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  1. Parvati

    LFG  Troublemaker's Ball

    After a brief stint in a posh prison on some backwater planet, Parvati is ready to make her grand entrance back into the galaxy at large. What better way to do this than to throw a ball? House of Parvati will be pulling out all the stops for this event. There will be catering, free drinks, and...
  2. Trug Zigash

    Private  Coruscant Charity Ball

    OUTFIT: x TAG: Valery Noble "… how anxiously I yearned for those I had forsaken…" A phrase, so beautiful, yet agonizing. Very, very harrowing, it resembles an eulogy. And it is supposed to, for what is charity if not to pay respect to the living, breathing soul that permeate the galaxy...
  3. Emilel Prolom

    Public  Debutante

    PLANET : Coruscant LOCATION : Imperial City Standing before the golden doors, Emilel clutched her dress. Today is one of the most important days of her life. Today, she’s finally an adult. Today her life starts—and it all hinges on how well she can “perform” at this party. She tries to...
  4. Westjer Airijac

    Faction  The Corporate Security Ball - Darkwire

    Image source: [Franklin Chan] Seven years. Every year, for seven years, the corporate elites of Denon and the senior echelons of Denon's corporate security forces met in the comfort of the Denon spires to toast, to dance, to celebrate the year's many successes, and to both raise and donate...
  5. 'Juno' Hart

    Approved Tech  Junos Comets

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: A mostly nonlethal weapon used by Juno Image Source: Josh Eiten Canon Link: n/a Permissions: n/a Primary Source: n/a PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Juno Hart Affiliation: Juno Hart Market Status: Closed Model: Head Buster - Comet Modularity: No...
  6. Briana Sal-Soren

    Faction  The Hapes Humanitarian Ball [ Hapes Consortium, Open to Lightsiders ]

    THE HAPES HUMANITARIAN BALL Themes: XoXo Tag: Ajinar Djo, @ Hapes Consortium Peeps She was not supposed to stay on Hapes longer than a few days, her Jedi duties as of late having become more demanding, starting with the attempt on Valery’s life, resulting in innumerable tasks that she...
  7. Yula Perl

    Private  Eight Ball

    D E N O N // The Blue Flame The Blue Flame was as routine of a haunt as you could get for the Shadowrunners of Darkwire. "Trandoshan Ale, Isaac." Yula folded her jacket neatly on the barstool, then slipped atop the seat's makeshift cushion. Typically more cheerful, the Zeltron was somewhat...
  8. Kai Bamarri

    Approved Tech  Kai's hope chest

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: To craft a special item for future RP. Image Source: Nikola Damjanov Canon Link: N/A Permissions: Ankarres Wood [Proof of Purchase] Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Kai the Doppelganger Affiliation: Kai the Doppelganger Market...
  9. Sicarius Hekate

    Private  The Ole Ball and Chain

    Sicarius was embarrassed here she was a powerful Sith apprentice, whose Master was leader of the Sith Army for fraks sake and she was dressed up in a golden bikini chained to a Hutt. The collar around her neck was subduing her force abilities. Meanwhile the Hutt, a Gurla the Hutt, was holding...
  10. Holly Starstorm

    Charity Ball Social Thread
  11. K

    Public  Digging the Dancing Queen - Childrens Foundation Annual Charity Ball

  12. Darth Abyss

    First Annual Underworld Ball (Open)

    Katarr, The Blackout Ages ago the Blackout had been build by the former inhabitants of Katarr, the miraluka, in a time before even faster than light travel became a common practice for them. Build as a drilling rig it had mined something from below the surface of the sea, which was now the...
  13. Aithne Charr

    Festival of The Skyborn. (Public Thread)

    WELCOME AGAIN, TO A FESTIVAL UNDER THE STARS. So ya, welcome back to the thread that i am cycling through again. For those who were not in the last thread, ill give you some information on the Festival Under the Stars. Now titled the Festival of the Skyborn, it is a festival to honor the...
  14. Alexandra Feanor

    Another Ball on Kesh?

    So, if anyone remembers the last thread i had made involving a ball on Kesh it was meant to be a Winter's eve festival for the planet. In the same way i was thinking of mixing a bit of Recruitment for my Confederacy with another festival/ball on Kesh to give people a bit of a different thread to...
  15. Kairon Rees

    Awful Fancy

    Even though Kairon was reading his book, he grunted and moved his head when Mal moved the datapad perched on her knees. Even though she was leant back against his chest, he could see the smile form on her face by the shift in her jaw. He'd been reading the same page of his novel since Pals had...
  16. Maya Carrick

    Ready...Set... Dance until your feet fall off. [SJO Dominion of Lianna]

    Lianna Melford Star Academy Also known as the First Star Academy Location: Anai Its deep roots have been a test of time though all the planet's history. It has come to the attention of some of the intelligence branch that there has been plots by some of the local crime lords to put a...
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