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  1. Goros the Hutt

    LFG  Open Social Thread for Criminals, Freelancers, Mercs, and Bounty Hunters

    Welcome! This is a social thread aimed at generating interest in criminal roleplaying on the forum, a way to meet other characters, or to write out a start for the criminal or shady character you've been thinking about. Any criminal factions are also welcome as a way to organize or gain new...
  2. Goros the Hutt

    Public  Hutt Cartel Banquet: An Open Social for Criminals, Bounty Hunters, Mercs and Freelancers

    Socialize, network, and have fun. EAT till you drop! | OOC Thread Nar Shadda: The Undevith Underscore Sector Goros's Palace and Eatery, known as The Gorgery to those with a sufficent appetite or simply Goros's Eatery to most, held pride of place within the Undevith Underscore, an area of Nar...
  3. Gene Kenobi

    LFG  A wandering soul

    Moving on. This here is Gene Typherius Kenobi and he is a character that I migrated over from a site I used to write on. No, he is not directly descended from General Kenobi, though his likeness might suggest as much, but he does have ties to the Kenobi family line. Gene here is a wandering...
  4. Ailmar Dawnstone

    LFG  Privateers of the stars!

    The Antares Exploration has been recruiting new deck hands and security for a few standard months now after finally getting their hands on a proper star ship to use for their exploratory missions into deep space. However, there is far more to the company than meets the eye, this is by design...
  5. Matthew of Valendale

    Public  [Centerra] - Springtide Event Contest

    TAGS: Shuklaar Kyrdol Jonyna Si Valery Noble @ OPEN to every one just dont be a jerk thx [Centerra] On the radiant shores of Centerra, where the sun-kissed sands meet the crystal-clear waves of the sapphire sea, the Kingdom of Knight's Hollow was abuzz with excitement. Today marked a special...
  6. Amani Serys

    LFG  Herd Meet over Ithor - Social Thread + Faction Pitch/Intro

    Hey there! For those of you unfamiliar, I have been trying to build up the Vonnuvi Jedi Enclave (and the Vonnuvi as a whole) in a worthwhile RP space for like-minded writers for some time. So while is isn’t technically an introduction to either, I did want to use it as something of a soft...
  7. Hard Luck Frank

    Public  Operation Beach Thread (Everyone, non combat)

    Your faction leaders may say no, but don't worry. Papa bear is here for you kiddos. The warm sun beat down on the lapping waves. The warm breeze of Arda Blue gently through the palm trees. I had to appreciate the tropical beauty. I may have been a thug and a low brow criminal, but I was a low...
  8. Mellia Black

    LFG  Local Acolyte seeks Enrichment!

    Heyo everyone! I just made Mellia here, and I'm looking for some fun! For a little context, Mellia's a Sith Apprentice and the daughter of a mid-level Jutrand Aristocratic family. She's friendly as far as Sith go, if a bit mean-spirited sometimes. Anyway, I'm looking for socialization, maybe a...
  9. Das

    LFG  RSVP: Cyberpunk Social - Code Zero

    Calling all cyberpunks, netrunners, and hacktivists! Join us in the capital of Cantonica for a Code Zero social in Canto Bight's warehouse district! RSVP Below!
  10. Jonyna Si

    LFG  Need more social threads.

    Been thinking about the fact that Jonyna has garnered a bit of a reputation as a fighter, and I'm in the mood for something more chill. Anyone want a social thread to just vibe? I'll make it a beach thread and we can go surfing lmao.
  11. deplorable

    Seasonal  Fur Coats and Cut Throats ❆ Grand Frostfall Showdown

    ❆ Tokmia | Aboard the Solar Strider | Music ❆ The planet of Tokmia was covered in abandoned mines from up to hundreds of years ago, they always came and went leaving ruins all over the mostly icy planet. However, if looked upon closely it could be seen that it wasn't just abandoned mines...
  12. Voice of Ord Providence

    Public  Ord Providence's Festival of Rain | Public Social, Perhaps Dark Twist >:)

    ORD PROVIDENCE'S FESTIVAL OF RAIN The domed cities of Ord Providence have flared to life with celebration as the biennial Festival of Rain begins, a week long event that sees water poured down from the tops of the planet's domed cities to recreate a phenomenon from their home world of Godo...
  13. DeadpoolMLP

    LFG  Looking for some social times at the New Cov Temple.

    Jonyna's been going around a lot, but I feel like I could get some milage out of her just futzin around the New Cov temple. Anyone up for some casual RP?
  14. Formerly Spirit of Valor

    Faction  I'll Try Spinning | NJO Piloting Social

    I'LL TRY SPINNING NJO PILOTING SOCIAL The gears of fate continue to turn in the galaxy. Not one to be lulled by an era of peace, Jasper Kai'el, Sentinel of Harmony of the New Jedi Order's council, set out to design a vessel for the every day Jedi. A ship that would be well suited for travel...
  15. Argilac

    Private  Glorious Spring

    OUTFIT: x TAG: Aoki-Barran Mira | Cataca Atra | Imperial Knights LOADOUT: in bio ANOBIS, BRIGHT JEWEL SECTOR, MID RIM, SUMMER 879 ABY "I have never advocated for war except as means of peace, so seek peace, but prepare for war. Because war... War never changes. War is like winter, and...
  16. Iris Arani

    Private  Social Awkwardness

    Itera wasn't a world she'd ever been to before, but it certainly seemed like most others. Iris let out a sigh as she finished stitching up yet another patient in the lower city. A free clinic, in need of a real doctor, and she couldn't bring herself to say no. Even though she was in no position...
  17. Batch

    Faction  The Dark Water Sushi Bar

    Denon District 12 Evening Rain Denon. A world of neon heartbeats and syndicated dreams. District 12 was nice enough on the surface, not overly corporate but a gem in the rough. It hummed with traffic, trade, and the presence of a steady city's ebb and flow. The better future society skyscraper...
  18. Amani Serys

    LFG  Social Thread Interest Check - Herdship Festival Over Coruscant

    Hey all! This was a concept and a pet project of sorts I've played around with for a bit, and some of my fellow writers convinced me to finally give it a shot. I made a pair of codex subs based around an Ithorian Herdship that I wanted to turn into a source for new RP opportunities. There's the...
  19. Rulonom Laborr

    LFG  Skako Minor Galactic Fair

    Skako Minor Galactic Fair Greetings! I recently had in mind a Social Thread on the world of Skako Minor. The main idea would be to have a Galactic Fair hosted by the Trade Federation and the Senator of Skako where inventions and chaos market products can be showcased to guests and military...
  20. Kyrel Ren

    Faction  Feast for the Weary

    SELVARIS The Wrath of the Maw could never stray far away from the front. He contemplated the path the Brotherhood has been on within the ruins of a Yuuzhan Vong Internment camp on the world of Selvaris. He watched as Mawite raiders, and a few Heathen Priests set up provisions along the...
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