Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Daiya

    Approved Tech  Daiya's Datapad

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To define Daiya's new datapad as of the Temple of My Secrets thread Image Source: Aleksandr Mukomelov via Yanko Design Canon Link: Datapad Permissions: Manufacturer Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: SQUIB GAMES Affiliation: Daiya...
  2. Daiya

    Approved Location  Daiya & Hex's Apartment

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: For Hex and Daiya to become roommates in a shared apartment Image Credit: Barcelona by Novosad Architects (via Behance) Canon: No Permissions: N/A Links: The Radio Star SETTING INFORMATION Structure Name: Apartment #717 Classification: Apartment Location...
  3. Cartri Keswoll

    Private  Justice For All?

    Location: Denon Objective: Get back to the apartment with Daiya Attire: Link Tag: Daiya "Post theme: Beach House - Space Song" fa-play fa-pause It had been a long day for Cartri as he walked with Daiya along the streets of Denon. Since morning, he had been hanging out with the girl he loved...
  4. Daiya

    Private  Act of Contrition

    (Post Soundtrack: "Atmosphere" by Concrete Castles) fa-play fa-pause D E N O N TAUNGSDAY "Are you sure it's all there? Intact?" The young shadowrunner pressed on her contact, one of the rare types she could actually trust to be reliable. His face was distorted on the screen, filters behind...
  5. Daiya

    Everything I Love I Set Aflame

    It was another rainy night in Denon, a place which never seemed to sleep. It was a few days after the tatt chat and Cartri had been thinking about Daiya. He loved her, the thought of her being upset over his actions was driving him crazy. Swallowing his pride he threw on whatever he could find...
  6. Daiya

    Bounty  Red Water Dreams

    fa-play fa-pause (Post Soundtrack: "Free Fall" by Ok Goodnight) D E N O N 2352 TAUNGSDAY "Hey Cichei, you ready?" Curls bounced against her shoulders as the blonde teen bounded into the small shop. It was barely big enough for a dozen customers to mingle, and their niche selection meant...
  7. Cartri Keswoll

    Private  Crossroads

    Location: Griftons Cafe Objective: Meet up with Daiya Appearance: Link Tag: Daiya "Post theme: Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks" fa-play fa-pause Freedom, oh did he love that word. Ever since his release a few days ago Cartri had been doing anything and everything. From eating the food he...
  8. Daiya

    Character  Daiya

    top Looks | Str & Wkn | Background | Equipment | Relations | Roleplays | Misc BirthplaceDenon Age17 | 16 15 14 13 RankShadowrunner/Gunslinger FactionDarkwire HomeApartment on Denon SpeciesHuman GenderFemale Force SensitiveYes Height163 cm Weight49 Kg HandinessLeft...
  9. Dedata | Celty Ree

    Approved Tech  Emergency locator beacon hairclip

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create an emergency beacon that can be hidden in plain sight as an item of apparel. Image Source: X Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Celty Ree Affiliation: Daiya Market Status: Closed-Market...
  10. Kal

    Mission  Picture Perfect

    Rays of gentle light shone through the pristine skies of Lorinia, a few fuzzy white clouds adding a bit of character without coming anywhere close to ruining the day. It was a scene taken straight out of an advertisement. Lovely, really. Such a shame that the picture did not tell the whole...
  11. Daiya

    Approved Tech  Hello Cathar Hold-out Blaster

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To make a girl's closest friend, and a first product for Hello Cathar Image Source: Alex Smirnov via Artstation, Steven Anderson via Flickr, photomanip by me Canon Link: Hold-out blaster Permissions: N/A Primary Source: The unrelenting inspiration of Phalsi...
  12. Daiya

    Private  Sixteen Candles

    S E V E R A L • H O U R S • B E F O R E • M I D N I G H T • O N • D E N O N Her apartment still smelled of the rank clothes she had traveled in. She should have taken the day before to launder the sweat-stained outfit that had gotten the teen through her visit to Tatooine, but Daiya was too...
  13. Daiya

    Approved Tech  Daiya's Satchel

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To define Daiya's commonly-written satchel Image Source: Sling Bag by Young CEO (via Amazon), photo manips by me Canon Link: Gear Bag Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: A merchant on Denon Affiliation: Daiya Market...
  14. Cassus Akovin

    Private  This is Our Beginning Coming to an End [Daiya]

    OOC: Discord RP transcribed into posts and Canonized on the Board now that I am out of my little vacation. Standby for Post-Fall... Cassus arrives at Daiya's residence after their meeting in the Tatt-chat. He decided to arrive earlier than the designated meeting time before Anakin was expected...
  15. Cassus Akovin

    Private  All the King's Horses [Hacks, Doc Painless, Daiya]

    Last time on Limbo... It had been a long night for Cassus so far, and he had a sneaking suspicion it was going to get longer before it was going to get shorter. "You didn't make this virgin, right?" Cassus tried to confirm with the underground bartender, who seemed to have difficulty...
  16. Daiya

    Approved Tech  Phase II Powderpunk Armor

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create an updated armored outfit for Daiya Image Source: Tsad De Lira via Artstation, cyberpunk aesthetic via tumblr, RoboKitty button by Bounce, photoshop manip by me. Canon Link: N/A Permissions: Tricks of the Trade products, Saotome Foundry/Sasori...
  17. Daiya

    Private  Glittering Pains

    (Theme: "Stardust" by Zeds Dead) fa-play fa-pause She tried every way she could think of to get info on it. The teen wrapped it in one of her old shirts, and smashed at it with the butt of her blaster. It did not shatter. With her omnicutter, the young shadowrunner tried scoring or...
  18. Zoey Bradiss

    Private  Thieves Don't Win Any Prizes

    One of Denon's arenas for sports and events. Two standard hours til face-off... Zoey stood, hands in her pockets, looking in awe upon the cup made out of chromium, which was on display in the main hall and protected by a glass showcase and the general security of the arena. A cup very much...
  19. Daiya

    Powderpunk Workshop

    Just a place to work on subs or anything else I need.
  20. Daiya

    Approved Location  Daiya's Apartment on Denon

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To establish Daiya's apartment Image Credit: Anna Koroleva via Artstation, Manip by Me Canon: No Permissions: N/A Links: N/A SETTING INFORMATION Structure Name: Apartment #87 Classification: Apartment Location: 7294 Village Park Living, Misery-Upon-Dream...
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