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Silver jedi
  1. Zinder Tokarache

    Private  The Grey Lady and The Galactic Tramp

    "] fa-play fa-pause Location: Coruscant, Ritzy Casino Objective: Lose a few Credits - Have a Good Time Wearing: Semi-formal Tags: Liin Terallo He still had time left on shore leave and Zin was going to burn as much of it as he could get away with. He'd already survived an explosion, and...
  2. Ariel Yvarro

    Private  Earl Grey

    IMPERIAL + DIPLOMACY RIMWARD TRADE LEAGUE S E S W E N N A The White Cardinal was an exclusive tea house that catered to the elite. Ariel had asked Redarr Syko to meet with her there in Motti City on Seswenna. All that would need to be said to the hostess would be that they were a guest of...
  3. Spirit of Diligence

    The Grey Hand

    The Grey Hand The threat remains; the creatures that had once sought to consume the Galaxy still nest upon worlds of their old domain, clinging to what little territory of their once vast interstellar empire remains. The Bryn'adul, a scourge upon countless worlds in countless systems, has not...
  4. Laphisto

    LFG  Seeking member of the silver Jedi Concord

    Hey iv recently come to a point in my story that we are headed to kashyyyk. And I don't feel comfortable doing an NPC encounter for a faction I am not a part of. If anyone is in that faction and wants to help flush out this section/ scene with me I would really appreciate it. Just reply...
  5. S

    Public  NAOS III ( Resurgence of the Grey Jedi)

    The streets were clouded with the smells of burning muskrats and other meats from the narrow triangular homemade huts. As the moon and the hung lanterns gave light to the alleys, the locals within the area have come alive. This little sector of town is known as Junepi. Home to the forgotten...
  6. Mith'akis'ormo

    Approved Starship  ENS Grey Hound

    Intent: To create a flag ship for Mith'akis'ormo Image Source: (x) Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A Manufacturer: HRC Incorporated Affiliation: Eternal Empire Market Status: Closed-Market Model: Reinhart-class Star Destroyer Production: Unique Material: Impervium Matrix...
  7. The Faceless

    Populate  Grey Steel | NIO Populate of Gala | Imperial Knights

    GREY STEEL New Imperial Order B A S T I O N Dies Irae Before his death, Irveric Tavlar made it clear that all agents of the Darkside, Sith or otherwise, would not be tolerated under his rule. When the valiant forces of the New Imperials and their allies, at the present time, besieged Bastion...
  8. Draycus Grey

    Character  Draycus Grey

    Draycus Grey, New In The Game. Name: Draycus Gellimore Grey Faction: Non-Affiliate. Rank: N/A Species: Human. Age: Twenty-Three. Sex: Male. Height: 5 feet, 11 inches. Weight: 213~ Pounds. Eyes: Dark Brown. Hair: Jet Black, Messy. Skin: Tan. Force Sensitive: "I don't believe in any...
  9. G

    Character  Grey Rusken, Soldier of the Endless War

    | THEME |
  10. Sronvurc A'Ruzhuq

    Sronvurc, A Tusken Lost [Undergoing Complete Rewrite]

    Wrong Place, Wrong Kind --- Physical Stats Species - Tusken Raider Age - 27 (Galactic Standard Years) Sex - Male Sexuality - Asexual Height - 5'10 Weight - 180 Eyes - Mint Green Hair - NA Force Sensitive? No Alignment -...
  11. K

    Seeking Challenges and Interaction

    Hello all! I’m currently seeking characters for Kai Arias, my first character to interact with across the galaxy. He’s one of the few Jen’saarai that remains alive and away from their home base, traveling the stars to discover clues of what happened to his previous master, whom disappeared on...
  12. Vulpesen

    From the Ground Up(Vitae Alliance)

    A sunny day on Veradune and Vulpesen was happy to find himself on the steps of his ancestral home, the grand Tenevi Temple. After having gone through a Civil War for the last four hundred years, there was some damage, to put it mildly. Around him, buildings were crumbling and the Tenevi Temple...
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