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  1. Aron Thress

    Private  Lift With Your Hands

    Living in the Jedi Temple was something that required a healthy amount of adjustment for Aron. Going from living with his parents, to living in a giant temple with thousands upon thousands of 'brothers' and 'sisters' was jarring, and extremely difficult. Everyone around him was nice enough...
  2. Mishel

    Private  Turn Back the Hands of Time

    ARTIFICER + JEDI TRAVELING THE GALAXY Valery Noble The pair were on their way to Tython from Dagobah, Master Noble's personal transport never too far from the Princess Leia. Lav, the ship's Selonian pilot informed the Jedi Master that they would be stopping off at a refueling point. Not...
  3. Iris Arani

    Private  Not One, But Two

    Denon showed her a lot. About what it meant to be a Jedi without being a Jedi. How to help people without relying on the Force, on her Lightsaber. It made her stronger. Even now she could feel how much stronger she was. Strength in her limbs she didn't think she'd get back after her injuries...
  4. Deborah Ollamh

    Public  Use Your Hands

    Nar Shaddaa might not have been the prettiest place to be, but it was definitely one of the most lucrative places if one knew where to look. For Deborah that was in the shock boxing circuits and fight club scene. There was always some two-bit gangster looking to make a name for himself in the...
  5. Wirewolf88

    LFG  Take some free time from my hands

    Was wondering if anyone had time to thread for the last few days before the invasion. My main character is a clone wars era clone force user who is affiliated with the Enclave but I have other characters as well. The thread plot could be preparing defenses on Typhon, receiving a new force lesson...
  6. Alana Calloway

    Private  Slights and Hands

    . Slights and Hands Location: Sarka, Undisclosed Meeting Place Tag: Konor Gear: Aquilia-Boreal Cry, Slicing Glove, K-22 body armor, CRP-01 Revolver, Wrist Mounted Weapons (Hekler'Kok WMMW-01), DS-102 "Aegis" Personal Energy Shield Sarka was not a planet that Alana much cared for. The world...
  7. Kyrel Ren

    Approved Lore  Crimson Hands

    Out of Character Information: Intent: To create a personal fighting force to serve at the beck and call of Kyrel Ren, expanding on previous lore. Image Credit: Crimson Hand Insignia by The Mongrel Permissions: N/A Links: Kyrel Ren, Crimson Hand. General Information: Army Name: Crimson...
  8. Kyyrk

    Private  Hands of Healing

    fa-play fa-pause M E D I T A T E Kyyrk sat upon the balcony, legs folded underneath him. His hands rested upon his knees, his breaths coming slowly and evenly. His eyes were closed, and he was deep in meditation. The Force kept calling him back to this planet, and he was beginning to suspect...
  9. Kirki Alcademon

    Private  Hands Across the Void: Unholy Bonds

    The Starseeker's hull slides through the vastness of the engulfing space. Kirki Alcademon stood by the transparesteel window of the stern palace-like cabin. The bronze-framed window allowed her the view of the majestic space beyond the artificial atmosphere that was casted by the life support...
  10. Maou

    Diplomacy  Byssy Hands are the Devil's Work

    The new hypergate between Corellia and Duros was fantastic. A combination of ancient technologies and modern Duros ingenuity the devices launched vessels through hyperspace at speeds that could be considered nearly instantaneous. But Kaito was not here to discuss the success of Duros technology...
  11. Titan

    Green Dots

    There are green / blank dots next names, mine is green whenever I'm logged in. But others are, occasionally, blank.If the dot is on, does it mean that the user is online?
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