1. Multiple ‘writer’ accounts are not allowed. All profiles must be created as ‘character’ subaccounts to your main writer account.

2. Keep your posts constructive and on the topic your post is in.

3. Excessive swearing is prohibited.

4. Users will not engage in harassment and abusive behavior.

5. Users will not impersonate another writer.

6. Users will not support their own posts with sub-accounts.

7. Users will not support others' posts with more than one account.

8. All political, religious or social debates on real-life topics on the board are to be confined to the Water Cooler forum.

9. Committing or promoting any type of illegal activity is prohibited.

10. Pornography, nudity, or any overt display of sexual nature is prohibited.

11. Lolicon and the sexually suggestive portrayal of children is prohibited.

12. Iconography or depictions of real-world extremist political groups, such as Nazis, KKK, ISIL, Russian, Soviet Union, Confederate States of America, etc. are prohibited.

13. Users are prohibited from advertising external websites or services with the intention of either personal gain or distracting from the community. Chaos-related Discords (Factions) may be advertised either on Faction pages or in the
SWRP Chaos Discord channel: #faction_adverts.

14. Users will not engage in spamming/flooding unless deemed appropriate in the Posting Games forum.

15. Plagiarism is prohibited.

16. Attempts to circumvent any of our security policies or rules will result in disciplinary action.

17. These rules are subject to change without notice.

18. Forum/Codex/Factory bans will operate on a three-warning basis. A warning is first issued without a ban, the second warning is a two week ban, the third is a one month ban. Warnings older than one year may not be considered. Head Administrators may be consulted at any stage to adjust this as seen fit, given context.

19. The Head Administrators of this forum are Tefka Tefka and Valiens Nantaris.

20. The SWRP Staff Team reserves the right to terminate your account for the violation of any of these rules.