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Eli Koreve Palle

[member="Eli Koreve"]
I'm currently in only one thread, it is an open thread with its own DM if you're interested in tagging along there, or we can start our own story?

I'm not the best at keeping up in group threads at the moment, so perhaps a thread of our own? Does your guy know how to fly a ship? If so perhaps Eli's sent to tag along and learn how? Doesn't have to feel or write like a training thread (I'm not a big fan of such things), I'm thinking more of a premise. He doesn't get into space much, so it would be a neat experience.
[member="Eli Koreve"]
He can't fly a ship, but he is a cartographer. If there's ever a reason for you to study life on the border of the galaxy, and the mystery of the unknown, he's the guy for the mission

That sounds even better than going to learn how to fly. Very intriguing indeed! Eli is self-taught, meaning he is forced to seek out the right people for the job when it isn't quite so simple as "study up on x".

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