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  1. Rhys Swynol

    Private  When Chaos meets Cute

    Location: Wild Space, Milwr Bach Equipment: Mandalorian Armour, Rifle, Pistols Objective: Rob the Rich! Tag: Cali Ziiva "Alright boys, time to alleviate some of these wealthy people of their credits!" Rhys called out from the controls of his ship, the Milwr Bach was something small that Rhys...
  2. B

    Character  Bulgaar

    SOCIETAL Name: Bulgaar Alias: The Mute Wookiee Homeworld: Kashyyyk Current Home: Mobile Faction: Jedi, non-denominational Force Sensitivity: Yes Force Rank: Jedi Master Class: Jedi Guardian Force Alignment: Light APPEARANCE Race: Wookiee Age: Around 150 Gender: Male...
  3. The Third

    Approved Species  Mpira wa Manyoya

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To create a cute animal for the planet of Esthorhiel, in addition, my other races need something to eat Image Credit: Konami (1) / tenor (2) / Deviantart (3) / Deviantart (4) Canon: N/A Permissions: N/A Links: Esthorhiel, Kuonja GENERAL INFORMATION Name...
  4. N

    Approved Tech  Hragie tryr Beskar'gam

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To provide Narset Wren with Beskar'gam. Her own personal set. Image Source: HERE. Recolor done by me Canon Link: N/A Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Narset Wren Affiliation: Narset Wren Model: N/A Modularity: No Production...
  5. Vulpesen

    Approved Species  Pythros

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To give Veradune an innocent fluffy creature… Just kidding, its still deadly. Image Credit: Canon: N/A Links: GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Pythros Designation...
  6. Xùn Zh


    SOCIAL INFORMATION |Name | Xùnzhi |Nickname | Zhi-zhi |Rank | Sith Acolyte |Allegiance | The Sith Empire |Current Residence | Bastion |Sexual Orientation | Heterosexual |Marital Status | Unmarried |Languages Known | Galactic Basic - Broken - Fluent - Proficient - Native Xykian - Broken...
  7. V

    Two Oddballs

    t h e m e The cold from Bastion's sharp winter outside seeped through every creak and space of Vereshin's poorly insulated apartment. Though not quite the same freezing extreme as the cold on Ziost, the miserable weather of the Imperial capital saw one of it's worst winter days when the...
  8. Lahi Te'ala

    Lahi Te'ala

    Lahi Ta'ala NAME: Lahi Te'ala FACTION: Jedi Academy Network RANK: Padawan SPECIES: Diathim AGE: Immature Attitude, Age Unknown SEX: Monosex Race [Feminine Appearance] HEIGHT: 8'9" WEIGHT: 150 EYES: Pure White - Pupiless, Glowing HAIR: Pale Rose-White SKIN: Glowing White FORCE SENSITIVE...
  9. Tanith Alde

    Twi'Lek and Kitty. The Awakening (A silly title)

    [member="Leina Snowfire"] The young Felcatian sat in the cool shade of the trees. She was half dozed off, in her lap lay a notebook and a pen , and a half scrawled out project kitty had been working on. Next to her sat a little sling bag, stuck full of shiny objects, aswell as lunch. Kitty...
  10. Tanith Alde

    Kitty's Cuddles

    Elizabeth was tired. Very tired. And sore, so very sore. She needed a massage, badly. Also shinies, one could never have enough shinies. Or Friends, friends were nice too but...OOH Shiny! Elizabeth nelt down to pick up an old glittering coin from the ground, which she promtly deposited in her...
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