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Character Draycus Grey

Draycus Grey


Draycus Grey, New In The Game.
Name: Draycus Gellimore Grey

Faction: Non-Affiliate.

Rank: N/A

Species: Human.

Age: Twenty-Three.

Sex: Male.

Height: 5 feet, 11 inches.

Weight: 213~ Pounds.

Eyes: Dark Brown.

Hair: Jet Black, Messy.

Skin: Tan.

Force Sensitive: "I don't believe in any of that nonsense."

Personality/Physical Traits:

Sleight of Hand. Draycus, over the years, has developed his ability to work with his hands very discreetly. Whether this be unholstering a blaster before someone else, pickp

Quick Feet. Draycus has always been light on his feet. He might not pack a punch but can land quick blows. He can evade, bob and weave, etc, but will pay for it if someone lands a punch in the right area due to his smaller frame.

Optimist. Always looking on the bright side.

Charismatic. Hard to be a smuggler and spacer without being a ladies man.

Cowboy. Self explanatory. Old-fashioned outdoorsman and gunslinger.

Pilot. Not the best dogfighter, but can get you out of a sticky situation in a jiffy.

Sly. If you get too comfortable with him, Draycus may or may not try to swindle you for his own benefit at some point.

"Not Rocket Science" When it comes to tech, fixing things, etc... Draycus ain't the smartest fella. He has a very specific area in which he can fix things, and that's limited to blasters.

Careless. Draycus does not care about emotions or responsibilities outside of his own. He fails to see the big picture often.

Credit-Chaser. Came up with no money, got some, now he can't stop trying to get more. Small jobs, big jobs, whatever.

One-Upper. No one else's achievements are as good as his own. He'll always make sure he gets the last word in or the last laugh.

Ego. Tony Stark like ego. Not a playboy billionaire philantropist, but he definitely carries himself and paints a picture like he is one.