name: Lyra Arcturus Pronunciation: LEE-rah ARK-terus Aliases: None Marital Status: Single. Sexual Orientation: Pansexual Faction: Galactic Republic Rank: Senator of Tanaab. Species: Human Culture Affiliation: Galactic Republic Sex: Female Height: 168 cm Weight: 60 kg Eye...
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