Over the past 7 months SJO has been undergoing a narrative change. To those that haven't been following, this name change must seem so out of the blue xD To prevent the predictable undercurrent of confusion, let me state here and now what's brought us here, what's changed, and what the future will look like.

The Timeline
The Invasion of Kintan - An under prepared front meant that Kintan was devastated by the attack of the Sith. Signs of Sith aggression grew by the thread, and the planets inside Silver Sphere knew it was only a matter of time until the next attack. But where? And when? The singular jedi order found itself stretched too thin to protect the large sphere's borders without supplemental aid.

The planets inside Silver Sphere responded by banding together, and The Jedi Concord was born.

The Concord supplied the order with proper funding and supplies to deal with the many new refugees that entered its protection. With this aid, the Silver Sphere saw the first steps of it's own government begin to form.

Concordia launched as an independent organization. They took it upon themselves to work with all willing planets to funnel humanitarian aid to all that required it.

But as time passed, the Sphere's needs grew more severe. Following border tensions with an xenoophobic species,, emergency measures were put into place. The sphere knew it needed a solid head to assure concise and quick responses to the Bryn threat on their borders.

Guided by Concordia, The sphere officially designed itself to be a federation and ordered the creation of one unified defense force to oversee the whole system.

An election was held.

Changes were made in a series of days.

And from the ashes of the chaos, The Silver Jedi Concord was born.

What IS the Silver Jedi Concord?
It's a pact between the new government (named Concordia) and the Silver Jedi. Concord means harmony and agreement to work together. With the creation of The Silver Jedi Concord, the community now swears to officially back and support the Jedi that have been protecting them for decades. In return, the Silver Jedi have submitted themselves to NFU oversight. The Order no longer runs around unguided, unchecked, or underfunded. In order to also start telling the story of everyone inside our sphere, we've elevated our Faction Name to The Silver Jedi Concord.

What's changed? What will the future look like?
For the average member? Practically nothing has changed. I've been writing this with you for months, I was just waiting until it fell into place to set the announcement in stone.

We will continue to write our jedi stories, only now we cater to non force users too. We'll be aiming to center our stories a bit more around working with the public. This new partnership SJO has with the government will get some limelight, but only in a way to amply what we already do. There's now a chance for NFU stories-- politicians, specialized soldiers, coffee shop baristas in our capital. We've made an environment that allows us to expand stories past missions and training.

For the not average member? Conditions were laid down on the Silver Jedi Order-- changes they had to meet.
The assembly was disbanded. One head was put forward. Elise was pushed forward as the new Grand Master. SJO has to submit themselves to performance reviews and oversight from NFU officials to be sure they are operating to code.

Finally, their presence on the new political capital Commenor was heavily suggested.

While the heart of the Silver Jedi Order remains on Kashyyyk at Silver Rest, another temple is being fashioned at the new political capitol. They will use this location for official talks and advanced missions/ training sessions for the growing SJO populace. While we will on occasion write here, it will not be the official home of the Silver Jedi. Kashyyyk is still our head quarters.

We are 2/3rds through our faction change. I will be making an article detailing our new capitol Commenor, and an article highlighting who we are as the Silver Jedi Order. These changes have been the culmination of half a year's work, I hope this write up helps our new direction feel rich and exciting. I'm doing it for you fam.

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