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  1. Briana Sal-Soren

    LOA  Christmas time!

    I'll be around on DMs, but threads are being paused until after Christmas. XOXO ~<3
  2. Tefka

    New Feature  Awww React Has Been Added, Merry Christmas

    Some homeless people invaded Suggestions again and demanded Awww reparations, and as Creative Consultant To The SWRP Staff Team And Definitely Not The Owner, I have creatively consulted an Awww react of my liking into the react queue for you to use when you need your next react hit or fix. If...
  3. deplorable

    Seasonal  Fur Coats and Cut Throats ❆ Grand Frostfall Showdown

    ❆ Tokmia | Aboard the Solar Strider | Music ❆ The planet of Tokmia was covered in abandoned mines from up to hundreds of years ago, they always came and went leaving ruins all over the mostly icy planet. However, if looked upon closely it could be seen that it wasn't just abandoned mines...
  4. Tefka

    Member of the Month  Christmas & January MOTM

    Is Valiens Nantaris Aka the Right Hand Of Chaos Aka Biggy Veazy Aka Big Dawg Gotta V Aka Breaker Of Lekkus Aka V-Pac Congratulations man you really earned it, thanks for spending 10 years putting up with me. Figured we’d break into 2023 with a little old fashioned Staff corruption. The...
  5. Tefka

    Staff  10 Years Of Chaos | Merry Christmas

    Leaving the mischief at the door for this one, just putting thoughts on paper and full sending. Never really thought we'd get this far. Never had people in the pocket, a group to start out with, friends supporting me. Just an angsty teenager with a penchant for drama and technology, and a...
  6. Tefka

    Question  Should we just nuke all the Majors for christmas

  7. Justice Lesan

    Public  I’m Dreaming of Paddy Pack Christmas

    It was early, too early to be awake, and Justice found himself shuffling into the common area where the Padawans often gathered. It was Life Day, and while their allowance was minimal, the young Lesan had saved enough to get something for everyone. For the most part it was a trinket of some...
  8. Ryv

    Sword and Shadow: Christmas Special

    Christmas Saves the Year Twas the night before Life Day, when all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a snitmouse, The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that Saint Dak soon would be there The children were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions...
  9. Coci Heavenshield

    Star Wars Christmas Carol ^_^
  10. C

    Connors' Christmas Message 2018

    Hi everyone! Yes, yes. It's me again. Been absent from the site for over half the year but still pops up like a festive cold to wish you all glad tidings, glad tidings to you and your King. It's that time of year when the world slows down a little more heading into Christmas and the New...
  11. Aryn Teth

    The Christmas Truce - a Non-Canon Mini-event!

    With the trio of invasions that have gone up recently, it can be easy for some of us to forget that at the end of the day, the map game, invasions, and all the RP here is just fun and games in the end, regardless of who wins and loses. Considering this, and the fact that there won't be any more...
  12. Quietus

    Codex Thanksgiving Closure

    Hello everyone! We're now getting into the holiday season and for many of the members of CHAOS that means holiday LOA's and vacations to spend time with friends and family. What does this mean for you? For the Thanksgiving holiday closure--since this is a short-term closing--it means the...
  13. Tanith Alde

    Destroying a world

    Can we make something like this happen?
  14. Tanith Alde

    Wish I could be home for Christmas

    (This heres for the People that are far away from their family, friends and loved ones, Do to Coincidence, Choice or Necesity) It always seemed to rain when Lizzy was out on her own. Raining and pouring all day long. The town's street was empty, families gathered in their estates and houses and...
  15. Ryn'Dhal

    Copy-cat, CHRISTMAS-TIZE ME!!!

    Copying [member="Valiens Nantaris"], I'd like it greatly if someone could work some shopping magic to make an avatar, Christmas style, out of the following image. Please and thank you! :-D
  16. C

    The CHRISTMAS / NEW YEAR Thread Yes, it's that time of year again and love it or hate it, you can't truly get away from it. December 1st. CHRISTMAS STARTS HERE. I've made this thread for two reasons: 1) To give those who hate Christmas a place to hate even more with all our festive...
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