Bob Dylan once wrote ‘The times, they are a-changin’.’ Ron Burgundy never heard that song.

But the Silver Jedi Order has. The faction admins and creative team have been working on refreshing and updating the narrative of our wonderful faction. These changes will bring about new opportunities, story possibilities, and roles within the faction. To begin, the Silver Jedi Order has always been a faction that thrives on its undefinability. But today, and to freshen up our look, we are providing a teaser trailer of what is in store for the faction. We will break this down into the faction’s political arm, the military arm, and finally back to the Jedi.

While our Faction has always been about telling the Jedi stories we all know and love, we are also a government entity, and with the current interest of political threads, the staff has taken it upon themselves to help define the faction’s political operations. With the capitol’s IC move to Commenor, this opens up many avenues for the storytelling within our own faction, and with other factions, where necessary. Politics are not everyone’s cup of tea, but defining the faction’s government is a clear manner is important. The faction has always had a government that is based on a loose confederation of planets.We will be carrying that vibe forward, now with more defined terms.

The faction will remain a federation. An elected parliament will speak on our faction’s behalf moving forward. This head will consist of three elected officials. These officials will be NPCs that you will be able to vote up from a pool of six. Their goals and interests will help direct how we respond to the board, both internally and externally. Choose wisely. Reelections will be possible.

Each world will be able to handle its own trade agreements an internal policies as long as it adheres to the federations standard of humane treatment of its citizens (no slavery, no exploitation, etc) Each planet may take on an advisor from the Jedi, however they do not hold the office of governor nor serve as a representative. The Jedi merely works as a neutral ear, prepared to guide the world through a moment of strife should it occur. The worlds of the faction are able to host their own militia but are also required to assist with the faction wide defense force to a scaled degree. Everyone is afforded the same level of federation protection, regardless of ability to contribute.

The Defense Force is made of elite units from across the faction. These units are utilized as the protectors of the faction and will strike at any and all threats to our way of life within our borders. Made of stalwart soldiers, to high trained starfighter pilots, and our high tech star fleet, the Defense Force is the home for anyone who wants to write in the non-Force sensitive military. The Jedi serve as advisors, and in war time, will serve as protectors and warriors, from the ground to the sky.

Finally, this brings us back to the Jedi. The Jedi Order of the faction will remain much as it is today. Jedi stories will remain our central focus, with everything outlined above being tools to allow us to tell a more 3D story. We strongly believe there is no ONE way to write a Jedi, and we encourage all sorts of beliefs and Jedi types inside our borders. I will highlight more on what defines our Jedi in a future article. For now, I hope this gives you a clearer glimpse into what will go on behind the scenes of our stories in the future.

To recap, we are fleshing out the faction’s structure to allow for new and fresh stories to be written. Following the invasion we will place up more detailed articles. Rest assured, these new changes will not move the faction off of its already established values and path, instead it will add more depth and opportunities than were previously realized.

  • SJO is defining its government!
  • We got 3 NPCs that will be the Faction's head.
  • We got a new unified defense force!
  • But most of all we got good Jedi stories-- ain't no messing with that good thing!