The Galaxy has grown uneasy. The peace that once was is no more. A shift in the order of things has rippled out across the worlds, and danger grows in all corners. While some run, SJO resolves to meet these changes head on.

In keeping with the principles and shared resolve of the Jedi Concord, the participating planets of Silver Space announce a new mandate and doctrine.

  • We offer humanitarian aid to any that request it. Victims of inhumane prosecution will be taken in and protected, regardless of orientation, faction, or beliefs.
  • We, the people, now serve as patrons to the Silver Jedi. We fund and sustain their efforts to protect our interest. Their actions when working on our behalf are answerable to us. They will be held to our code of conduct. They will be protectors, working alongside and not above the people.
  • We do not stand as one government, but as we seek to protect the interests of the free worlds inside of us, we put forward a council of humanitarian affairs. Those elected will oversee the actions of every relevant program and organization that receives public funds, ensuring they are in accordance with our mandate of Sentient Rights.
  • In light of jeopardized and restricted trade routes, we announce our intention to open a new space lane along the Abrion sector, allowing for unrestricted passage through the eastern side of the galaxy. We will also take steps to assist in development of western space lanes.
  • In light of the trade routes that bind us all, we name our cause Concordia.
  • Finally, all alliances previously forged by others on our behalf are null and void. In their place, we extend our hand to every nation and vow to stand besides your sentient rights.

As the galaxy changes, so do we. Concordia remembers. May we learn from the triumphs and failures of the past as we build a new future together. We invite you to join us in our shared project of safety and liberty.