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  1. Braze

    Private  Behind Closed Doors

    TAGS: Jasper Kai'el Valery Noble As Braze and Jasper disembarked from the stolen—liberated space cruiser, they strode purposefully through the grand halls of the Jedi Temple. It had been a harrowing event that had taken them to a small underground cloning facility, where they had been...
  2. Darth Caedes

    Private  The Malevolent Command [ _Closed]

    << For millennia, Korriban's Castle Varanaros stood between the continents of Xerthûl and Thalassar as a bastion of defense and a headquarters for war. Now, that same superstructure represented an embassy and gathering place for the planet's militarized undead and Sith warriors. As Korriban's...
  3. Andromeda Demir

    Private  Miner Miracles | Closed

    Life was full of difficult decisions. Confronted with a forking path, Andromeda hesitated at the intersection, considering her options. What might have been a quick choice for anyone else proved to be a challenge for Andy. She stood, her knuckles turning white, her eyes darting back and...
  4. Tefka

    Staff  Site Owner Interviews Closed; A Winner Has Been Picked

  5. Tefka

    New Feature  Factory/Codex Closed. Will They Ever Open Again?

    Pour one out. We're doing a raffle this weekend, we're going to be auctioning off two or three Codex/Factory Judges, please let us know if you want one.
  6. Mugiwara no Luffy

    Private  Behind Closed Doors

    Three figures trekked across the broken soil of Serroco, two Mandalorians and a Droid. They walked without talking for some time, the only sound being the heavy footsteps from Caesar. The trio walked against the harsh winds of the ruined planet as they approached Gon Fol's Mandalorian cruiser...
  7. Sergeant Omen

    Private  Welding Friends Together

    Omen quickly looked over his datapad as he stepped around sparking welders and shouting mechanics. Repairs to the old girl were coming along swimmingly with just a couple more days before she was able to take to the skies once again. She still wouldn't be at full capacity and who knows how many...
  8. R

    Private  A Weekend in the Country | Closed

    how amusing, how delightfully droll The landspeeder swept a wide curve in the gravel drive and eased to a halt ten yards from the front door. Normally, upon arriving to Herevan Hold, Reima would be greeted by an honor guard of sorts: servants flanking the doors to welcome a visitor. Today...
  9. DornImAuge

    Ordering one Silver Spear at Silver Rest
  10. Jsc

    Jedi on Coruscul

    *This Thread is now closed* Coruscul Galactic Alliance Space Jessica stood opposite Master Shen on one side of the great circle. Located just inside the highland city limits, the great circle was a small part of the Tao Gardens. A green and lightly forested retreat with a splash of autumn...
  11. T


    Taji was not the kind of person who liked to be confused with others. This was why when he had discovered that the Tie Fighter he had was tied to the Empire, he had decided he needed to get rid of it. But he also knew he needed a ship of his own. This was why he had visited the Holonet Page of...
  12. Warren Century

    Corrupted Lessons | Descent of a Neutral

    Warren Century was not the person who was one to normally resort to paying a Sith high amounts of credits to do anything. But given that he needed to learn the Force Power known as "Alchemy" before he could even study it's counterpart Alkahest from the Jedi Warren had decided he'd best start...
  13. Vrag

    Skirmish on Anaxes

    For any of y'all bloodthirsty Sith, here's a small skirmish-esque thread to sate your desires. The gist of the story is that a small demolitions team is coming in to destroy a former HQ of Orion corporation, which had been abandoned when the One Sith had taken Anaxes. The team is there to wipe...
  14. Jsc

    Prospecting the Rimma VIII: Desert Faction

    Prospecting the Rimma VIII: Desert Faction Thread Closed ___ Telembraum Planet Mykrr High Desert Borderlands She was a white planet made from sand and ash. Mykrrr. Just another lost globe amongst the system's of the Rimma Trade Route. Modern science gave her life where previously there had...
  15. Jsc

    Prospecting the Rimma III

    Prospecting the Rimma III An Adventure of Travel and Leisure: Now Closed ___ Transforming Space Station, Side SEVEN Just outside Omega Space ___ Karen Roberts of Fondor was out prospecting once again. Her journey along the Rimma Trade Route had taken her far out from Omega space and into...
  16. Lord Ajihad

    Training on Mustafar (Darth Ferus)

    Vi'kas stepped off of a shuttle, and was blasted by a wave of sheer heat. He stumbled backwards, taken aback by the heat of Mustafar. He knew the planet was pretty much entirely made of lava but still... wow. And he had though the infinite deserts of Tatooine were hot. His master...
  17. Serana Onyx

    Welcome To The Bluehawk (Bluehawk Crew Only)

    Serana sat there on the small transport on its way to one of the many shipping yards on Coruscant. She had recently sold her older transport ship and used all her credits to invest in a new, modified Imperial Corvette. She had also advertised for a crew. She wasn't nervous. She was a natural...
  18. D

    A Day In The Life... of a Stormtrooper [Closed]

    It was big. The new battle station, now named Death Star, was massive. Walking down the long hallway to hanger bay 84G, the trooper captain wore his sand armor. He breathed a sigh through his helmet. He was meeting his squad today. He never really liked his line of work. Nothing exciting ever...
  19. D

    A Battle No One Would Forget (Spencer Jacobs)

    Onyx was mad. He was mad with alot of things that were going on in the galaxy. He was just looking to start a fight. As he entered the small cafe on Corascunt, he sensed a strong force user. One that was not of Sith or Jedi. "Dark Jedi," he whispered beneath his breath. He began to scan the...
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