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Invasion Woken Furies | BotM Invasion of NIO held Nirauan

The Sith’ari




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The Second Great Hyperspace War Continues..

On October 13th the Brotherhood of the Maw will invade New Imperial Order held Nirauan

They come.

Sailing across the remnants of the Chiss Ascendancy, those skeletal remains being mended by the Galactic Alliance long broken since the destruction of their homeworld. The BROTHERHOOD OF THE MAW cross Chiss Space with the aid of the Force-sensitive Chiss ‘Sky-Walkers’ and embark on a ruthless campaign to bring ruin to their rivals in the Outer Rim, the embodiment of ORDER.

They strike first not at the Chiss holdings of the NEW IMPERIAL ORDER..

…but at the HAND OF THRAWN itself.

Look for more information to come soon!
Get hyped.


The sky cries fire and ash. The Brotherhood of the Maw let loose the hounds of war upon the Iron Sun, the endless horde clashing wave after wave against unbreakable iron, Chaos vs. Order personified.

New Carannia stands in the midst of TOTAL WAR, the streets run red with blood, the air screams with the sounds of aerial combat, and the roar of mechanized vehicles drown out the brave Imperials who hold the line against the cutthroat marauder horde and their dark masters. Fight in the streets, in the air, and in the spires of New Carannia. Take down the heart of defiance and stain the land with their impudence or send the dark horde packing back to the hole they came out of, showing the galaxy the unyielding power of the Iron Sun.


The Hand of Thrawn was once the seat of the Empire of the Hand, it's databases at one time possibly the most extensive in the entire galaxy. This place, this icon, it is a symbol of the continued defiance of the Imperial doctrine against the Dark Side and must be punished. While the invasion is ongoing in New Carannia, infiltrators belonging to the BROTHERHOOD OF THE MAW attempt to infiltrate the vast stronghold to turn the tide against the NEW IMPERIAL ORDER and bring down this illustrious symbol once and for all.

Steal from and sabotage the mighty Hand of Thrawn, or capture and eliminate the infiltrators with stealth and guile as your weapon.


The Brotherhood of the Maw and the New Imperial Order fleets clash high above the planet of Nirauan. Engage the star destroyers of the Imperial Menace and whip out all resistance, or take the reigns of a TIE or New Imperial warship and scrub out the heathens from the pestilent nests. Engage in close quarters battles mimicking the best of fleeting such as the Battle of Coruscant or the Death Star as you fight for glory.

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