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  1. Tamiko Sabo

    LFG Any mentors out there?

    On the prowl for someone interested in taking my mildly sardonic character under their wing so she doesn't have a nebulous NPC as a teacher. For anyone down to take on the challenge of turning this Coruscant street rat into a sensible force-user, it's sure to be an uphill battle. Leaning...
  2. Felix Aquila

    LFG Lightside Master Seeking Student & Schenanigans.

    Looking for a Padawan or new Knight keen to roleplay some of the Master Student Stuff. Felix is an interesting person, light sided, Works with the CIS fairly frequently, (though a person being the same isn't required.) He's an incredible Duelist and an expert in a rather obscure force power...
  3. Kazsk Morno

    Private Another Journey, Another Student

    Location: Kashyyyk, The Silver Rest Kazsk walked down the halls of the Silver Rest, the home of the Silver Jedi Order. It had been 3 months since Kazsk had been back on Kashyyyk. After fighting in the Bryn Invasion, the savage assault had subsided, for now, and Kazsk returned to the temple...
  4. Eliphas Dune

    LFG Student Seeking Master

    What's up. I'm back... Again. Death of the Sith Eternal sort of sapped my entire muse out of existence, but I am once again looking for threads. I've always had this grand idea of having a full blown Apprenticeship here on Chaos, but it's just... never happened? A one-on-one Master and Student...
  5. Eliphas Dune

    wrong place

    I am dumb wrong forum plz delete or ignore
  6. Yula Perl

    First Reply The Student

    \\ University of Denon [Outskirts] \\ Stunner Café It was one thing for Yula to admit that she needed assistance. Developing a cybernetic eye had proven to be too sophisticated for her skillset, which was geared towards droid engineering and vehicle building. Even the bionic arm she'd built...
  7. Zoey Bradiss

    Character Zoey Bradiss

    NAME: Zoey Bradiss FACTION: The Galactic Alliance, The Confederacy of Independent Systems RANK: Civilian, student SPECIES: Human AGE: 15 GSY SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5' 2''/159 cm WEIGHT: 110 lb/50 kg EYES: Bright blue HAIR: Dark blonde SKIN: Fair, traces of light freckles on and around the...
  8. Lady Marrow

    LFG Student in need of some Tuition

    I'm looking for someone who is able to teach my kinda scary girl one of, or multiple of the following force powers: Force Weapon Force Affliction / Plague Drain Knowledge If anyone's interested with writing with Lady Marrow to these ends as well as making a rather terrifying friend~ Hmu <3
  9. Anjin Tan'Ordo

    Anjin Tan'Ordo

    NAME: Anjin Tan’Ordo FACTION: RANK: Student SPECIES: Balosar. AGE: 16. SEX: F HEIGHT: 5’4. WEIGHT: 95. EYES: blu. HAIR: blue-grey SKIN: pale. FORCE SENSITIVE: yes...
  10. Eliphas Dune

    Eli Koreve Palle

  11. Vaulkhar

    A Second Steps Forward

    Coruscant To be honest, Vaulkhar hated Coruscant. He hated his early teenage years on the planet, studying within the Sith Academy that once adorned the planet. He hated serving the One Sith early on in his career as a force user on this planet. He hated the acrid scent that invaded his...
  12. Hastur-Yig

    You will Throw Me in the Water

    Within the dark reaches of space sits a creature that has evolved telepathy of such an extreme that it could seek out actively through the force students that needed his teaching. One such student was found in exile while searching through the galaxy. The beast sat in it's hull, it's...