876 ABY

Our hearts go out to our fellow Denonites on this year's Enterprise Day. For the second time in a row, we face the day amid tragedy and tear-stricken faces of those whose lives have been shaken by recent events, most notably those in District 7.

Last week's startling attack on the train carrying a high-level Alliance dignitary was just the latest in the series of insidious moves undertaken by the known terrorist organization, Darkwire. Since evolving from their reprobate roots as a criminal gang, their fanatic 'Shadowrunners' have done much to destabilize the lives and legal norms of Denon. Our renowned ExO Starlight, whose stunning rise to our chief executive power coincided with the outing of the devious ExO Fey as the mastermind behind the terrorist origins, has been a beacon of light in the past year. With her guidance, the Corporate Authorities have quickly recovered from a series of disruptions, nuisances, and saber rattling instigated by Darkwire terrorists. Of course, nothing could have prepared any of us for the magnitude of tragedy that has befallen our world.

While CorpSec has secured all seven corners of District 7, only one element of the day's incident has faced judgement so far: the radical terrorist nicknamed 'Doc Painless'. However, with recovery efforts underway for the neighborhood impacted by fallout from the train's destruction, District Commander Zur has assured us of his confidence that the remaining culprits' bodies will be located among the wreckage. Much of it consists of former warehouse space, recently re-appropriated for the Social Services Act project Megablock 1, a shelter for homeless Discrete. The ribbon-cutting ceremony had been scheduled for later that day, and by a stroke of luck none of the media crews or visiting figures had arrived before debris rained down, obliterating the structures underneath. Many of the victims were among Denon's most vulnerable, and Corporate Authorities are still working to identify all of the remains.

As part of the relief efforts, the Direx Board has authorized a release of emergency funds to the corporations and families most directly impacted by the attack. These funds will be distributed to applicants following identification of their organic or inorganic damages. Identification efforts have been slow and difficult with a lack of a centralized database for identities. Denon's role as a trade hub and its location on two major hyperlanes make our planet a nexus of transient and immigrant beings, many of whom slip in or overstay without proper identification. What is ordinarily a simple bureaucratic headache has reached a fever pitch in the disbursement of funds, leading to our illustrious ExO to take the initiative once again.

Last night, ExO Starlight penned an executive order authorizing the creation of the Disadvantaged Discrete Populations Program to catalogue and properly document the identities of all incoming, transient and residential populations on Denon. In order to receive relief funds in a timely manner, the Corporate Authorities will provisionally channel its efforts through the DDPP to ensure funds are distributed to the proper recipient. Any denizen or resident of Denon who has been affected by the collateral damage in District 7 is eligible following the submission of their authentication specimens, after which they will receive proper credentials. In addition, travel in and out of District 7 will be limited to those with DDPP-issued ident cards. More on the program will be release in the coming days, and we expect the Direx Board to expand its scope to the entirety of Denon. Already, many spokesbeings from corps such as Globex and Sun Enterprises have praised the move, citing its advantages to streamlining their sometimes-arduous documentation processes.

To those whose neighbors or corporations were impacted, we encourage you to pass the word along: Get Registered to Get Relief! The Corporate Authorities is here for you and for all of us, working together to strengthen our integrity and the identities of our communities. No tragedy is too big to recover from, and we will emerge renewed. Let this Enterprise Day be an example for all the days from now on, bringing change and renewal to our planet. No one incident will shake our foundations, and nothing will bring down the strength of our Corporate Authority!