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  1. C

    Private  Ignorance & Knowledge (Taiia Locke)

    Location: Odessen. Tag: Taiia Locke. For quite some time now, Caedyn Arenais had considered that which he felt he understood, and the values, the ideologies by which he lived as a Jedi Knight. From his first steps as a Je'daii Padawan, to his inception into the ranks of the Order of the Silver...
  2. Kahne Porte

    Private  Found Key, Misplaced Locke

    Naboo Locke And Key HQ It had been almost a few months and some change since Naboo and the dastardly attacks that took place there. The Jedi Master was healed up, it took some time. He wasn't as young as he used to be. The seasoned Jedi, now turning fifty years of age had much to look forward...
  3. Emilia Locke

    Locke Financial Group

    CORPORATION INFORMATION Corporation Name: Locke Financial Group Headquarters: Coruscant Locations: Corellia, Verun, Naboo Operations: Financial Company Parent Corporation: Locke Holdings Subsidiaries: N/A DESCRIPTION The main financial arm of Locke Holdings RATIONALE After Emilia's holding...
  4. Darth Metus

    Private  Call The Lockesmith || John Locke

    Wearing: Armor of Darth MetusVERUN - ENCAMPMENT Sundown was a reprieve. The world that the Remnant found itself on was called Verun, at least according to the locals. It was a harsh planet, unforgiving in terms of heat. But there was potential for agriculture. A little shade here, a little...
  5. Christina Locke

    Character  Christina Locke

    Christina Locke Birthplace Corellia Age Early 30's Rank Heavy Equipment Operator, Test Pilot Faction The Confederacy of Independent Systems, The Galactic Alliance Home Stewjon Species K'paur/Corellian Gender Female Force Sensitive Yes Height 1.6891m - 5'6½" Weight 67.59 Kg -...
  6. Allya Vi'Dreya

    Approved Tech  Lockium

    Intent: To create a material for future submissions Image Source: N/A Primary Source: (Canon, not Legends) Name: Lockium Manufacturer: Allya Vi'Dreya, CIS, Locke And Key Mechanics Affiliation: Closed Market Homeworld (optional): N/A...
  7. Allya Vi'Dreya

    Approved Starship  The Unyielding Faith

    SHIP THEME OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intention: To Create a unique starship to act as my character's home. Image Source: Jerek's Room: Allya's Room: Deviant Art, Inca's Apartment By Tsabo6 - Modified by the amazing [member="Scherezade deWinter"]...
  8. Locke

    Approved NPC  Nehnazaz

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a bodyguard character to help protect Locke in his travels and work. Also to give more "life" to any roleplays I decide to toss Locke into. ​Image Credit: N/A Role: Force User/Warrior/Bodyguard Links: A Low Roar PHYSICAL INFORMATION Age: Unknown...
  9. typhz3396

    Locke Spiegel

    Locke Spiegel (WIP) "26-2. Twenty-six kills, two (faked) deaths. A damn fine record, isn't it?" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- .: General Information :. ----------------------------------------------------------- FULL NAME: Finnegan Lockhart...
  10. Locke

    Approved NPC  Quan Quo

    Name: Quan Quo Loyalties: Locke, Formerly the Galactic Republic Military Role: Commando/Bodyguard Development Threads: The Graveyard that EVERYONE forgot (Coruscant) Age: Unknown (Deceased) Species: Human (Deceased) Appearance: Modest in height and stature, his body is lanky and wiry as...
  11. Locke


    NAME: Locke FACTION: Galactic Republic (Formerly) RANK: Sergeant (Formerly) SPECIES: Human AGE: Unknown, appears to be mid-30s SEX: Male HEIGHT: 1.8m WEIGHT: 70kg EYES: Brown HAIR: Brown SKIN: Caucasian FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes...
  12. Vexen

    Vile words

    [member="Allyson Locke"] It was very rare that Vexen thought ill of Micah. After all he had done for her there was room for little more than affection, adoration and the need for scratching time. However, if there was one facet of the youth she would perhaps tweak it was his boundless...
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