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Approved Lore Crimson Hands

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The Restless
Out of Character Information:

General Information:
  • Army Name: Crimson Hands AKA "Red Furies"
  • Classification: Personal Army
  • Affiliation: Sole loyalty to Kyrel Ren.
  • Army Symbol: A bloody handprint known as "The Bloody Hand of Kyrel Ren" Similar to a rising fist within the crown of thorns that was the First Order. It has now been rendered to meet a more primitive look to show the feral ferocity they possess now.

  • Description: Once a fighting force of Former First Order Stormtroopers. Now devolved into savage cannibal marauders bent on their Lord's will. Operating as a war like survival cult.
Social Information:
  • Headquarters: GH-531
  • Goals: To carry out Kyrel's ambitions and further plans.
  • Reputation: The Crimson Hands are not known very well outside of Maw space. There are records kept of Kyrel's First Imperial remnant on Mustafar, and rumors that some soldiers survived following their dark master deep into the Unknown Regions. Within Maw space they are known as bloodthirsty raiders sent out to plunder and slaughter be within Maw space and without. They are known for bringing back slaves, prisoners of war to either find worthy of conscription or to feast on. They are also known to have lost all Humanity devolving more into strange dark creatures fully corrupted by the dark side and live off of flesh. The Crimson Hands are associated with a murderous barbarian cult that thrives off of brutality. Focused more on shock and awe tactics keeping some Imperial ways alive while embracing the savagery that has become the norm within the Maw. Those that do see the soldiers in Stormtrooper gear, wearing animal hides and bearing the mark of Kyrel Ren know that slavery, death, or worse being taken as food is what awaits anyone who comes across them.
Composition Information:
  • Army Size: Large. Despite many being destroyed during the Siege of Mustafar, the Crimson Hands has regained much of they're former strength. First acquiring more recruits from old First Order followers on GH-531. Then by forced conscription when partaking in the conquests of the Maw. Many that are taken are trained in a mix of Imperial tactics, and ones that are relied upon brutality and savagery. Some are even taken in from as far as recruits from the New Imperial Order taking in more Stormtroopers, and the backs of some of the strongest and most feared of slaves are accepted into the ranks of the hands raised on both blood and the burning of those in there path to give them the experience they need.
  • Composition: Similar to how they were in the past. Much of the Crimson Hands operate similar to the ranks of the Stormtrooper Legions. Forming to be a large force of troopers meant to decimate all in their path. These troopers wear a mixture of Stormtrooper armor, and Animal Hides they have collected from harsh conditions. Typical weapons they are spotted with are First Order Blasters, Riot Batons, and for the most unusual sharpened melee weapons such as axes, swords and spears. At first glance it would seem that the Hands tactics rely on close quarters fighting rather than the traditional ranged approach of most Stormtroopers. Recruits are often gained from those coming of age on GH-531 and those that are captured and deemed worthy of conscription from Maw conquests outside of it's headquarters.

  • Leader- Kyrel Ren
  • Commander- Lurtz Null
Rest meant to be an NPC filled unit for now.

Historical Information:

Originally founded as the Crimson Hand Imperial Remnant in 856 ABY following the collapse of the First Order at the hands of Ssi-Ruuvi invaders. Kyrel Ren last Master of the Knights of Ren took them away from Dosuun the capital of the First Order, and brought the survivors to Fortress Vader on Mustafar. For the next two years the First Imperials survived on barely anything within the hellish world, food being scarce they ultimately started to resort to cannibalism after driving away the native Mustafarians and the creatures they came with. First Imperial ideals started to give way to a more warped version where blood was worshipped as the life. The strong survived, and the weak were used, abused and murdered out of rivalry or for the need to keep the population sustained.

The shadow of Darth Vader's fortress did not help matters either, as Kyrel's experiments with the dark side had caused the energy to contaminate the troops forever. The typical Stormtroopers under the effect of extreme dark side corruption started to change. The skin became more pale, almost rotten black, teeth were sharpened for the consumption of a high meat diet, and all sense started to disappear from they're minds with only survival and blood first thing on the mind to replace it.

Eventually the refuge was not to last. As the Outer Rim Alliance made by Jedi and common folks saw the evil that was being done. Mustafar was sieged two years later in 858 ABY with much of the Hands being wiped out in Fire and Blood. Fortress Vader destroyed and the world left in an even more chaotic state. What last survivors hid on Mustafar for a time living barely off of scraps, and still fed on each other. When the Brotherhood of the Maw was found Kyrel brought much of the survivors to First Order outpost GH-531. There much of the same First Imperial ideals mingled with the brutality they had devolved into in the past decade. Spending some time in seclusion to rebuild before eventually reemerging in 869 ABY at the onset of the Second Great Hyperspace War to serve their dark master once as the horsemen of war wrought upon the galaxy once more in a new level of savagery.

Additional Information:

The Crimson Hands are known for tackling enemies through sheer brute force, even going as far to take bites out of foes during mid battle. While they are proficient in the use of
blasters and slugthrowers: The weaknesses the group of marauders possess is that they have long abandoned the use of ranged fighting. Time spent in exile has made ranged tactics all but forgotten and so of little use when it comes to fighting from a great distance. Due to the corruption gained from the dark energies of Mustafar and Fortress Vader for a long period of time had made brighter light sources coming from the Force a deadly hazard. Those skilled in the use of Force Light or other attacks similar like it would be able to bring down these troopers with ease. Since devolving into a more primal state mixed with Imperial training, they could be beaten by superior tech, or even by superior tactics as they have degreased into a barbaric horde these days.

The strengths of the Hands themselves often pride themselves as trackers, hunters and trappers. Even traveling from one end of the galaxy to the next in hopes of getting a high priority target. They often mix brutality through the use of sharpened melee weapons with fire often using scorched earth tactics to destabilize an enemy be it against any enemy or their own tech if need be. With the abandoned use of ranged tactics they prefer a more charge and up front battle. Always trying to take the battle head on rather than fight at a disadvantage from a distance, either using traps or sheer strength in numbers to overwhelm an enemy. They are often most capable in siege tactics able to withstand an enemy siege and in large numbers able to siege enemy fortresses. They are also often known for mixing cannibalistic tendencies with combat even to outright eat the enemy in combat, and have no qualms with using slaves to strengthen numbers.
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