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avalore eden

  1. Aver Brand

    Kark you, Gabe.

    Katarn Homestead Just after their escape from Komodan May or may not have nodded off during the hyperspace jump – force of habit, a busted body – didn’t matter. As the shuttle touched down in a great billow of sand, Aver jerked back to awareness… and was immediately rewarded with a pummeling...
  2. Gabriel Sionoma

    Approved NPC  Sulon Homestead House & Grounds Crew: The Cheerful Three, Morodins

    Name: The Cheerful Three, Morodins (SAMARANDAMERKINE "Maranda," KAMARADERIC "Eric," and SELTAZEE "Sel.") Loyalties: Sulon Law Enforcement Expeditionary Group (SLEEG), [member="Gabriel Sionoma"], [member="Avalore Eden"] by extension. Role: Agriculture caretakers and unofficial curators of the...
  3. Gabriel Sionoma

    Approved NPC  Sulon Homestead House & Grounds Crew: Jommaykkuakopi, the Nanny

    Name: Jommaykkuakopi - "Opi" Loyalties: [member="Avalore Eden"], Gabriel Sionoma, [member="Meeristali Peradun"], Homestead children and other occupants, by extension the Galactic Alliance Role: Loving nanny and protective guardian of Avalore Eden's adopted children. Development Threads: If...
  4. Avalore Eden

    Approved NPC  Sulon Homestead House & Grounds Crew: Momurr Palwaa the Ithorian

    Sulon Katarn Homestead House & Grounds Crew Source: Star Wars Wikia Name: Momurr Palwaa, "Momu," "Murr," "Murry" Loyalties: Avalore Eden and Gabriel Sionoma - indirectly loyal to their family and loved ones. Extended loyalty to Dissero through his "employement" of Marrow & Illskins to...
  5. Avalore Eden

    Approved NPC  Sulon Homestead House & Grounds Crew: Dick the D-3P0 Droid

    Sulon Homestead House & Grounds Crew "Dick" Dick wasn't always so dashing and debonaire. It's taken many years to get him replacement parts and pieces. Source: Star Wars Wikia Dick was not always as pretty as he is today. He arrived at Katarn Homestead on the back of a trader's transport...
  6. Aela Talith


    [member="Avalore Eden"] Aela walked down the subterranean halls of the New Jedi Temple on Sullust, her hand stuck to her side and her torso slightly hunched over. Blood had soaked through her clothes, her fingers pressed tightly against her side hiding the extent of whatever injury was...
  7. Avalore Eden

    Spectral Consolation

    Cato Neimoidia Temple & Sanctuary Top Floor - Open Garden It was impossibly early in the morning. The sun was barely risen and the sky was a pregnant shade of pale pink. Avalore Eden had become quite familiar with this hour over the last few weeks. Since her recovery from the Sith, the Healer...
  8. Tathra Khaeus

    Strange Circumstance

    When he had heard, as soon as he saw. He had came, he could feel Avalore's prescience as he entered the palace, and he was certain [member="Avalore Eden"] would sense him too. Thoughts, they raced through the Dark Lords mind. What would she think of what he had become? For the first time, in a...
  9. Avalore Eden

    Avalore Eden

    Avalore in her blue Healer robes Official playby: Natalie Portman NAME: Avalore Eden FACTION: Republic RANK: Jedi Master Healer SPECIES: Human (Corellian) with Kiffar heritage AGE: 46 SEX: Female HEIGHT: 5'7'' WEIGHT: 120lbs EYES: Brown HAIR: Brown, medium length just past the shoulders. Thin...
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