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What We're Thankful For

As we approach the holiday season, we're going to start dialing back on Staff activity and sending people on vacation. I'll be leaving tomorrow to go visit my family - the Factory will remain closed until likely sometime next week.

I'll still be around, as always (my LOA's are never actual LOA's #1984), but the activity will be dialed back. We're already seeing a lot of LOA's going on, which is to be expected - because everyone's enjoying the holidays! Do us all a favor and get along for at least the next week. Don't trigger finger that report button, don't cry foul on someone's godmoding - work it out with them via Private Message. Find a way to make your peace. Hold hands instead, sing koombayah, think about world peace and stare at your chestnuts roasting over an open fire...

Grant me this small gift, SWRP. No reports, no trouble, no trolling or flaming... Love each other, be thankful for each other and this community, wish each other good health and a happy holidays... and realize this place is just for kicks...

To continue the cheesiness of this post, I will begin with what I'm thankful for, and I encourage you to spread dat cheese with me.

I'm thankful for every member who united together as a team to help us rebuild after the site crashed on November 8th.

If you are traveling this holiday season, stay safe.

Having a place to roleplay where I can find old friends and meet new people to roleplay with. :)

As well as not having any issues with any other members. It's that time of the season, bury your hatchets if you have any trouble with people. It doesn't do well for the community to have standoffs with members. We're all adults and this is the time to forgive and forget for any transgressions rightly or wrongly perceived.
I personally am thankful for the staff of the site and all of the members who have made it what it is today. Since I joined, it's been nothing short but amazing work from everyone. In short, its become my home away from home where I can just relax and have a great time. Have an awesome thanksgiving and Christmas ya'll!
I am thankful for my life. I am thankful for the friends I have, and for the ones that I'll meet tomorrow. I'm thankful for my family. I'm thankful for God. And, I'm thankful for every single one of you, for without you, I would never have fell in love with this site. Thank you all! :D


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I'm thankful for cybernetics...*side glances at @[member="Haven Pryde"]* lol
OOC I'm thankful that I've been able to do as good a job as I have with my 4 month old, and that my fiance is healthy and happy, as well for my friend getting out of the hospital the other day. Oh and that Tef made the site!

GO @[member="Tefka"]

Haven Pryde

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I am thankful for the LoTF, if they weren't around I would still be a wandering rogue..

OOC Note: Thanks to tef and one other (admin) I am still on this site, been here since july and have loved every moment. ;) :p :D
I'm thankful for the good times (Roche comes to mind) the bad times (when my twilek bounty hunter blew up in a service tunnel) the lol's (The Ewoks stealing capital ships from Deathwatch) and all my good old jedi buddies (Our Ilum campaign was the longest roleplay I have ever conducted, and a whole lot of fun)
The boss man is leaving... I'd rather not party.

I'm thankful for everyone here on the site. We are all here because we all share the same passion for Star Wars and role playing. Sure some think Revan isn't the best, Darren Onyx is the Queen of the Site, and Tefka is crazy face... but we are still here together. We nerds, well most of us at least, don't have many lives outside our nerd areas. And so we nerds should always stick together.

IC: "I love the friends I've gathered here on this small raft."

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