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crash landing

  1. Elicar Sikcomb

    Private  Blue-Milk Run Gone Sour

    Location: New Cov Attire: Jumpsuit, Explorer Jacket Weapons: Particle Pistol Vessel: Long Haul Tags: Valery Noble It was supposed to be a typical run. Easy peasy blue milk run with supplies along the border worlds. Especially down the Hyperlanes. Nothing major. He wasn't even hauling anything...
  2. Minerva Fhirdiad

    Private  Happy Landings!

    Nar Shaddaa, Hutt Space Tag: Eabha Rhey Out of lightspeed close to the surface appeared a heavily damaged GS-77 "Tsrotzhu" gunship. Inside the cockpit Minerva gripped the controls tightly as she could, fighting to keep a hold of it. The ship was shaking all over with its computer blaring...
  3. Minerva Fhirdiad

    Discussion  Endor Crash OOC

    This will be officially the OOC thread for the upcoming story called “Endor Crash“. It will be an adventure in a dangerous wilderness that we SW fans are familiar with and one I’m pretty excited to explore in roleplay with you folks. Here we can discuss, coordinate and generally joke around...
  4. Minerva Fhirdiad

    LFG  Crash Landing!

    Hey folks I have a new story possibility. Basically during the battle of Exegol an alliance transport while trying to exit from a Mawite ship accidentally went into hyperspace. A freak accident happens that results in the transport being teleported to a whole side of the galaxy and the...
  5. Gillan Eru

    Private  Enough Salt For All Of Us

    < OUTER RIM - PLANET UNKNOWN > < SHUTTLE REMAINS > Gillan scratched his head. He knew a thing or two about shuttle repairs. But then again, he had never seen all of the alarms light up and blare at once. If it hadn't been for the safety harnesses in the passenger's compartment, not a...
  6. Inanna Harth

    Private  Worth A Shot

    Unnamed planet in the Outer Rim “Argh, not again!” Miri’s cries devolved into coughing as her starfighter’s engine began to smoke, then burst into flames. She backed away from the downed vessel, waving her hands in front of her face, then scrambled for a fire extinguisher. Once the flames were...
  7. Azure Djitred

    Crashed Witch

    Azure stared down at the console of the ship, panic slowly slipping away as she took deep breaths. After the first few minutes of pressing absolutely every button she could see after entering hyperspace, the witch accepted her fate. She sat down in the chair, and took a few deep breaths to calm...
  8. Drauchir

    Finding A Place To Crash

    A bright streak appeared from the sky, hurtling toward the surface. Hailing frequencies of any kind were met with silence as the object dropped out of the air. The ship skimming across the rocky terrain of Vjun, before coming to rest at the base of the castle. Fire and smoke. Both filled...
  9. Kix Tal'Verda

    I always figured Kashyyyk was a Paradise (Kix Tal'Verda and Riletta Gaquier)

    The Gold Walk - Civilian Transport in the Orbit of Kashyyyk. Prelude to the Bad Stuff -------------------------------------------------- Things were shaping up like any day in the lull for planet to planet travel from one end of the Galaxy to the other. The transport was beginning to lift off...
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