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  1. Tefka

    Staff  Recruiting 1 more RPJ

    If you are interested, please send the @Admin team a DM listing your credentials, portfolio, history, and interest in the position. Valiens Nantaris Tefka Srina Talon John Locke Collector My aim is to bring the Staff team back up to 10 strong. These apps are pretty fluid, put as much or as...
  2. Maldor Mecetti

    LFG  House Mecetti is Recruiting Talent

    House Mecetti has recently hit the IC scene, and this faction is looking for talent to flesh out its ranks. Things we could use: 1) A dark apprentice for Senator Maldor Mecetti, who works primarily on Coruscant but constantly finds reasons to go places as a 'Senator on the Scene' collecting...
  3. Ducha Relina Zhan

    LFG  Hapes is Recruiting!

    So, I have returned to this community from a long hiatus and essentially had to rewrite my character in the process... but, that said, I come back to a community which appears to be relatively slow and quiet compared to what I had seen before. I belong to the Hapes Consortium and the potential...
  4. Ducha Relina Zhan

    LFG  Moved to LFG

    moved this to LFG
  5. The Black Oak

    A CryptNet Message: The Family is now recruiting

    As night descends, Your journey comes to an end. A token pays a toll; the man behind the door punches your ticket And invites you inside. You’ve been searching - asking questions… You didn’t know it then, but you were asking the right people. Friends of Ours, who’s guidance came at a...
  6. Ignacious Korvan

    LFG  Special Task Force 110 - "Death Mask" Recruiting

    With the unfortunate dissolvement of SCAR squadron (a special forces group headed by our former FO) I've decided to open up to player characters a special task force i have made known as Special Task Force 110 - "Death Mask"...
  7. John Locke

    RPJ Recruitment Open

    Greetings all! Due to a variety of factors we have decided to expand the staff team are currently looking for several RPJs to join site staff. Who can apply? You MUST be aged over 18. You MUST have and provide your Discord account. Site staff are expected to check their discord DAILY and be...
  8. Aurelius Baldor

    Shadow Hand Cartel

    SHADOW HAND CARTEL Type: Criminal Syndicate & Cartel Affiliation: COMING SOON Alignment: Lawful Evil: criminals they may be, the Shadow Hand Cartel nonetheless abides by certain tenets that shape them as a family Operations: Smuggling, Protection/Security, Black Market/Fencing, Spice...
  9. Brumhilda deWinter

    I am no one

    Sneeve. Whoever had named this planet sure had a sense of humor. It was just a shame that Brumhilda deWinter did not. She wiped her face on the back of her hand, willing the sweat and perspiration away. It didn't work though, she was still sweating. Standing uneasy on her feet, she had just...
  10. RC 212

    From Ashes we Rise (OPEN)

    DEEP IN THE TRANSISTORY MISTS DARK TEMPLAR ORDER FLEET She'd escaped thoug barely with her life after the strike against Yavin. Abaord what was now the new fleet they were at it again, this time gathered a holotank discussing their next strike against the Sith. She'd beenkept abreast of the...
  11. Abomz

    Old Republic RP Guild

    Hey RP Chaos friends. I've recently started playing with a pretty awesome role playing guild on the Old Republic StarForge server. If anyone is interested in trying a different brand of RP in a burgeoning guild that has lots of fun, throw me a PM!
  12. Tanith Alde


    As written in my bio, Maria here was recently recruited by the OS. What I'm hoping is to find someone to RP basic training with If anyone is interested please, go ahead and tag me here, or alternatively PM Me if you prefer privacy Hoping to join up soon
  13. James Justice

    Business as--Unusual?

    Location: Shadow port, Mygeeto Time: midnight James sat at the bar of the port waiting. Another job well done, another million in the bank. He chuckled, these gun runs were great. Even though he owned one of the most successful shipping and smuggling businesses in the Galaxy, he still loved...
  14. Astoach

    The Reborn Imperium

    THE REBORN IMPERIUM Founded August 27, 2015 [FACTION PAGE] ABSOLUTE EQUALITY This is the motto, the goal and the definition of the Reborn Imperium, a dedicated movement who seeks to establish a wide-reaching socialist empire that will grant uniform freedom across the Galaxy. It is a...
  15. Cadan Tazi

    The Jackals Are Recruiting (PM to join)

    Setting The cruel sun beat down, it's duel malevolent eyes unblinking, and the sky was it's co-conspirator with not even a wisp of cloud to soften the harsh rays. The fauna took shelter in the shadows of the rocks where the sand was not hot enough to roast them. Each step sunk into the searing...
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