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  1. Judah Lesan

    Public  Paradise City

    Wearing: xxx Tag: Open Paradise City… one of the few pleasure capitals of the galaxy, and one of the last places Judah should have been. His sordid past with a particular Zeltron should have been a lesson in how susceptible he was to the effects of the pheromones often put off by the native...
  2. Valery Noble

    Private  The lost city of Paradise

    Paradise City Outfit: Factory Link Appearance: Link Weapons: Lightsaber Tag: Rhemti Totriddiam "Why would anybody call this paradise city?" Valery grumbled, and turned her gaze away from the outpost in the middle of the desert to look at Rhemti Totriddiam instead. For once, he wasn't on a...
  3. Hex

    Private  Party in Paradise

    Hex's 18th birthday holiday Location: Tropical paradise on Wielu Tag: Daiya Brie Jaxx Emily Kolburn Hex had to pinch herself when the girls had arrived on the shuttle at this beautiful place. When her and Daiya had booked it for the group, Hex had genuinely thought the pictures were...
  4. Mi'la Undari

    Private  Slaver's Paradise

    Slaver's Paradise Location: Kadavo, Labor Processing Camp Tags: Valery Noble Mi'la had been in similar situations like this before, during her childhood when she was owned by a Hutt Cartel member. Which was probably why she felt so lousy. Looking at the rather revealing clothing she had been...
  5. Arcturus Dinn

    Private  Paradise Found

    Quiet. That was what he'd first noticed when they disembarked Beholder and came unto the world itself. How quiet it was. Not charted upon any star maps, no name to speak of, they had no clue what they were walking into, only that scans indicated it was indicative of life. Standard gravity...
  6. Allyson Locke

    Private  Hell's My Paradise

    //: Vaylin //: //: H O R N S //: There is a thin line between love and hate. Both emotions are plagued with a burning desire, but by two different names, passion and rage. The universe continues to force two people together, and when they come together, their meeting is met with explosive...
  7. Jacen Nimdok

    Private  This Side of Paradise

    It was early evening on Ahch-To. Nimdok stood outside the Conestoga, observing the shifting horizon. The sky was slightly overcast, though the storm clouds were moving swiftly out to sea and were unlikely to trouble the little island where they had landed. An excavation team had set up camp...
  8. Quoron Cadera

    Approved Planet  Ewdenen

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a paradise planet that is like a military Eutopia, and to examine the effort that would go into maintaining a utopia. The idea came when reflecting on American Indian culture. Image Credit: The Home Planetby TiinaAnttila Canon: N/A Links: None at...
  9. Myles Davorak

    Rest on Rishi?

    (this thread will take place before Myles started his private security company, and before anything else really) There he was, in a cantina nestled not too far from Raider's Cove. Rishi always held a special place in Myles' heart. The beaches with soft warm sand, the crystal blue waters that...
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