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  1. Adeline Noctua

    LFG  Go on.

    Currently have the main invasion thread which has my attention, but I think I can slot in one more thread to post to in downtime. I don't really care if you are light, dark, grey, or even a non FU. Wanna meet the dead pan occultist? Any idea, just put it here or if you don't wanna post it here...
  2. Avin Starfire

    Private  Which side are you on?

    System: Jazbina Location: Tesavin Cantine The bar seemed to hold onto that clinging scent of smoke and dirt even five miles from the nearest mine transport hub. If it wasn't for the greasy fried foods and booze-soaked seats the whole place would smell no different to the rest of the...
  3. Fenn Stag

    Funny  post gripes

    There, I said it. I get it. Zef Halo made divs cool. I get it. but please please I beg of you I'm just a boy, I can't read your posts with all that going on why is there a spinning circle and a planet and the flute section of the london symphony orchestra in your post and sith if you could...
  4. Laphisto

    Public  The hunt Begins [closed/ finished]

    Location: the M'haeli Objective: Destroy the Dusate Pirates in the system and capture the old Mining facility Aboard the Highlander, Laphisto stood at the head of the halo map, a projection of the planet on display with several holographic ships surrounding a single station. Around the table...
  5. Holly Starstorm

    Private  Have You Tried Turning it Off and Back On?

    Location: Jakku Objective: Get ship fixed “What do you mean broken? What specifically is broken?” The little droid beeped at her and Holly rolled her eyes. “Thank you for those gripping details!” She walked down the ramp of the small vessel and noticed immediately how hot this planet was...
  6. Jax Thio

    Private  A City Planet of Dreams

    Location: Lower levels of Coruscant, somewhere outside of Jax's apartment Equipment: Leather Outfit, Jax's Prosthetic Arm, Jax's Second Lightsaber, Promise Ring to Jairdain, DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol Tag: Dreidi Xeraic If there was one thing that Jax hadn't seen in a long time was the...
  7. Caydar Middawe

    Public  WAR IS ON!

    The "Humanity's Liberator" Star Destroyer hovers over a Galactic Alliance outpost on Mustafar. It begins to rain hell, hundreds of blasts from space hit the outpost as tens of Galactic Alliance soldiers are killed. Several Resistance of Human Alliances' soldiers go down onto the ground in...
  8. K

    Public  Digging the Dancing Queen - Childrens Foundation Annual Charity Ball

  9. Sylok'Vanari

    Private  The Writing on the Wall

    Mountains. For miles that's all that the surface of Chalacta provided to the two Draelvasier. The dry desert air reminding them how uncomfortable the heat felt against their skin. The two travelers were Aeravalin Mages, each wrapped in the cloth of their mixed colored robes. Despite the heat...
  10. J

    Faction  Introductions on Crakull - Brotherhood of The Maw

    Jester sat with his eyes closed on the bluff overlooking the annonymous fortress on Crakull. He heard the sounds of The Dagda Mor speaking to him as he communed with his Sword that currently had its pommel against his forehead. This was the next step in the cycle, the brotherhood. After the...
  11. L

    Private  No Shoulder to Cry On

    . CONSULTATION Location: Silver Rest Jedi Temple, Consultation Office She never considered herself a skilled consular by any means, but Linquista had determined that perhaps by understanding the flaws within others, she could adapt her training to target these flaws and improve upon the...
  12. Aeson Keel

    Approved Starship  Mhara's Bounty

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To provide Aeson Keel with a ship to blend into the scum and villainy of the Galaxy Image Source: Canon Link: N/A Permissions: Open Market Vessel Primary Source...
  13. Krin'nusissh

    cool msg boxes? awsome design backround on your name?

    How come a lot of people have awsome msg boxes, with cool styles and even character icons in the text msg? I couldn't find a single guide explaining "how to be as awesome as the veterans while RPing" lol
  14. Krin'nusissh

    Public  Relaxing on D'Qar, hopefully.

    It was another evening, on another planet, after another mission. Nothing special was planned for this evening and later night. Krin'nusissh would drink her fill at a run-down bar located somewhere on the grassy outskirts, away from the eyes of unwanted attention. it was warm and humid, the air...
  15. zzRookal the Hutt

    Question  Advice on writing a force user

    Hi, I am looking at writing my first force sensitive, lightener wielding character and am struggling how to work out balance. I have been reading a lot of jedi and sith character bios which are very cool. The issue I have is that everyone seems to be a super powerful force master carrying an...
  16. Claire Organa

    Public  The Way You Look Tonight - Fashion Week on Alderaan (OPEN)

    Belleau-a-Lir Alderaan Alderaan was known for many things chief among them was the environmental landscaping that married the cities to the land, sea and air around them. An excellent example of this marriage was New Crevasse City. A city built within the walls of the canyon, a city that...
  17. S

    Private  Nightlife on Denon

    The New Golden Dragon Casino Planet Denon "Oh my gosh girl! Haha!" "Hey sexy! Welcome to the party! Woo!" Two gorgeous female Twi'leks splashed and played in the bubbly warm hot tubs. Bouncing back-and-forth with laughter in one hand and a vodka martini in the other. It was a merry, warm...
  18. S

    LFG  Nightlife on Denon (Now Closed)

    Sup Chaos, Sam here is taking a vacation and going clubin' on Denon. So I'm looking for peeps who want to drink, gamble, and have a party. Rawr. I'm thinking the thread will start in a ritzy, glass-covered casino rooftop. Where our characters are all sharing a hot tube and drinks at 1 AM...
  19. Okkeus Dainlei

    Faction  Betting On The Cure | GA + NJO

    He didn’t like admitting that he needed help. Whether it be a pride thing, or just him being stubborn, the Jedi Knight didn’t like letting others know of his troubles. They were all kept buried down inside, where they would stay for a long time. Well, that was until one of the Masters from...
  20. Faith Organa

    Fashion Week on Alderaan

    One of my alts is a designer. Alderaan could hold fashion week, invite dignitaries and other companies in to mingle and socialize. thoughts?
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