874 ABY


Welcome, Denonites, to another year's Enterprise Day! The mood on Denon today is solemn. Usually so full of festivities and profit-making announcements, this years Enterprise Day is marked by recent events which have left the Corporate Authorities feeling a little uneasy.

As we heard yesterday, a startling revelation was made public regarding the secretive nature of ExO Fey, a man who has often been regarded as the founder of the Corporate Authorities and a guiding hand in its fast development on Denon and elsewhere. According to mountains of evidence released by influential members of the Direx Board, Fey was harboring the alter-ego of Storyteller, the infamous de-facto head of the notorious criminal organization Darkwire.

Following the unprecedented discovery of the ExO's true identity, an emergency meeting of the Direx Board was held late last night. The results, as released a few hours ago, include the formal ousting and repudiation of Julian Fey, and the election of DireX Marlene Starlight as the new ExO of the Corporate Authorities of Denon. ExO Starlight has already released a platform detailing her plans for dealing with any lingering factions still loyal to the disgraced Fey and his legitimate enterprises.

ExO Starlight also officially declared Darkwire a terrorist organization, issuing orders for CorpSec to stop and subdue any suspected 'shadowrunners' on sight. Darkwire is most famously responsible for the assassination of Qanatain Xopsaloff, beloved DireX and stable anchor of the Corporate Authorities' financial systems, now more recently the savage destruction of the Eden facility in District 9 and their violent protest in Sakedo Tower just the other week. Motivations for these escalation are unknown in a group whose notoriety usually involves heists and petty crimes, though several theories have circulated in recent weeks about sleeper agents and false flag operations.

Nonetheless, while no response from Darkwire itself has come through any official channels, analysts who track such things claim that the CryptNet and other nefarious communications channels are full of chatter from shadowrunners and other interested parties. Common terms of discussion include unironic suggestions to 'Eat the Corpos,' conspiracy theories surrounding former ExO Fey and his double identity, and other subjects which CorpSec representatives have declared seditious and may not be broadcast.

Meanwhile, a strange declaration was broadcast from an unknown location on Belazura today. Zenitha Chuma, daughter of the late Governor Chuma of Belazura and head of the radical activist group ZINO, made an open appeal to the stakeholders of Belazura's tourism industry to recognize her claim to the governor's seat and office. The tourism industry has seen record declines in profits over the past several years under the helm of Diviak Manfloon, though Manfloon has levied countless accusations, along with several defamation lawsuits, against the industry, claiming it to be a fiction created wholesale to discredit him.

Chuma's message continued to address the people of Belazura as well, yet our latest polls show that her name recognition among the average Belazuran resident is lower than 30 percent. Rumors persist that Chuma and her 'Zinos' are backed by an unknown party, in recent months the young Belazuran exile is rumored to have been seen in the company of both known Darkwire agents and famous DireX Luminous Sun.

We will keep you updated as more stories come to light during these unprecedented times.


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