“Valor, Heart, Strength, Judgment”

CorpSec enforces order and ensures smooth proceedings in the Corporate Authorities of Denon, which administers Denon and several other nearby planets as a semi-autonomous region within Galactic Alliance space. Colloquially known as "Seccers," these vigilant officers are often the only line that stand between order and chaos, safety and fear, profits and death. If you are among those who will wear the uniform and hold the line, then your name might appear here among the honorable few among worlds hosting trillions.

Capitol Security

Hargo Zur
• District Commander, Seven Corners​
Emraj Hosdole
• Lieutenant, Seven Corners​
Lucia Ives
• Lieutenant, Seven Corners​
Daven Tooms
• Detective, Seven Corners​
Donaro Brandt
• Deputy​
Marissa Shoda
• Deputy​
Sar Dravis
• Deputy​

Customs & Border Patrol

None Yet of Note
• N/A​

Internal Affairs

None Yet of Note
• N/A​

Periphery Security
CAD Special Economic Zone

None Yet of Note
• N/A​

Special Assignment

• Captain, DireX Security Detail - Diviak Manfloon
Kadora'Tra WALKOUT
Captain, DireX Security Detail - Diviak Manfloon

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